Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


10. Following Advice

((Sorry, this chapter is basically a filler. Next chapter things get interesting though, I guess you could say. I've got some good ideas brewing, so please hold on with me. Next chapter is going to be pretty long, so I might split it up into two different chapters. Please understand though, since it's going to be so long it's going to take a while to write... Sorry))

  "Katie," a voice whispers as white washes over my eyes, and suddenly my body is no longer weightless, instead feeling quite heavy and sore.
  I blink rapidly, hoping to clear away the blinding brightness that invades my vision.
  "She's awake!" a voice shouts, and I can't quite place who it is.
  I flinch away from it's volume as my head hurts and it was really close to me. I squeeze my eyes shut to try and block it out as the voice sounds again, though softer.
  "Sorry, love. I just got too excited," it says, and I recognize a British accent.
  I open my eyes eyes fully, taking in the room before and it's awaiting faces. Slowly my memory returns as I recognize them, and instinctively I glance at them warily. Moving my eyes across the room, I take it in, and in only moments I realize that I'm on a hospital, the steady beat of my heart portrayed obnoxiously from the machine next to the bed, which is hooked up to me.
  "What happened?" I murmur hoarsely, my throat dry. 
  A cup of water is put into my hand too fast for me to comprehend yet. I flash an appreciative smile at the person who gave it to me, which happens to be Louis, whom is sitting right beside my bed, closest to me while the others surround him.
  I gulp it down, relishing the feel of the cool water entering my body. They gaze at me with sad eyes, before Zayn answers my questions.
  "You cut yourself, Katie," he says softly, almost a whisper, as the events that got me here come crashing back. 
  The news. The razor. The blood. The light, the dark, Ellie, all of it.
  I lay my head back against the pillow, shutting my eyes tightly. I take a deep breath, letting it out slowly to calm myself before another panic attack can set in. This is definitely a stressful situation, the perfect environment for one to happen.
  The door opens right then, and a doctor walks in, smiling down at me.
  "I see you're awake, which is good," his eyes travel to the boys beside my bed, "could I get you boys to leave for a minute while I do a quick check-up on her?"
  They nod reluctantly, but get up and leave the room anyway, the door shutting softly in their wake. The doctor turns to me with a serious expression. 
  "Katie, I need you to answer me honestly. The boys said you were Katie Gold when they brought you in. Is that your real name?" he asks, grabbing my hand gently to check my wrist, which hurts like crazy.
  I ponder this for a moment, before I do something I could possibly regret.
  "Yes," I say smoothly, "it is."
  It saddens me that I've become so fluent at lying, because I don't really like to lie to people.
  "You can tell me if it's not, I promise. I can help you," he turns his eyes from my wrist to my eyes, setting it down gently.
  "Of course. But that's my name. I'd show you some ID, but it's at home," I lie, hoping he won't request to see it.
  "Alright Miss Gold," he replies, detaching the wiring and tubes connected to me, "you're free to go. You need to change the bandage every six hours preferably, but it's also fine to change it before bed and in the morning. Keep doing this until the scab heals." 
  Turning, he exits the room, returning moments later with a neatly folded pile of clothing, which I recognize as what I was wearing, when I was last conscious. He shows me the bathroom to change, just as the boys enter the room again.
  I sit up slowly, setting my feet lightly on the cold ground. I wait for a moment, before standing slowly as the boys look at me cautiously, as if not sure to help me or not. I'd like to say I don't need help, but that wasn't true. And is appears Harry and Louis see this too, as they are both by my sides the second I wobble, my unstable legs trying to support me.
  Liam joins us with the pile if clothes, and I think I'm still a bit too disoriented to realize that I'm willingly consenting to their help. They help me to the bathroom, and it seem they're reluctant to leave me to go change.
  "I'm fine," I inform them quietly, grabbing the clothes from Liam with a small smile as I enter the bathroom and shut the door behind me.
  I strip easily, my legs supporting me with ease now that they're somewhat used to holding me once more. Slipping on the familiar clothes, I turn to the mirror, not fully recognizing the girl staring back at me in the mirror.
  A bit cliché, yeah, but it's true. My completion is much paler, as well my eyes look dull, their normal bright emerald a hazy jade. I turn the sink on, splashing water into my face. This returns a bit of color, but I settle to pinching my cheeks a bit to flush them to the closest I can get to normal. Glancing at my bandaged wrist, I sigh in remorse. I can't believe I actually convinced myself to do such a thing.
  I stare at myself in the mirror a bit longer, trying to force my eyes to return to normal. They make it seem like I'm defeated, deflated. Like my spirit left, which I definitely cannot have. My thoughts are interrupted when a knock sounds on the door. 
  "Hey, you alright in there Katie?" Niall's Irish voice sounds from the other side, and I nod, before realizing he can't see me.
  "Yeah," I reply, turning to the door and opening it, holding the hospital gown. 
  Louis grins at me when I exit the bathroom, and the others follow in suit. A nurse meets me in the middle of the room, taking the gown from me. I smile at her, before walking to the door. Zayn exits before me, leading us out of the room, and I focus on looking ahead as we file into an elevator, heading to the main floor. Even though it just us, we're all silent. 
