Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


15. It's Time

  I stand there for a moment, feeling that all happened in such a short period of time. Glancing down at my wrist, I realize that if I'm going to escape, I'm going to have to get this off first. My eyes stray to their discarded jackets, and suddenly I'm at the couch, my hands rummaging through their pockets.
  I can't help the joyous cry that escapes my lips as my fingers clasp themselves around a thin rectangular object. Ripping it from the pocket, I hold the phone before me, my eyes wide at my luck. Finding that it's already on, the screen comes up, and I whisper a small thank-you to God when it skips the lock screen part. Most people with an iPhone like this have passwords, but I guess these boys aren't really too concerned about it. 
  The home screen shows a picture of all the boys, so I'm still not sure who's phone it is, but judging from the jacket I got it from, I'm guessing it belongs to Niall. Keeping my priorities in order, I open up the dial pad, staring at it a moment before taking action as I'm still shocked with my luck. 
  I dial Emma's number, reciting it from memory, before almost hesitantly pressing the call button and holding the phone up to my ear. It rings for a while, before a familiar voice sounds on the other end.
  "Hello?" she asks, and I end up recognizing her mostly by her accent.
  "Hello," I say, wondering for a moment what I'm going to tell her.
  "Who is this?" she inquires cautiously, though her voice is still bubbly like I remember.
  "I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Katie, and we met at a clothing store in London," I inform her.
  She takes a moment before replying, "Oh, I remember you Love! It's been a while though, I thought you weren't even going to call," she says, laughing slightly at the end.
  "Yeah, I didn't exactly have access to a phone for a while," I admit reluctantly.
  "I understand. You still called though, right? So what's up?" she asks, and it's like I can hear her smile in her tone.
  "Okay, this is going to be a lot, and it's going to be really hard to believe, but please just hear me out," I blurt, suddenly afraid she won't believe me.
  "If it's something hard to believe like you say, it must mean your in trouble, so of course I'll listen," Emma says, her voice sounding concerned.
  I take a deep breath, crossing my fingers, hoping she'll believe me.
  "I've been kidnapped by One Direction." 
  "Wait, what? The One Direction?" she sounds dumbfounded, though I'm not surprised. 
  It's pretty unbelievable, but I really hope she can hear the truth in my voice.
  "Yes, the internationally famous boy-band. They had already kidnapped me when I first met you. I don't know if you remember seeing it, but I was wearing a metal bracelet that tracked my whereabouts. It was why they let me go in there alone, because they'd know if I were to run off," I rattle off, holding my breath as she takes a while to reply. 
  "I believe you," she says after moments of silence.
  I almost can't believe my ears. She believes me! I get so caught up in my ecstatic mood that I forget she's on the phone, but after she calls my name a couple times I'm back. 
  "Sorry, I just didn't really think you'd believe me," I explain.
  "Wait, so how are you able to talk to me now if you don't have access to a phone?" she asks.
  "I'm on Niall's phone. We stopped at the arena they're playing at later. For the past day I've been on their tour bus with them, and after we arrived, they locked me in their private dressing room and put the bracelet back on. Luckily, they discarded their jackets in here, so I rummaged through their pockets until I found Niall's phone. Even better, it wasn't locked," I tell her, and she pauses for a moment before speaking.
  "So I'm assuming the trouble with the bracelet is that it won't just come off, otherwise I'm sure you'd no longer be worrying about it. Does it require a key, or maybe voice activation of some sort?" she asks.
  "Yeah, it needs some sort of key. I don't know exactly what it looks like, but it's long and skinny and made of metal. Liam always hides it when he uses it, probably so I can't see it. Either way, I'm not sure how to get it off. I'm fairly sure I can get out of this room, but I'm pretty sure I only have a couple hours at the most. They'll probably try to check up on me as soon as they're done," I say, suddenly itching to escape. 
  Sure, they're treating me nice and all, but I'm still here against my will. So I have to escape. I want to live my life normally, without being controlled by men for once. God, that'd be perfect! Probably too perfect, and with my luck, that's probably out of reach. But I can hope and try, right?
  "Alright. I actually know where you're at; I'm staying at a hotel a couple blocks down with my boyfriend. He's a mechanic, so if you can meet me at the Starbucks across the road from the arena, even with the bracelet, I can see if he can get it off. Then we can ditch it and go from there," she says, and my heart flutters with relief.
I'm finally getting out of here! 
  "Alright, I'll meet you there as soon as possible," I reply, hope flooding through me.
  "Bye," she ends, the phone beeping in signal that she ended the call. 
  I exit the disconnected screen, going to the call history and erasing the call. Shoving the phone back into the pocket of Niall's jacket to make it seem less suspicious, I glance around the room to look for something to break the handle on the door with. Normally I'd look for something to pick it with, another odd skill I've acquired, but I know breaking it would be quicker, and in my opinion right now, the quicker the better.
