Emmett's Little Sister

Emmett had a little sister when he was human. He goes into the woods one day while him and Bella were playing outside. What happens to Emmett and Bella when he never comes home? Her mom dies and she is alone. Will she see Emmett again? Find love? Make friends with wolfs? Get new powers? FIND OUT! Read. Twilight Fan Fic.


4. Crying

Bella's Pov:

(1972) Chapter 4

A whole year has passed by since Emmett went in the woods. A whole year since I heard his voice. A whole year since I've been happy. I have not been able to sleep without waking up crying or screaming for Emmett. Mama got cancer and is too sick to do things around the house. So me and seven year old has to do things like keep the house clean, make breakfast, lunch, and supper. I sighed as I finished up cleaning the dishes. I ran up to the room…that helps me remember the way things used to be and that's Emmett's room. As I sat on his bed I remembered the day of when the Police brought back papa's old gun and Emmett's jacket covered with blood. I shivered and tried to think of something else. My thought came to a halt when I heard Mama cough and call my name. I slowly got up and walked out the door "see you Emmett" I whispered as I closed the door and started walking to mother's room. She was on the bed holding on to something in her hand tight. "Baby" she said when I was by her side. "I'm not going to make it honey and I just want you to know that papa, Emmett, and I will be with you." Tears were flowing freely out of my eyes as she talked. "But mama, I don't have any friends and daddy and Emmett died, you can't die too, I need you." I cried desperately "I know honey I wish I could stay but I'm feeling weaker every minute of the day." Her eyes were closing and I knew It was time for her to go with papa and Em. She noticed this and said "Give me your hand dear." I put out my hand and she dropped something in it and when I looked up she smiled closed her eyes and whispered "we'll be with ...you" and she stopped breathing. A sob was forming in my chest as I looked at what she put In my hand. It was a necklace with a heart shaped locket. I opened the lock and stared at the picture in the locket. It had papa, mama, Emmy, and me smiling. I cried that night for mama, for papa and for Emmy bear. I cried because I was all alone In this world. I ran out the room and into Emmett's room and wrapped the covers of his bed around me and cried myself to sleep.

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