Emmett's Little Sister

Emmett had a little sister when he was human. He goes into the woods one day while him and Bella were playing outside. What happens to Emmett and Bella when he never comes home? Her mom dies and she is alone. Will she see Emmett again? Find love? Make friends with wolfs? Get new powers? FIND OUT! Read. Twilight Fan Fic.


14. Edward. Hot Guy

I turned down to the dirt road and when I arrived at the Cullen house I was pulled out of the driver seat and was attacked by a bear hug from Emmett."Bells were have you been we were starting to said you were just getting your doesn't take an hour." He was freaking and I knew I had to calm him down."Emmett it's OK I just had a run in with a few wolf friends that's all." "WHAT, wolf friends you are not aloud to have wolf friends there not good company." Wait now he's turning all big brother on me but I'm not a little girl anymore. "Emmett there just friends it's one Alice were going shopping." I said as I hopped back into the soon join me and I zoomed down the road.

All we bought was heels,boots,clothes,clothes,and more clothes! By the time we got back It was midnight."That was fun we have to do that more often."I said to Alice when I parked. "Yeah Hey how about tomorrow." "Sure just tell me when your ready, bye." I said as she got out "Bye."

I drove back to my house and filled all me clothes into my walk in closet and went down stairs.I took my new guitar from the case and started to play.

When I finished playing I heard clapping. I looked up I did I met the eye's of the most hottest guy ever, Edward. "Oh sorry I didn't mean to startle you but that sounded very beautiful." I smiled up at him "Thank you." "Your very beautiful you know" he said as he moved closer to he thinks I'm beautiful.I put down the guitar and moved closer to him too. "You don't look to bad your self." We stopped when we were in front of each other."You know were mates write" Edward said with a side I'm mates with a hot guy.'Yeah I know." And before I knew it we were kissing

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