Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


11. The Story Unfolds

  "I guess it started when I was ten," I start, and it vaguely reminds me of a therapy session.
  They don't say anything, though they nod encouragingly for me to continue.
  "My mom, Rose, was never the best mother. She got pregnant with me during her senior year of high-school with my father, who to this day I don't even know. After I was about four, she got into some drug trouble. It wasn't bad, at least not until I was eight. Then soon most of her income from a cheap job at the nearby store was spent on her useless pills. When I was nine, she developed a huge drinking problem," I shudder softly at what happened next.
  "I was too young. It wasn't fair, but it happened anyway. She used to be gone for a couple days at a time, but typically it was from the afternoon to early morning that she'd be out drinking at the bar. During the summer after my ninth birthday, she came home with Phil, who soon moved in as her boyfriend. He was an alcoholic as well, but he didn't do drugs. On my tenth birthday, for reasons still unknown, my mother overdosed. She didn't die, but nearly did, and was rushed to the hospital. After that, Phil managed to talk some twisted sense into her, finally helping her quit. After that, they both became heavier drinkers. They both didn't know when to stop. They started drinking at home more, and I was on the receiving side of their drunk messes. I honestly think I preferred them going out to bars," I stop, sighing and taking a deep breath before continuing, not getting interrupted once.
  "One night, things started getting physical. I came home later than I was supposed to after studying for a test the next day with a friend, and Phil convinced my mom the only way I'd learn was to enforce the rules physically. So she hit me. And from then on, it became a daily thing, but I'd receive beatings from both of them in their drunken state for every little thing I did wrong."
  "So from that point on, I stayed at my friend Ellie's house every chance I got. Her parents were more loving towards me than my own. They understood what I was going through. Normally, we would've reported them to the authorities for child abuse, but as I had no other family members and they wouldn't consider Ellie's parents in any relation to me, I'd be sent to a foster home, and I didn't want that, as much as I hated them, because at least I had Ellie to look forward to."
  "And then I met David," I say reluctantly, not really looking forward to this part of the story. 
  I close my eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, before continuing slowly at first, working back to my storytelling pace.
  "So, you have to understand, I didn't have many friends at school because I was reserved and kept to myself, afraid of my parents. By not very many, I mean I had Ellie. Of course, she had lots of other friends, but I'm fairly sure they all didn't like me very much either. So of course, during eighth grade, when we got a new kid in our class, I tried to be friends with him, because Ellie told me to. I was pretty shy, and very unpopular, but I was fine with it. I was never much for big crowds."
  "David and I actually became great friends. I developed a crush on him, but of course I never thought he liked me back. Then, for our end of the year dance, he asked me to go with him. I was shocked at first, but inside I was absolutely giddy. I had really fallen for him. I will admit, he was handsome. I just can't believe I fell so hard for him. I had never actually been a relationship before, and I still hadn't had my first kiss yet. The feeling was unfamiliar to me, and the only way I really knew what was happening was because of Ellie. She helped me through everything."
  "Back to the dance though, it was really difficult for me to go. I technically had to sneak behind my parents, though that wasn't anything new. I knew they wouldn't approve in any way, so I just stayed at Ellie's and we said we had a project to work on that weekend. It was good for me, because I'd get to go to the dance, as well as spend the weekend with Ellie. So that Friday, Ellie and I went to the dance, me with David, and Ellie with a very cute boy that probably doesn't even remember me, but his name was Jacob."
  I sigh, closing my eyes as the memories of that night flood through me, filling me with a vague sense of joy. 
  "Everything was perfect. We danced through basically the whole night, but stopped and talked with Ellie and Jacob every now and then. I'll admit, that was probably one of the best nights of my life. Later that night, David led me outside under the starry California sky, and it was amazing, not clouded by the lights of the big cities that were just north of our town. He was such a gentleman, he would open the door for me, get me anything I wanted, he was just so nice. But out under that sky, the stars twinkling brightly in the background, he asked me to be his girlfriend, something I thought would never happen. But it's exactly what he did, and I said yes."
  "Looking back now, I think I could've avoided almost every bad thing that happened if I had just said no. One little change of words would be made my life so much easier. But then I go and think, would we have still been friends? I wonder if he still would've gotten violent or not."
  I pause. Talking about this part of my life crushes my heart all over again, strangling the joy out of it. This was really hard for me to do, but I promised I'd do it, so I take another deep breath before continuing.
  "We were such an amazing couple. We were madly in love, and everyone always told us that we'd be together forever, that we'd grow old together. At first, I never believed then. I though that once high-school came he'd probably dump me for another girl prettier than me. But he never did. We stayed together for our freshman and sophomore years. Of course, he was a year older than me, but we were in the same grade because I was one of the youngest kids and he was one of the oldest. During our junior year, we made the bold move to move in together, and I was reluctant at first, but at least I was getting away from my parents."
  "So we moved in together, in an apartment near our school. It was perfect at first. But then, he wanted more with our relationship, more than I was ready to offer. Sure, we hugged, kissed, and even slept in the same bed, but never once did we have sex. I just wasn't ready. I followed what my mind told me, as it can sometimes be more logical than my heart. My heart told me he was the one, but my mind was constantly questioning if that was really true."
