Brother's Best Friend

What will happen when Louis Tomlinson's sister and one direction visit California for the whole summer?


1. Meet Sofie Tomlinson

Name: Sofie Tomlinson

Age: 18

Hair: long, honey blond

Eye Colour: bright blue

Hight: 5.5

Sports: swimming, basketball

Sibbling: older brother Louis Tomlinson

About me: hey every one my name is Sofie yes my brother is Louis Tomlinson of one direction I know that you don't have to remind me it's not like my life revolves around him I have a life to you know .... It might not be as interesting as his but it's still a life! I'm a swimmer there for I'm always hungry I love my friends to bits and ya that's me well I should probably go pack I'm spending the summer with my brother and his band mates in California and I'm leaving tomorrow and of coarse I got nothing done.. Typical me!

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