Brother's Best Friend

What will happen when Louis Tomlinson's sister and one direction visit California for the whole summer?


3. Airport Madness

Niall's POV *at McDonalds*

"What does every body want?" Liam asks he's such a daddy. "I'll have a big Mack, a large fries and a medium root beer" I say "ooh I'll have the same!" Sofie exclaims wow that girl can eat! I mean Louis did tell us she eats a lot but I thought he was just exaggerating "I'm gonna go find us a booth" I say making my way over to a big table with enough space for all 6 of us and sit down to see Sofie has followed me and took a seat across from me (their convo)

S- " I'm sorry bout eating your breakfast I just saw on the counter and I was all like food and ya..."

N- "it's fine Sofie really it's no big deal"

S-"really cause when Louis told me that you don't share food when he was describing all of you guys to me"

N- oh um....

Just then Louis walked over and sits next to Sofie with our food he hands me my meal and Sofie hers.

Louis POV

"So what are we talking bout?" I ask as Sofie starts to devour her food "nothin" Niall responds "mmmhhhhhnmmmmaaaaabbbvfffllll" Sofie says oh my god this is so embarrassing why can't I have a normal sister and not this weirdo! "Sofie chew swallow then talk" I say then she sticks her tongue out at me but there is still food in her mouth gross! "So where is everybody else?" Niall asks when he's finished chuckling "that is a good question Niall I'm glad you asked" I say turning around to look and see them walking towards us with 3 trays of food "they are here" I say as Harry sits down next to me

Sofie POV

After we finished eating we got in the van and drove off Louis is driving and Harry is shotgun I'm behind Louis with Zayn next to me Niall is behind me with Liam next to him

I'm listening to Mariana's trench another one of my fave bands when my one of my ear buds gets ripped out of my ear I turn to see Zayn sitting there with my ear bud in "why aren't you listening to one direction?" He asks me sarcastically

"well because maybe I don't want to" I respond just then we pull up to the airport wow their are tons of people here I'm like super claustrophobic so this isn't gonna go well!

Every one gets out of the car and I grabbed Louis's hand he looks at me and smiles

"it's ok Sofie" he say squeezing my hand reporter are every where and are screaming out questions "Louis who's the girl?" "Is that your new girlfriend?" "What about Elenour are you cheating on her?" They screamed

"what ever you do don't answer any of their questions ok" Louis leans down and whispers in my ear "ok" I say as we pass through customs the paps weren't allowed through but I didn't let go of Louis's hand all we have to do now is wait we sat down in our terminal and waited for our plain to arrive

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