  I decide the metal trash bin would probably be of the most help, so I pick it up, moving to the door, the bracelet moving softly on my wrist and reminding me why I new to do this quickly. If I get too far from them, it will alert their phones, which I hope they don't have on them, though I doubt they'd do much about if they were performing and it was trying to alert them. 
  I hold the bin above the handle to the door, silently counting to three before smashing against it. It budges only slightly, but doesn't discourage me. Instead, I pull the bin back again, repeating my previous actions. I continue this until the handle is mangled, but somehow still hanging on still. I put the bin back one the floor where it was, thankful the dents are unnoticeable on the bottom. Deciding on my last resort to remove the handle, I step back and line my foot up with it before delivering a vicious power-kick to it. The force of my kick sends the handle flying, and I go pick it up quickly and toss it in the bin, moving back to the now-mangled door.
  It swings open easily with a slight tug. The other side of the handle falls off, as it's no longer connected with its other half through the door. Placing it in the bin as well, I poke my head into the hallway cautiously, glancing left to right. After spotting no one, I retrace our earlier steps of getting into the building with the boys.
  I do my best to seem like I belong here, deciding to play the part of Harry's girlfriend if it means getting out of here. Footsteps sound behind me and make me glance out of fear behind me, but let out a breath I didn't know I was holding when I see it's only a guard, not one of the boys.
  "What are you doing back here?" he asks, his accent obvious. 
  "I'm just heading out to get something for Harry," I say with a small smile, playing my part.
  "You shouldn't be back here at all. Who are you?" he says, walking up to me with a stern face.
  "I'm Harry's girlfriend. I wanted to surprise him with a gift," I lie, though it's pretty flawless.
  It's probably not the best quality to have, but I can lie excellently when need be.
  "I don't recognize you. How do I know you're not just some fan trying to get to the boys?" he questions, his eyes narrowing. 
  "You can ask the guard at the back entrance, I walked in with the boys, hand-in-hand with Harry. The guard saw us, if you don't believe me." I just want to get out of here. The longer I'm in here the more chance there is that the boys will find me.
  "Alright, I want proof. Let's go," the guard states.
  He motions for me to follow him, and for a moment I think he's going to get the boys and ask them, but then I realize he's going the same way I was, towards the exit. I imagine he's going to ask the guard. I pray that the guard at the door really did see me, but I'm not too sure because he didn't seem to acknowledge me, just the boys. 
  We reach the exit, and I can almost taste my freedom. The guard I'm following holds his arm out to halt me, stopping just before the door, in front of the guard from before still stationed there.
  "This young lady claims that she came in with the lads earlier, hand-in-hand with Harry, whom she claims to be the girlfriend of," the guard with his arm out says, speaking to the other one.
  "Yeah, she came in with them. Must be Harry's new girlfriend," he says huskily.
  "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding then miss. Would you like me to tell him that you've gone after he gets done with his performance?" the second guard I met asked.
  "No, thank you though. He will know soon enough, I left a message on his phone," I inform him, which is partially true; he'll know soon, because of an alert on his phone.
  Close enough, right? They nod to me, the one blocking my exit moving out of the way and turning back the way we came. I flash them a small smile, heading out the door almost hesitantly, like the boys will be waiting right outside it for me. My luck holds out though, because once I exit the building I'm met by nothing but the cool air of the evening. 
  I glance around, my eyes locking on the Starbucks across the street that holds the ticket to my freedom. With long strides, I make my way to it, pausing for a moment before crossing the street. Though the bracelet makes no sound, the green light on it begins flashing red, an obvious indication that it's alerting the boys and I need to get it off. I open the door urgently, my eyes soaking in the faces, finally landing on Emma's and a man sitting with her that I don't recognize. 
  Her eyes meet mine, my emerald ones filled with hope, her sapphire ones filled with concern and worry. She ushers me over to them, and I make my way to them quickly, as the café isn't really all that full right now. The second I reach them she pulls me into the chair next to her and across from the unnamed man, whom I assume is her boyfriend.
  "Put your wrist with the bracelet on the table so Daniel can look at it," Emma instructs, and I comply, placing my right arm on the table, moving my wrist towards him. 
  He gives me an encouraging smile before pulling a screw driver from his pocket, approaching the bracelet with it as it flashes red even quicker. He observes the bracelet for a moment before using the screw driver in seemingly random places, but sure enough after another minute the bracelet falls off, though it still blinks red.
  "Alright, I got it off, but I can't disable the tracking device within it without the original key, so we need to dump it somewhere," Daniel informs us, and I nod, a huge weight lifted off my chest as I realize it's finally over.
  The bracelet is off, and I'm done, finally free. Emma leans across the table and whispers several things to Daniel before returning her eyes to me and sitting back down. Daniel smiles at me before tucking the bracelet in his pocket and standing up.
