Quinn (Niall Horan Fanfic)


1. Prom...UGGH!


Quinn's POV:


"Will you please go with me?" I asked Niall.

"I don't know, maybe."He replied.

"Please!" I said.

"Fine, but only because I feel bad for you." He said laughing.

"That is not nice but, thank you." I thanked him for going prom dress shopping, something any other girl would be ecstatic about but not me. I have been dreading prom since the beginning of the year. The only reason I have to go is because my dance teacher said the girls I dance with and I would perform so now I have to go. Oh and me and Niall have been friends since before we can remember.

"Your welcome" He said with a smile.

"You are going to prom right?" I asked

"I don't know. I mean I don't have a date and its kinda stupid." He replied.

"Trust me I know, I don't have a date either and I still have to go." I said.

"yeah but you have to go for your dance thing. I don't know Ill think about it." He replied.

The bell rang and lunch was over, great. Time for the worst class of my whole day. It truly was pure torture. We both stood up and left the table walking to our lockers, which were right next to each other.

Once we were done at our lockers we both went different directions to our next class.

                         *skip to the end of the day*

The bell rang and school was finally over and it was the day before break so we had a whole two weeks off. I left my class and made my way to Niall's car where he waits to take me home every day since we only live a few blocks away from each other. He was talking to our other friends when I walked up.

"Hey!" Harry said. He likes me and he doesn't think I know.

"Hey." I said back. "Whats up guys"

"Nothin we were just talkin about going to the mall for a while so you can try on prom dresses." Niall said.

"Okay, shall we go" I said



Authors Note:

Hey! Let me know what you think so far. Also give any suggestions or ideas you have.

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