Brother's Best Friend

What will happen when Louis Tomlinson's sister and one direction visit California for the whole summer?


2. Sofie that's Niall's breakfast!

" Sofie are you ready yet?!" I hear as I get out of bed "Louis it's me what do you think?"

I yell as I grab my sweat pants that say swimming on the butt and my green sweat top that says my name on the sleeve and my swim teams name on it (the breakers) I and throw them on my bed as my brother Louis opens the door to my room

"your not even dressed yet were leaving in half an hour and u just got out of bed what the hell Sofie!" He yells at me " well Louis" I say about as sassy as possible "I was just about to change and unlike you it doesn't take me an hour and a half to get ready so if you don't mind I'm gonna get ready feel free to leave whenever you like!" I say and start taking my shirt off not even a second goes by when I hear the door slam

ha I chuckle to myself as I walk over to my stereo and hit play and anything by hedley starts blaring I love hedley!!!! They're like my favorite! I start singing along while I change putting on my sweat pants and my sweat top not bothering with a shirt I mean I'm just going to the airport it's not like I'm gonna do anything I put my hair into a messy bun put on my light brown uggs

"haha fuck that I can do anything" I sing the end of the song and turn off my stereo perfect timing I grab my suit case and my carry on bag down satires to see all of one direction who I haven't officially meat yet sitting on the couch facing the tv with there backs to me I drop my stuff and go into the kitchen

I see I stack of maybe 12 pancakes on the counter. Score! I grab a plate and transfer all 12 pancakes onto it grab the whip cream and syrup and pile on so much you can't even see the pancakes anymore and I head out to the den and sit on the couch next to Louis and start shoving my face

he turns and looks at me with wide eyes "Sofie that's Niall's breakfast!!" He yells at me "sucks to be Niall" I say as I put another fork full in my mouth I look up to see every ones eyes on my and the blond one looks mad "you must be Niall" I say "yes I am Niall and I would like to know why your eating my breakfast?" He says trying to stay calm "well it was on the counter in the kitchen and I was hungry didn't Louis tell you not to leave food on the counter round here?" I say looking towards Louis

Louis POV

I look at Sofie "well I didn't think I had to tell them not to leave food on the counter cause were leaving10 minutes!"

I say god she can get annoying "Oh" she says "you can have the rest of you still want it but there's not much left" she mumbles handing the plate to Niall who looked sorta guilty cause he's taking her food I did warn them about ghee eating habits so they wouldn't be to shocked

"no it's fine we can stop at MD on the way to the airport" he says wow that's strange Niall's actually letting her eat his food "yes I love McDonald's!" Sofie exclaims

"didn't you just eat like 10 pancakes?" Harry asks "12 actually but a swimmer I'm always hungry" she responds "

ok then let's go" Liam says "were gonna be late if we don't leave right now"

with that we all pile into the van I start it up and start driving to McDonalds

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