Scars are beautiful you just cant see it

My life has been at it's worst and I don't think it can get any worse. All I ever wanted was for pain to stop and to be myself and for people to accept me for who I am is that to much to ask ?


5. don't go to the light ....

But the rumours spread even more they were vile rumours and people actually beloved them I cut more and more until I was bleeding and left with Scars I'm only 13 years old I didn't deserve this or maybe I should death crossed my mind so many times and one time I tried it the rope was there hanging as a slipped my head through the hole one of my friends came and pushed me I screamed this was my chance to be gone for ever no pain no hate . She didn't understand how much I didn't and still don't want to be here but then again no body ever did they were to wrapped up in all there stuff was was getting more alone by the day it turned into cyber billing people putting malicious comments over face book nobody realised how much they were hurting me I was dieing inside and no one cared my mom and dad have been split up for two years and they still argue all the time I really didn't understand why anyone would wanna hurt me as much as they have what did I do to them ...

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