Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


2. Kidnapped

  I feel myself being slung over someone's shoulder, and that's when they begin talking.

  "Damn, she was more resistant that we thought!" stated one, with an Irish accent that was oddly familiar as well. 
  His voice sounded strained, like he was trying to lower it an octave but failing. I smile inwardly, realizing this must be the second one I kneed in the groin. At least they got some consequences for what they are doing.
  "Yeah, but we got her, mate. That's all that matters," this time, the boy's voice is lighter, seemingly brighter in a way.
  I realize that he is the one carrying me, and I fight down the bile rising in my throat, trying desperately to not follow the actions my body is telling me to do and give my cover away by slapping away the smirk I could picture on his face. 
  These people disgust me, joking around at how they just kidnapped me. Or, if it goes my way, they are joking about how they just tried to kidnap me. So far, my brain wasn't coming up with much of a plan, except self-defense and running. 
  Two years ago, I took a martial arts training class for a year, which is why I was able to preform that move again the guy that fist grabbed me. 
  I told myself I had to learn some form of self-defense if I was going to live in Manhattan. I never thought I'd actually have to put my skills to the test on the matter.
  A sickening feeling dawns on me as I hear the sound of a car door open, and I take this as my last chance to escape before I'm trapped with them. 
  Luckily, I have the element of surprise with me, since they don't even know I'm conscious. I take a risk and try something I've only successfully completed in my class twice, and it's even more difficult in my position. 
  I take a chance though and flip my legs over my back and my carriers head, basically doing a backflip in midair. I use the momentum of my flying legs to grab on to the person beneath me and. Throw him to the ground as I complete my flip, to my amazement (and theirs),  successfully. 
  I spin to look at the other four figures, who stand in front of a very sketchy white van, with their mouths agape at my actions. The fifth one, laying on the ground, groans, since I knocked the wind out of him in the flip.
  I take my chance and turns to run, but end up falling with a screech as the one I flipped grabs my ankle, right as someone shouts, "Louis!"
  I scream and flail my limbs, throwing my kicks and punches in every direction, not caring who I hit as long as I hit someone, as two of them lift me off the ground, their moment of surprise clearly gone.
  They don't bother to try and drug me again as they each grab an arm, bluntly shoving me into the van. Four of them follow me in, forcefully holding me down on the bed of the van, where back seats should have been. One straddles my legs, while another two each hold down an arm, the remaining one kneeling beside me. 
  They lock the doors, and the one I think they called Louis gets in front, starting the car and putting it in motion.
  I open my mouth to scream again, but before a sound escapes, a clammy hand covers my mouth. I look up to see that the hand belongs to the one kneeling beside me.
  "What are we going to do with you Katie?" he gently scolds in a deep British accent, shaking his head slowly.
  For some reason, his comment only enrages me, like he is talking about something that is his, which I am not, nor ever will be. I glare defiantly at him, but he just returns it with a cheeky grin.
  "Alright. Now, Katie, since you've seemed to calm down a bit, I will remove my hand. If you start screaming again or decide to be difficult, which I don't recommend, we will drug you, for real this time," he says slowly, enraging me further, as he is acting like I'm an idiot, but something in his tone makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand in fear.
  I take a deep, somewhat calming breath, and he removes his hand, smiling down at me. 
  "See, that wasn't so hard now was it? Now I don't recommend being difficult again, as you are out numbered here," when he says this, I can't help but comment.
  "Not liked that stopped me before." I retort, glaring daggers at him.
  He rips the hood back and throwing off the sunglasses, revealing his rage-contorted face, and emerald eyes fuming with rage. Bringing his face up close to mine in a provoking manner, he grits his teeth.  
  "If it didn't stop you before, then why are you here right now, the way you are?" he growls, leaning away and motioning to my pinned down body. 
  I squirm uneasily, his words hitting home hard. I stare at him a moment longer before I feel the wetness of tears sliding down my cheeks. I don't want them to see me weak, but I can't  hold in the fear and desperation building up inside of me at my current predicament any longer. 
  At first, they fall silently and I avert my gaze from his now softening eyes as he sees the tears, but I don't want his pity. They are the ones that have brought the tears. 
  Soon though, sobs are racking my body as I realize what has really just happened. I have been kidnapped. All the stories, all the people I've seen on television that have been kidnapped and never seen again, no body found but assumed dead, and I realize that I'm going to be next. 
  No, I tell myself firmly, I will not be that girl. I will escape, one way or another, even if I don't have much to escape back to.
  "Niall, Liam, Zayn, let her go." The one kneeling next to me says gently, and I'm taken aback by his sudden change in mood. 
  They nod slowly and the pressure of them holding me down disappears as they release me, pulling off their hoods and glasses as well. 
  The second they release me, I scoot as far back into the corner farthest from them I can get, curling into a protective ball, wrapping my arms around my knees. I don't budge from my place, even as I realize who they are.
  As they show their faces, though barely audible in the dim light, I recognize them. They're One Direction. Ellie was crazy about them, and I caught some of her rants about them, but for the most part they were just that: rants. 
  I tuned them out for the most part, usually. When she eventually realized I wasn't interested, she at least made me learn what each of them looked like and how to tell them apart, which I never would have been able to do if it wasn't for her. 
  Just this little memory hurts, stinging at my heart and surfacing the pain I've tried so long to push down and forget. More tears fall as I think of her now, staring at my famous captors. 
  I have always loved music, holding a deep passion for it in my heart, which was something Ellie and I shared. But I never listened to many of they're songs, maybe four or five? 
  I realize that though the curly haired one, Harry, may have given orders, Liam looks to be the real leader, puffing out his chest in an authoritive manor towards me. 
  I cringe farther back into the corner, as far as I can go, and my body shakes as the sobs rack my body more violently. I lay my forehead on my knees, wishing this was a dream and I would wake up, or that they'd let me go.
  I don't notice as Liam crawled forwards towards me, trying to pull me into him and rock me.
  "Shhh, it's alright Katie, you're alright. You're going to be okay," he lulls, trying to soothe me, but I scream and push him off the second he touches me, beginning to hyperventilate.
  I've only hyperventilated once before, and I can say right now that it's horrible. Previously it only happened because I was racked with stress about everything, which is basically what is happening right now.
  Liam sighs and shakes his head at me, pulling out the white rag again.
  "I'm sorry Katie, but this will help you, and us," he tries to soothe as he nears me once more, my breathing quickening even more as my eyes widen. 
  "No, p-please! Please don't!" I sob, flinching away from the chemical-soaked cloth.
  I try to push it away from me, but in my feeble state, I am too weak to do much, and just end up sobbing harder as he presses it firmly to my mouth and nose, his body pushing me up against the side of the van so I have nowhere left to go.
  "Hush Katie, it's alright. This is for the best."
  Those are the last words I hear as I black out, unable to get my emotions together enough to not breathe in the chemical.

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