Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


3. Resurfacing


  Black ones, spotting my vision as I slowly open my eyes, the room dark with a splash of light seeping in from the window. I squint, looking around the room in confusion. 
  How the hell did I get here? I don't even remember getting home...
  That's when it hit me, when the events of last night come back to me, playing over in my head. 
  I was kidnapped, by One Direction. Not exactly a sentence I'd ever have though would play true to myself. 
  What do they even want with me? I may be pretty, but I'm not gorgeous as other girls I've seen, and I'm definitely not nearly as rich, or dumb. Wouldn't it have been easier for them to kidnap someone less likely to strike back or escape? Wouldn't that be the likelier choice? 
  If they thought that about me, then they were definitely wrong, because I will never stop fighting, until the day I escape. 
  I push the covers down from my body, sighing in relief as I see that I'm still in the same clothes from yesterday. At least the bastards still had the decency to let me keep my dignity.
  I sit up, but regret it immediately, gasping as a sharp pain shoots through my head. I stay sitting though, letting the throb dull to a gentle numbness before swinging my legs over the side of the bed.
  I stand slowly on unsteady legs, but after a few paces around the room, my legs are back to normal and feeling fine. Looking out the window, I can tell that it's early morning, which would explain the eery silence beyond the door. 
  To my disappointment I see iron bars outside the window, so what won't exactly be a method if escape for me.
  I walk up to the door, pressing my ear against it to check for anyone. Upon hearing nothing, I decide to check the handle. 
  I place my hand on it and turn it, nearly letting out a squeal of excitement as it turns with my hand, opening as I pull it with no noise. 
  I tiptoe out, staying as silent as possible, which is also easier as I have no socks on. I peer out into what looks to be the living room, and I find it empty as well. I scan the room, my eyes landing on a door, which it most likely the entrance. 
  Hope flutters in my stomach as I race towards it on light, silent feet, but my hand freezes on the handle, the new-found hope crushed as I hear someone clear their throat behind me. I cringe in fear, turning to see Liam slowly walking towards me, his mouth in a hard line, though his eyes betray his serious face, amusement lingering in them. 
  My eyebrows knit together in confusion as his face falters, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards into a smile.
  "Going somewhere, love?" he asks casually, repeating the line said lay night.  
  I shake my head, but as I do, I turn the knob behind me, relief that it's unlocked flooding through me. Liam obviously sees it in my eyes, and his gaze hardens, realizing one step too late what I'm about to do.
  "Katie!" he shouts as I spin, ripping the door open and launching myself out of it, slamming it behind me as I race down the steps, seeing nothing but a surrounding forest and the obvious gravel path that leads the the house. 
  I make my choice instantly and sprint into the forest, but almost regret it as I begin to feel the sting of the ground and twigs on my bare feet. I couldn't have taken the path from the house though, they could've easily just drove out to me and got me. 
  At least this way I have a bit more of an advantage. Except that I have no idea where we are, though I know we are obviously no longer in Manhattan. 
  Just as abruptly my freedom began, it ended as I am tackled to the ground, and I didn't even notice the sound of running footsteps so close. I roll over to see an furious Liam above me, with the rest of the boys, now wide awake, trailing up behind him. 
  "What were you thinking? Did you really think you could get away like that? Did you?" Liam shouts, shaking me violently as he does it, and by this time I am scared out of my mind by him.
  I open my mouth, but don't get the chance to answer before he slaps me, my cheek stinging like hell now. My eyes widen in fear, and I flinch, squeezing my eyes shut as he raises his hand to do it again, but I hear Louis voice pipe up from behind him.
  "Liam, I think she's had enough right now. You've scared her pretty good, mate," Louis states, and the slap I expected never came.
  Instead, I crack open my eyes to see Liam sigh, then nod.
  "You're right, mate. I'm sorry love, but you've got to understand that you can't run away, alright? Come on now, I think we need to have a chat," he says, reaching out his hand to me as he stands, but I shrink back, not taking it.
  He sighs, but his eyes soften and he picks me up, carrying me bridal style, even as I lash out and try to kick him.
