Story of my life (A Harry Styles Little Sister fan-fiction)

Have you heard the name Sara Styles? No? Most people haven't, not yet at least. You see Sara is Harry Styles little sister. Sara is obese, she's short and chunky, since the beginning of last tour she hasn't talked. She cuts herself because of all the pain. Her brothers best friend is he biggest bully, one day she finally thinks about ending it, she has one friend who lives in the States, she's never met her, but trusts her fully.


2. Chapter 1: I love you

Chapter 1:


Schools over. I walk to my locker when I'm tripped by him. He doesn't even go here. Why is he here? My books spill everywhere and my glasses broke. Great just what I need. I have contact but I never bother wearing them. I can't really see anything with out them. I have a spare in my locker. I get up and squint at the lock to block a portion of my blurry vision. I put it in just right and take the lock of and open my locker. I find my spare pair and put them on. The blurry vision goes away and I look straight into his eyes, his sea green eyes, Louis Tomlinson. My brothers best mate. I get back on the floor to get my books when a foot is shoved into my back. I groan in pain as the foot goes farther and farther into my back.


How's the little bitch doing today?” he said as his lips curled up into an evil smile.


I remained silent as I have for a while now.


Say something bitch” he said while the anger raised in hos voice.


I knew what is coming next. He lifted his foot off my back, and lifted me off the ground so I was looking straight into his eyes.


I said say something.” he said full well knowing I haven't talked since the last tour even started, no one hears me, I'm so small, so why even talk?


He finally takes his foot off of me and walks away, I look and see everyone’s almost gone, gone for the weekend, one I probably won't be back for.


I take and grab my books that I need, I know I probably won't be back but what better do I have to do? I walk out those doors possibly for the last time, I walk back to an empty house, Mum was at work, Gemma is away at college, and Harry is well out on tour, we haven't talked since he left, he calls Mum everyday. I go upstairs and finish my homework even though it doesn't matter. I take out a pen and paper and wrote out my final goodbye with tears streaming down my face.


"Dear whoever finds me,

    I'm so sorry you had to find me like this. I don't think it would be very hard for you seeing that you don't really care. I don't want to say much about why this happened, but everything happens with a reason. Please share the rest with the named family members.


Dear Mum,

    I love you, but there's times where I'm sure you wish you could get rid of me, like all the time, I've tried so hard to make you proud of me, but you're always comparing me to Harry and Gemma, I just wish that you could stop and show you love me every once and a while.


Dear Gemma,


Thanks for being someone I can come to but lately that hasn't been the case, you've shunned me out of your life, everyone has, I just wish I was talking on better terms to you, that I could still come to you but you've changed. I love you.


Dear Harold,


We were inseparable since birth, until things happened, you went and auditioned for the X-Factor and you tried to make me go with you, but there was no way, I'm too shy, I can't sing even though you tell me time after time. I just couldn't take it anymore, anymore of anybody. Please keep going with your life. I'm really going to miss you big twin brother I love you.. "


The tears ran down my face onto the paper staining it. I take the case off my phone and take out the blades, I walk into the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet, and take out a brand new blade and set them beside each other, I take the sharpest of all of them and press it down and across my arm several times, going deeper and deeper, soon the blood drips off my my arm and on the floor, I take it in the other hand and do the same there’s a puddle of my blood on the floor. I’m still here. I take the blade full out sobbing and I begin to feel weak, I keep going. I fall to the floor on my knees, and I hear the front door opening and a voice booms through the house. Harry. I keep going and he must of hear me, he was pounding on my door.




Just as the heavy darkness overcomes me, he breaks the door in and rushes in.


“I love you.” I whisper. I fell into a deep darkness.


SO SO SORRY FOR MY MANY MISTAKES ON THIS!!! I’ll try not to make so many, but I hope you like it anyways. I typed a major portion of it on my phone.


Let me know what you think?


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