  He leaves the coffee shop before I can say anything, and I turn to Emma in confusion. She smiles slightly before answering my unspoken question.
  "He's going to take his truck and go dispose of the device, while we sit here, order some coffee, and chat," she says firmly, almost ordering me.
  I smile lightly at her. "That's really nice, thank you for even helping at all."
  "Of course." She says, swatting me lightly on the shoulder, "I couldn't've not done anything!"
  "Well still, we don't really even know each other that well, but you were still willing to help. So again, thanks," I smile, grateful to have met someone like her.
  She reminds me of Ellie in the way that she is so selfless, helping anyone in need. I'm really glad to be away from the boys as well. Yes, they were nice, towards the end of my stay with them, but they still kidnapped me, so if they thought I wouldn't hold it against them, they were wrong. I don't really tend to hold grudges, but obviously, I remember things that happen. 
  "So let's talk," she says, pulling me out of my self-dwelling thoughts.
  "Alright, about what?" I ask, smiling at her as she agilely switches to the seat across from me, leaning on we elbows to get closer to my face so we don't have to talk to loud. 
  I really do appreciate what they're doing for me; Daniel's even leading the boys away while dumping the bracelet. I wouldn't even be here right now if I never even met Emma. 
  "Everything. First though, where do you plan on going? Like, when we leave this shop," she inquires, speaking softly so only I can hear her.
  I ponder for a moment, realizing I didn't really think about what I would do after I was away from them, as I was never really positive it would happen. 
  "I haven't really thought of anything yet. I figure I can get a job somewhere and earn enough to stay at a hotel-" she cuts me off before I can continue, rolling her eyes and smiling mischievously. 
  "It's settled then. You have nowhere to go, so you'll stay with me. Daniel's mother is sick, so he's heading off tonight to go help the family. As for us, we'll be heading back to London tomorrow, alright? You can't just live off of minute-meals and a hotel; if it makes you feel any better, if you still get a job you can pay me rent if you want," she says, and I can tell her mind is made up by the way she tells me, instead of asking me.
  As much as I don't want to have to depend off of someone, I have to admit that this is probably the best idea. Plus, David doesn't even know I left America, and the boys' won't expect me to go back to London of all places, the nearest city to where they held me captive. 
  "Fine. I'm definitely going to take you up on your offer about paying rent though. I can't just depend on you," I say, and her smile widens, realizing I've given in quite easily.
  "Great! Now that that's been settled, we can move onto other things. First though, I'll go get us some coffee. And before you try and argue, you're not paying. This ones on me. What would you like though?" she asks, yet another smile playing on her lips. 
  I sigh, shaking my head, but smile and give in to her once again.
  "Whatever, I know there's no arguing with you. I'll just have a caramel frappé," I reply as she stands to go get our orders. 
  I guess I'll just have to get used to her. Nothing I can't Handel though, I'm pretty sure. We already seem like friends, and that can blossom with time, right? I hope so, and hope has gotten me through quite a bit already. 

   ~So, I figured I'd reward you guys for over 600 reads! By updating early, of course. Be proud of me; I got off my lazy ass and wrote this as quickly as I could! :P Anyways, as always, I'd absolutely love it if you could click that like and favourite button if you're really enjoying it! I think there'll be one more chapter in this edition! Do you guys have any ideas for the name of the sequel, or should I just call it Taken 2? (It seems a little boring... ;P) I'll try to think of some new ideas as well! If you are still bothered to actually read this stuff down here, as I'm sure most people don't, I'll let you in on a special piece of information about my writing for this book. So, first off, if you've visited my page, then you'd know I'm originally from the UK, born and raised in England. Quite a lovely place, if you're ever interested in visiting it. I haven't really added it in this story, but it rained in London a lot. Like, A LOT! Haha, but anyway, the information that I was going to leak to you is why my writing sounds so 'American', as my new friends here in the US call it. On that point, it's because I write this story on the Notes app on my iPod. This is why there are also quite a few errors... <3 Either way, the reason it's so different from how I'd normally spell and talk about things is because of two reasons: my friend Katherine (American :P), and my trusty little helper called keyboards and auto-correct. On my iPod, I use the English (US) keyboard to write this movella to make it more authentic from Katie's point of view, while I use my normal keyboard for other things. Auto-correct plays a huge part in this though because when I spell things normal for me like favourite or colour, it corrects them to favorite and color! It's handy-dandy, though sometimes auto-correct can be a right piece of rubbish! Aside from that, Katherine, my all-American girl, comes in and looks over every chapter and turns things that I say for Katie that sound to 'British' in her point of view to things that sound more 'American'. Nonetheless, if that shows for anything, I try to put a lot of effort into this story. I've got a couple ideas for some new movellas as well, but I won't start them until I'm satisfied with the Taken series. Thanks my loves, and I hope you enjoy the second-to-last chapter! <3


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