Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


14. Revelations

  These boys are absolutely inappropriate. I guess I've been through this already though, grades nine through twelve played a large part in that, but it's still not something I readily welcome. Sure, it can be funny sometimes, but they're absolutely immature, much more than I thought boys in their adulthood would be, especially superstars. 
  When I found out they were watching recorded Friday Night Live's, I decided to watch it with them. My mistake was quickly realized as they laughed and made funny yet inappropriate jokes and puns about almost everything they say and do. Finally deciding I've had enough, I get up and head for the kitchenette, which is separated from the rest of the bus by a thin curtain-like wall that folds up if you want it to. 
  Though it doesn't do much to block out their voices or even the television, it does allow me to be alone, so I lean against the sink and gaze out the window at the ever-changing view. In the distance I can see the nearing lights of the city, and seeing as how the clock reads three-thirty, I have a feeling that's our destination. Since Liam said they'd need to be at their arena at five, we'd probably get to the city at four, which appears to be what's going to happen.
  Uneasiness creeps into my thoughts as I think about what's going to happen. Obviously, since they brought me with them on the bus, they have no intention of releasing me. In that case, I'm pretty sure that means they'll be taking some precautions with me, by either probably locking me on the bus or forcing me to come with them. I'm not sure which I'd prefer, but I figure the latter would be an easier situation to escape in.
  I still do feel bad for how I treated Liam earlier, since I know they're trying to be nice, considering the conversation I heard when I was last at that house. As if he knows that I'm thinking about him, he steps into the kitchen area, and I turn to face him, his lips pulled into a slight grin.
  "Just checking to make sure you didn't try to drown yourself in the sink or something like that," he laughs, sounding playful, but I can see in his eyes that he's thinking about when I cut myself.
  "I'm not that careless," I answer just as playfully, but I turn away, gazing back out the window.
  "Are you sure, love?" Liam asks with a laugh, causing me to turn my head and look at him again, hearing the others laugh from just across the thin wall.
  He turns away with a smile, walking back towards the opening of the kitchenette.
  "Wait, Liam," I call, turning to fully face him again.
  "Yeah, love?" he asks, glancing at me thoughtfully.
  "I -uh- I'm sorry for this morning, for being so cold," I apologize, while a distant part of my brain screams at me for doing so.
  "It's fine, Katie. No hard feelings," he smiles, turning away with a small laugh and exiting the room.
  I turn back to the window thoughtfully, though my thoughts from earlier re-enter my mind as I glance once more at the nearing city, it's size growing more and more as we get closer to it. I force my thoughts to stray away from that idea, and they find themselves instead thinking about what I would be doing if I wasn't here. I'd probably be at my work, doing just as I did before I was taken. I imagine getting a new apartment, or flat as I'm learning the local people call them, as well as making new friends, coming out of the shell Ellie told me I had really built up for myself.
  At the idea of this, my thoughts stray to Emma, the girl I met and became some form of friends with back at that store in London. I feel bad for not contacting her, but I guess with my situation it can't really be helped. 
  My memory being partially photographic, which is slightly confusing. But basically, I can't always remember sights or faces, though it does happen, but things I've read in words or numbers I can recall like a computer, just pulling up the folder to re-look at it. It's pretty great, and it was amazing for my schooling. But what I'm really getting at is that I remember her phone number, I just don't have access to a phone. To be honest, she's probably the only person I'd call. 
  A thought pops into my head, filling me with hope. Merely assuming she'd believe me, if I got access to a phone I'd call Emma and tell her about my situation, and then maybe I can work on an escape plan with her, or promise to next time if the call was cut short. I'd need to do it sometime when the boys aren't around though, because the second they hear me tell her what's going on they'd freak, and who knows what would happen then.
  My hopes fill me with joy, and even though I may look suspicious with my smile, the feeling doesn't diminish nor do I try to smother it away even when Harry walks into the cooking area. I do manage to reduce the smile, praying he doesn't notice anything's off, which it appears he doesn't. 
  "We need to talk to you in the main area, love," Harry informs me, but I don't turn around to face him, instead gazing at his reflection in the window after I turned back to the window when he walked in. I don't reply, but I turn and follow him to the couch where the boys are situated, the television turned off as I enter the area. 
  Earlier when I got up while they were watching the television, they informed me that the bus stopped twice already, once before any of us were awake, and again while I was asleep for the second time. Go figure. Still, they informed me about the rule for me leaving, which I accepted reluctantly. I didn't have much choice but to comply, as there wasn't anything I could've done anyway.