  "I still hung with Ellie as much as I could. We would still do girly things together, like shopping or getting our hair done, until David started being protective. He wouldn't allow me to go to school publicly, instead he used his parents money and bought me a laptop, telling me I could go to school on there. I hated it at first, but it turned out to be so much easier. He finished school very quickly on the computer as well, and went straight away to get a job to support us, which I was astounded at. I hadn't really been thinking about that kind of stuff yet. Hell, I don't even know what I want to be when I'm older, if I ever get the chance to go to college. I just never put much thought to it."
  "Not going to high-school though made seeing Ellie a lot harder, especially when David decided I didn't need to see her at all, that he was all I needed. It broke my heart, but I never realized how truly bad David was for me until he started hitting me. They didn't hurt that much at first, but just the mere thought of the boy I loved doing something like that broke me heart. I became fearful of him, though the experience wasn't all that new to me. I was heartbroken, but I'm sad to say I was still in love with him. He was my first real love, and I couldn't get over him. When I told Ellie what happened, she immediately said she'd help. So we both started saving up money. Our plan was to run away to New York together, and start life fresh."
  "I bore through it, for about four more months. Sadly the only contact I had with Ellie was over the phone every once in a while, because it had to be done behind David's back. Bruises along my body made my skin so much darker, though without going anywhere I didn't really have to try and hide it. I used to try and use it to make David feel bad about what he was doing, but I don't think that ever happened. If it did, it didn't affect anything."
  "We left earlier than we had been planning. This was because I couldn't go back to David, not after what happened. I ran to my parents, but we just fought, so Ellie and I left. I-" I pause, my voice hitching, as this part is the hardest for me to tell.
  "It's okay, take your time," Louis murmurs, his eyes soft as he gets up and sits next to me, placing an arm around my shoulder, gently rubbing it to soothe me.
    Harry motions to Louis to pull me down next to the rest of them. Louis obliges, sitting me in the center of them, and I don't protest, which surprises me. Louis releases me,  and the rest scoot a bit closer, though it's not uncomfortable. I take a deep breath, letting it out slowly as I close my eyes, reluctantly continuing my story.
  "On the night before we left, David was over the edge. I knew he was in his right mind, because he never drank excessively. He knew when to stop. That night though, I don't know what set him off. When I got home, he blew up on me, telling me that I was worthless and he was furious that even though we had been dating for so long, even living together, we still hadn't had sex. I was just never ready, and every time I told him I think it hurt his pride even more. He was never one for rejections; they hit him hard."
  "This time, he wouldn't take no for an answer," I mutter, my voice hitching at the horrible memories.
  My throat constricts, but I still find a way to continue, even as the bile rises in my throat just thinking about what he did to me.
  "Of course, I still wasn't ready. So I rejected him again, but this time he wouldn't give up. He called me a bad girlfriend, saying that I was his and needed to act like it more. Me, being my stubborn self, not seeing the threat off danger, fired right back at him, complaining angrily that he was over-protective, and that if he really loved me he'd respect my choice of waiting. This only angered him further, and it was only when he pulled out the knife that I saw he was moments from snapping, moments from doing something we could both regret."
  I close my eyes tightly at the memory; it tears open wounds inside me I thought had healed. Tears spring to my eyes as I relive the memory in my head, remembering it like it was yesterday.
  "He pushed me against the wall, toying with the knife closely to my skin, showing he was in control, which he was. Fear had paralyzed me. He had already beat me, I didn't find it all too surprising he wasn't afraid to really hurt me, to threaten me, but I was shocked."
  "He threw me onto the bed, calling me a whore, which I wasn't, and saying he should just deflower me and get it over with. Though of course, he didn't say it that nicely. Then he said I wasn't worth it though, and straddled me in a way that left me helpless, and left my shoulder exposed to him. By this point, he was shaking as nearly as much as me, but for different reasons, obviously. He wasn't afraid for his life. I honestly thought I was going to die. Instead, he marked me forever. He took the knife, and with a painful slowness, my marked my body."
  "He cut a jagged plus sign on my shoulder, a scrappy line cute down my upper arm, and another jagged mark above my chest."
  I'm shaking visibly at this point as I list the horrible accomplishments of David. Calming myself with deep breaths, I manage to regain my composure. 
  "You've seen the scars yourself. After he was done, he put the knife in my hand as I began to black out from the loss of blood, making it seem like I did it to myself, and then left. I thought I was a goner, in all seriousness. If the paramedics had gotten there only five minutes later I would've bled to death. They managed to save me, but they didn't get to me soon enough to stitch the wounds properly enough for them to fade. Now they'll always be there, a reminder of him."
  "After I was released from the hospital I still hadn't heard or seen from David, and neither had Ellie, which I was grateful for. Ellie was the only one who stayed with me full time in the hospital, never leaving my side except to get us food and use the bathroom. We both decided that we would be leaving as soon as possible. I mean, we had saved up quite a bit of money already. The only thing left was to use it to get away. And that's exactly what we did. We escaped."


  ~Well, there it is! Chapter 11! This actually took me a while to write, and it was hard to write. I actually got all emotional while writing this. Is that stupid? Haha I don't know! I sincerely thank all of you that have commented and liked, and even became a fan! I didn't really know how well this would go, but so far I think it's going pretty well, right? I might just be utterly wrong, and maybe I'm just the worst writer and you are all reading my story and laughing at me. I guess I wouldn't know either way, right? Well, all I know is I'd like to here your thoughts! You can comment, or email me at hailidwd2000@yahoo.com , but please don't spam me. I really want you to tell me what you like, don't like, want to see more of, want to see less of, and who you ship. Do you guys think you could come up with shipping names for Katie and the boys? Thanks! I better stop ranting now, so until next time, love you all!

  ~ss_lover xx

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