Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


17. Sequel!

  ~Okay, so here's some news about the sequel... I actually thought of a name for it, and it will be called Second Chances. Also, I was wondering what you guys thought about me adding in some of the boys' points of view. It's totally up to you all, but if I don't get anyone telling my to, then I just won't. Also, I've decided I'd try a new update system. Basically, I'll set a goal for comments or likes at the end of the chapter in one of these note-like thinks I post, and I won't update until you guys reach it. I won't be too harsh, especially not in the beginning, but I really would appreciate some feedback. Today is March 10th, and I plan to hopefully have the first chapter in Second Chances up by the end up this month, though I have high confidence that it will be sooner. To start off, the story won't have a cover in the beginning, but eventually I'll make one! Anyway, thanks my loves, and I'll hopefully be talking to you later! <3

   ~ss_lover xx

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