  They train their eyes on me, and I take a seat in one of the wooden chairs near the kitchenette, while Harry takes the remaining spot on the couch next to Louis and Zayn. I feel awkward sitting in front of them, suddenly feeling a bit self-conscious. That feeling goes away though as Zayn speaks, my eyes focusing on him instead of zoning out staring out the window behind them.
  "So Katie, if you didn't know already, very soon we'll be stopping at our first destination to kick off the tour. Our first thought was to lock you on the bus tied up so you can't escape, but we figured we'd be gone for quite a while, and that'd be too cruel. So that means you'll be coming with us," he says, and struggle to hold in my excitement, as now I'll have an easier chance putting my plan in action. 
  "Now, that still means you can escape. The same rules we told you in the beginning still apply now, minus the one about sexual needs. So, this means no escaping, as well as you need to do what we say. By taking you with us, we're bestowing some serious trust to you; please don't abuse it," Zayn adds, though I know for a fact that one of those rules will definitely be broken, therefore technically breaking the other one...
  "Do you understand?" I nod, not trusting my voice to not reveal the flutter of hope and joy stirring in me.
  "Alright. We'll be arriving at the arena in about ten minutes. After the show tonight we're heading to a hotel on the other side of town, where we'll be staying for two nights, as we have another show over there tomorrow, but we leave the next morning at the crack of dawn," Liam informs all of us. 
  They turn their attention back to me, and I suddenly have a feeling that something I'm not going to like is going to happen. 
  Just as I predicted, Liam removes an all-too-familiar metallic bracelet-like thing from his pocket, standing from the couch and approaching me. I sigh in defeat, knowing there's no use in trying to fight the inevitable; it'd only prolong what's bound to happen. So instead, I hold my wrist out to him, because who knows, maybe this'll help me earn their trust.
  He smiles reassuringly at me as he clasps the bracelet to my wrist. It beeps, and a light blinks green for a moment before turning off.
  "Where did you even get this?" I ask, curious if they already had it or bought it specifically for me when I was taken.
  "We got it the day after we took you. We had connections, and they hooked us up with this, no questions asked," Liam admits, with a shrug and a tight smile, almost like he's embarrassed they bought it just for me.
  "You would have connections," I mutter under my breathe whilst rolling my eyes and shaking my head, laughing lightly, though it holds no humor.
  "Money can get you just about anything these days, can't it?" I ask, raising a questioning eyebrow at them.
  "Pretty much, yeah. It's kind of sad, though I guess it has its benefits," Niall says, as Liam reclaims his seat on the couch with the boys.
  I'm actually quite surprised at my courage. I'm determined to test the waters, even though I've been hit and nearly raped by the men before me. Not sure where this sudden courage is coming from, though I have a feeling it's from the new-found plan for escape, I decide to use it while it lasts. They seem in a good mood, so I'll try to get some answers.
  "So why did you take me? This isn't one of my girlish bouts where I'm going to burst into tears, either. I genuinely want to know what gave you the idea to kidnap me," I ask, settling back against my chair, crossing my legs and arms.
  They seem taken aback by my question at first, but it's gone quickly and their faces are replaced with what appears to be remorse, regret, and guilt.
  "I guess it was pretty impulsive. I mean, we sort of observed you for a week, then made the decision that we would kidnap you. Let me say though, we are definitely different now than we were then; we regret taking you, we really do," Liam answers after a moment of hesitation. 
  Harry smiles slightly before adding on.
  "Our planning was done quite poorly. Sure, we had the chloroform, but we never actually expected you to fight back or resist much, especially when you saw that there were five of us. But you wouldn't go down without trying to take us with you, that's for sure. You gave us quite the surprise when you actually faked being unconscious, then ended up almost getting away," he says, laughing slightly.
  The corners of my mouth turn slightly, forming a tiny, firm smile, as reluctant as it is, but it's there. Before I realize I'm saying it, I reveal another piece of information about myself to them.
  "While I was in New York I actually took a self-defense class. I finished at the top of my class. I convinced myself I would learn some way to protect myself if I was to live in Manhattan, therefore I did. I guess it didn't do much good though, otherwise I wouldn't be here."
  "You have to cut yourself some slack though, love. I'm sure you would've gotten away if there was even one less of us, it was just the luck of the draw I guess," Louis says, his eyes holding amusement.
  I roll my eyes, but agree anyway.
  "Yeah, I guess. But why did you pick me? What made you stalk me in the first place?" I ask.
  "We thought you were beautiful, and we just felt like we had to have you. Like Liam said, it was pretty impulsive. You're still beautiful though, you know," Louis says, and though I try to fight it, a blush creeps onto my face at his comment, which causes him to smile at me.
  I get back to the questions though, changing the subject.