  "None of that now love, I don't want to have to punish you anymore that I already need to," he calmly says, as if punishing me was a task he'd rather not do. 
  I freeze at his comment, fear racking my body. What would he do that was worse then slap or hit me?
  He chuckles at my reaction, entering the house and setting my on the couch, then takes a seat next to me. I jump when our legs brush, landing on the floor at the end of the couch. 
  I look up at him in fear, expecting some sort of punishment, but it doesn't come. He just looks at me sadly then sighs as the other boys walk in, looking over the scene with curious eyes.
  Liam stands, and eventually he pulls his eyes from me as the other boys take their seats. 
  "We need to talk about some rules," he starts, glancing back at me.
  My fiery mood floods back into me when he says this, my eyes narrowing at him.
  "Rules? I'm not a child, you can't just tell me what I can and can't do!" I say defiantly, but I don't shout, not feeling the need to raise my voice that high yet.
  His jaw sets as he looks back at me, the vein in his neck popping in anger. I know I should back down now, but I'm just as furious as him, if not more, and am perfectly right to be. 
  "Rule number one: you will respect us and do what we say, when we say it," he says, and I'm about to protest but the looks I get from him and the other boys are enough to silence me.
  "Rule number two: you will be obedient, and will have no more of these little escape attempts, got it?" Zayn adds, and when I don't reply he leans over Louis, who is sitting closest to me, and into my face. 
  "I said, got it?" he hisses, and I whimper and nod, scooting away in fear. 
  Zayn nods, sitting back up triumphantly. I glare daggers at him, before Harry pipes up.
  "Rule number three: you will tend to all of our.. needs..." he says with a grin.
  At this my jaw drops, and I stare at him dumbfounded. 
  "Y-your n-needs? As in... s-sexual?" I ask regrettably, saying the last word difficultly.
  He nods, and I swear my jaw hits the floor. At this I jump to my feet, backing away slowly.
  "You... you bastards will not take away my innocence," I say, sounding surprisingly commanding, my voice coming out steadier that I thought it would. 
  Harry laughs like I just told the funniest joke in the world. 
  "You're a virgin still? That's hard to believe, but don't worry, we'll help you with that," he smirks at me, winking.
  "Haz, leave her alone. Can't you see you're scaring her?" Louis says with a sigh, glancing at me with a pained expression. 
  I stare at Harry in horror, his words forcing back memories that I've tried to so hard to bury.
  'Stop, you're hurting me!' I cried, but his grip didn't falter. 
  'You're nothing but a worthless tease, a useless fuck. You're such a whore I'm surprised you're still a virgin,' he mutters, pushing me harder into the wall. 
  He brings the knife closer and closer to my helpless body, cackling at the fear in my eyes.
  I can't believed I once loved this... this
monster! And now here he is, pointing a knife at me, and I'm unable to do anything about it.
  'You know, maybe I'll just help you out with that,' he says with a wink, throwing me onto the bed.
  'You know what? Scratch that. You're not even worth my time. I'd be better of to just kill you now,' he said venomously, the hate in his voice unmissable.
  I whimpered as he brought the knife closer still, gently caressing the skin on my shoulder with the blade, though not curing the skin. 
  'D-David, p-please!' I whimpered, he his eyes blazed with rage.
  'Shut up!' he yells, pressing the knife into my shoulder, running it in a straight line horizontally towards my neck, but then lifts the blade.
  I scream as the blood begin to flow, and he cuts a line vertically over it, making a plus sign. I cry as he moves to lower down my arm, creating a jagged cut as he is shaking like me.
  'I said shut up!' he howls, fury coursing through his body.
  He moves the knife towards my chest, making a crooked cut just above my breast through my shirt. I howl in pain, but then my body begins to numb from the pain, and he fades away.
  The doctors didn't get to me soon enough to stitch the cuts up in a way they'd heal better, so they are still thick, jagged scars, horrible memories of the day that my first true love I'd loved tried to kill me.
  Since then, I have always closed my walls, never let anyone close enough to play with my delicate heart.

~*~Flashback Over~*~
  I scream as I trip, falling hard onto the floor, gazing up at the five boys in front of me, but I can't held but see David when I look at Harry, and another screech erupts from my lips as he stands.
  Concern enters all of their faces and they quickly follow to stand, rushing over to me. I scream once more as Harry nears me, and then everything is peaceful, black. Right now, I welcome it like a friend.

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