  Once on the ground floor, Liam heads to the front desk, probably to check me out of the hospital, as the rest of us head outside. The fresh air hits me and I close my eyes, inhaling a deep breath of the crisp scent. I look around, seeing the boys in casual hoodies, which sends shivers down my spine as it reminds me of my first encounter with them.
  It doesn't really hit me until then that I don't really know where I'm going. I basically just followed them out of their like a lost puppy, not putting up any fight or complaints. Then again, I did protect them as well, when the doctor was being curious. I still can't fathom what brought me to do that. I assume they'll just take me back to that house, though I honestly hope they'll skip the chloroform this time, as I really don't want any more chemicals in me right now.
  I jump in fear as a hand gently grabs my arm, and I spin on the person, only to find that it was Liam. I calm my racing heart as he looks uncertainly at the other boys. After some sort of silent conversation that I don't understand, Liam leads me towards a parking lot. Eventually we reach a familiar silver Ranger Rover, which clicks as one of the boys behind us unlocks it.
  Liam opens the back door, letting go of my arm. Though of course he still guides me into the car, his hand placed gently on my back. I climb in, moving to a window seat and pressing myself as close as I can to it, not really wanting contact with them. Internally I'm already furious at myself for being so obedient.
  As the boys climb in behind me, I can feel their penetrating gazes focusing on my hunched figure, but I make no move to address them. A body slides up next to mine, but it hesitates before backing off a bit. I turn hesitantly to see Louis, biting his lip softly as he sits beside me, leaving a good two inches between us. Harry slides in after him, along with Zayn, while Liam slips into the drivers seat, Niall taking the passengers. 
  Zayn looks at me for a moment, before sitting in front of Louis, Harry, and I, and I realize it's because there are only three seats in the back here. In total, five seats, just enough for them. How convenient. I lean my head against the window with a sigh, gazing out at the surrounding buildings as the car purrs to life, taking off slowly at first before getting up to speed on the road. 
  "Why?" Louis' soft voice whispers, and at first I don't think I heard him correctly, but a silent glance in his direction tell me otherwise.
  His cerulean eyes meet my emerald ones, blue full of concern, green filled with remorse. I open my mouth to reply, but end up closing it as I shake my was softly, laying my head back with a sigh. Shutting my eyes tightly for a moment, the car goes silent except for the gentle hum of the car itself. When I blink them open, I find all eyes in the back on me.
  "I was being stupid," I mutter softly, thinking back to my encounter with Ellie, which I'm going to consider real, and not just a delusional dream, as others would classify it.
  "When-" Louis voice cracks and he pauses, before continuing steadily, though barely above a whisper, "when we opened that door, and found you lying in your own pool of blood, I thought you were already gone. You were unresponsive, and you just looked so lifeless, and we didn't know what to do. Liam, being logically, called an ambulance, and you were rushed to the hospital. The doctor said it was highly probably that you wouldn't wake up." 
  I take in what he said, my gaze resting in my lap. I feel like a dog getting scolded for doing something wrong.
  "David," I murmur brokenly.
  "What?" Harry asks, his eyebrows knitting together at my reply, along with the others.
  I look up before replying, "David. He's why. You want to know so badly why I did it? Well, it's because of David. And Ellie," I answer, my voice surprisingly strong.
  "Katie, love, will you please tell us who David is? I mean, besides your previous boyfriend. You keep telling us that he's the cause for all this, but what did he do to you to cause this? We just want to know so we can help you, love. Please," Zayn asks, almost begging, and I close my eyes once more with a deep breath, before taking Ellie's advice and making up my mind.
  Why not tell them? What's the worst it could do? Besides of course the fact that I'd be revealing my darkest secret to them. But Ellie's right; it hurts not having anyone to talk to about it anymore. Having it all bottled up inside me is more painful than talking about it. Well, maybe they're tied, because talking about it hurts as well, as it uncovers memories that I like to keep covered, buried deep inside me. 
  When I open my eyes, I've made my decision. I'll tell them. But I'll wait at least until we get out of the car. I'll admit, I'm still very reluctant to do this, but I'm only doing it because of Ellie. She's my only motivation. 
  "I'll tell you," I murmur, and their eyes light up hopefully, "but after we're out of the car."
  They nod eagerly, like a child that just got offered ice-cream. It's as though get interferes right then, because the car comes to a stop, and the engine dies down as Liam turns it off. I glance out the window to see that we're back at the same house if been kept at previously for, well, I don't really know anymore. At least a week, right?
  Liam and Niall exit the car first, and they open both the back doors for us. The boys get out before me, and I follow behind slowly, dreading what's to come next. The only other person I've ever told was Ellie, because she was basically my sister, as I always preferred her parents over mine once I was able to understand that what mine did wasn't right. 
  They help me out, and the next thing I know I'm inside, sitting on the couch while the boys surround my in a half-circle on the floor. I sigh, looking at their wary yet expectant faces.
  "Well, I guess I should start from the beginning..."

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