  "Why would One Direction, the famous boy band with millions of fans, need to kidnap someone? There are definitely more girls that love you, but they'd be willing to go anywhere with you. I'm sure some of them even dream of being in this situation. So why not take one of them? You probably wouldn't even have to take them; they'd be so willing they'd beg to go with you. So why, of all the people you could've chosen, did you choose me?" They never reply, as the bus stops, which causes them to stand and look at me.
  Liam opens his mouth, probably to reply, but he never does, as suddenly a knock sounds on the door leading outside of the bus.
  "Lads, were at the arena. The fans haven't arrived yet, so I suggest you get in there quickly, before you get mobbed," a deep voice sounds from the other side of the door, making me jump. 
  I stand, wondering if the man could actually help me escape. I glance at the door with hope, but before I can get a word out, Zayn is behind me, holding my arms to my body to stop me from struggling, which I don't, and a hand over my mouth to stop me from saying anything, which I don't do either, as I can't. 
  "Yeah, we'll be out in a bit Paul. We just need to finish up a couple things," Liam replies, though his eyes stay glued on me.
  "Alright, don't be too long though, okay?" the voice, Paul, requests.
  "Of course. We'll be there in about five minutes," Harry says, and I hear the receding footsteps of the man, Paul, leaving the bus, which is now silent except for our breathing.
  Zayn releases me and I step away, glaring at him. 
  "I wasn't going to say anything," I fume, crossing my arms.
  "You were thinking about it though, I could tell. And we couldn't have that happen," Zayn replies with a roll of his eyes.
  I scoff at him, turning away to see the other watching us with amusement.
  "What now?" I ask, wanting to change the subject.
  "Now, we go in. I think the best way to get you in is to say you're one of our girlfriends. Normally management is pretty strict about us having girlfriends, especially on the bus with us, but we'll just say you met us here. So, who do you want to be your boyfriend?" Liam asks cheekily, smirking at me as the others' faces quickly do the same.
  I open my mouth in shock, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 
  "I- I have to pick one of you?" I ask incredulously.
  "Yep, who else would you pick? It's not for real, love, it's just to get you in," Liam says, though his smile grows.
  "None of you!" I say, shaking my head.
  Liam sighs. "Fine, we'll pick for you."
  "I'll do it," Harry says, before anyone else can say anything, though Louis mouth is open, as well as Zayn. 
  "Sure. She won't be seen by paparazzi, so we won't have to worry about pictures. But you need to hold hands," Liam says, glancing at both of us. 
  "Why Harry?" I grumble inaudibly, but I guess Harry hears when he walks towards me, as he smirks, mimicking me and crossing his arms.
  "It's not that bad, I can be a charmer," he states proudly.
  "I'll believe it when I see it," I mutter, which earns a chuckle from the rest of them, while Harry just rolls his eyes. 
  "Alright, time to go." Liam informs us, peeking out the tinted window, "There's nobody out there, so lets move quickly."
  "Alright," the others reply, while Harry unfolds my arms and takes hold of my hand firmly.
  "I know you are aware of how the bracelet works Katie, so no silly attempts to escape," Zayn says as Liam opens the door.
  I nod in reply as Harry laces his fingers through mine with a smug smile. I glare at him, wanting nothing more than to rip my hand from his, but I know he'd just do it again, so I don't bother. I huff and look away, taking a deep breath as they step off the bus, Harry and I right behind Niall and Liam, with Louis and Zayn behind us.
  Zayn shuts the door of the bus, locking it, then turns to go with us. The building is huge, but I'm not given much time to gawk over it as soon we are entering it. The only person in sight is the single guard at the door whom simply nods as the boys, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even see me, or if he does, he doesn't care. Go figure, but I guess we look pretty normal, though I don't exactly look happy.
  "This way," Liam says, taking the lead and guiding us hallway through hallway, but with my memory I map it out in my head in case I need to know how to get out. 
  Finally, we stop before a door labeled 'Dressing Room'. Liam opens it, and we all file into it, before he locks it behind us.
  "Alright, we have to go get ready," Niall says, shrugging off his jacket and tossing it on the couch in the room. The others do the same, and soon you can't ever see the piece of furniture.
  "You won't be able to escape Katie, and this door is soundproof. No one will come to help you, so please just don't even try. There's food and drinks in the mini fridge, if you get hungry. We'll back in a couple hours, and this door will be locked, from the outside. Also, you have your bracelet, so we'll know if you try to leave," Liam adds.
  They seem satisfied with their thought put into this plan, so they tell me goodbye and exit the room. The door clicks, signaling that it's now locked, just as they said, from the outside.

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