Scars are beautiful you just cant see it

My life has been at it's worst and I don't think it can get any worse. All I ever wanted was for pain to stop and to be myself and for people to accept me for who I am is that to much to ask ?


3. Early years of depression

My depression started from a really early age round about the age of eight. But I didn't notice it well not as much as I do now I used to sit in my room thinking and writing a lot and singing nobody really noticed that the words meant something to me and made me think I was and still am a very independent person I don't tell anyone how I feel I hide it all behind one wasn't till I was around the age of 11 years old were depression was affecting me badly I was getting bullied and stayed quite and that's how it was I was 12 year old when I started cutting I kept it quite for a year until I was 13 my heart was getting ripped up to much and there wasn't enough tread to sow it back up again.

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