Emmett's Little Sister

Emmett had a little sister when he was human. He goes into the woods one day while him and Bella were playing outside. What happens to Emmett and Bella when he never comes home? Her mom dies and she is alone. Will she see Emmett again? Find love? Make friends with wolfs? Get new powers? FIND OUT! Read. Twilight Fan Fic.


8. New Me.

Bella's Pov:

(1992) Chapter 8

When I was back at the coffee shop I manged to buy a blue three story house. So when I got in the city of forks I went straight to the was nice and big but the front yard looked like it needed flowers or something to make it fell that any human visitors would come because it was kind of in the woods but still. As I walked in through door I looked in the room and got excited when I saw there was no furniture in the house but a old table in the kitchen. Sense there was no furniture there was one thing to do to fix that and its SHOPPING! (In here bella loves shopping, just like Alice) You see when I was a human I was both a tom girl and a girly girl. I loved playing and watching sports, and I loved playing dress up too. Now I get to shop for every thing like furniture, Human food props, and most importantly clothes! I walked to the Room that was going to be the kitchen and placed my laptop on the old table. I opened It and went searching for a vehicle to get around in. While I was scrolling down something caught my I and It was the most beautiful motorcycle I have every seen. It was a red and black 1994 Honda motorcycle."Just my style" I said as I clicked the buy and deliver. While I was on the cite I bought too more cars that I liked. One was a jet black lotus British car ,and a forest brown 2015 Toyota Supra.

It said the cars will be here in five hours and it was four I waited for them to drop my car off I found the data and enrolled in the forks high school and as junior. My first day in school is tomorrow and I can't wait. It's been so long since I ever went to school. I remember once when I went to school I had Emmett buy me cookies that had cream in them and I took the cream out and filled it with tooth paste. When I went to school that day I gave It to all my teachers and It was I was laughing when they started choking. Those were the days. I heard a car pulling up in the drive way and when I looked out the window I saw my cars! I ran to the door to be ready for when the 20 year old boy knocked on the door. Humans are soooo slow even when there running. Finally I heard the man knock on the door and I opened It slowly. I looked up and saw a boy had black hair , blue eyes, and muscles. He was gasping at my beauty and it was quit funny an not creepy at all. I decided that I should tease him and get a good laugh. I giggled to get his attention and he snapped out of it. " hello... are you Isabella McCartney." I smiled as I heard my real name. "Yea that's me" I said while flipping my hair and batting my eye lashes. "O...k please..sign here." He stuttered, I giggled humans are so fun. I reached out for the clip board and signed my name, got the keys from him and closed the door. When the human boy left I started to get thirsty so I thought why not go hunting. I ran out the back door into the forest and sniffed the air, and that's when I smelled them. Six vampires have been around here, so I followed it.

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