Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


5. Better?

  My mouth hangs open in shock, and hand hand whips up to my cheek, stinging where his hand connected. It hurt, but not as bad as in the woods when he hit me.

  "Katie-" he starts, but cuts himself off as he sees my face, which is now changing. 
  I stare at him, my shock morphing into nothing as I stare at him blankly.
  "Look, Katie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean t-" I cut him off this time before he can finish.
  "You didn't mean to?" I say softly, moving my hand away from my face and  into my lap, staring at the floor.
  I self-consciously see him shift uneasily, along with the other boys as  that angry fire re-enters my eyes, though I fight it and muster up the best calm I can keep right now.
  "You don't mean to fall off a bike. You don't mean to bump in to someone. You don't mean to drop a crumb while eating. But one thing you definitely mean to do is pull back your arm and strike someone," I say quietly, and Liam sighs.
  "You're right Katie, I'm sorry. But you need to control your temper. If you remember, which I know you do, one of our rules was that you must respect us. Sassing us is definitely not respect, and neither is yelling at us," Liam reminds me, though it's not like I've forgotten, more like I've chosen to avoid them.
  Liam looks into my eyes, asking for permission, but I don't understand what for. Slowly he lifts his hand to mine, the one shabbily trying to hide my scars. I shake my head firmly, not wanting them to see. I've never let anyone see, which is why I've also never gone swimming in the past year, because I don't want it to show, to myself or others. I refuse to look at them in the shower or bath, as they just bring me pain. Not physical, anymore, but emotional. Only Ellie has ever seen them willingly by me.
  "Katie, please. We only want to help you," Harry pleads, and I turn to look at him, not forgetting in such a hurry our last conversation with the rules.
  I shake my head firmly again, having made up my mind long ago, and I jut glare at him. Liam sees this as an opportunity though I guess, because while I'm looking at Harry, he spins me so my back is too him, and quickly grabs my hands firmly in his, holding them behind my back and exposing me. I screech, but he just switches his hands so he holds both of mine in one, and places the other over my mouth. Squirming only makes his grip harden, so I finally give up with trying to get away from him, slumping in his arms in attempt to hide the scars, though I'm not calm, about it.
  "See, was that hard, love? We just want to know what's wrong, so we can help you. Obviously it has to do with whatever you're covering Katie, which can't be that ba-" he doesn't finish, because he stops when I start hyperventilating.
  Everything is happening for me in slow motion, but all I know is they can't see my scars, my past. I'm at my weakest right now, exposed like this, and I can't bear to think of what they'd do if they saw. My breathing hitches as the world lurches, spinning around me. Blackness seeps into my vision, and I let it take me, anything to get away from their prying stares.
  "They look like knife cuts," says a soft voice, my mind groggily processing the sound.
  I slowly remember what happen, and where I am, but I don't open my eyes, deciding instead to listen to them whisper about me.
  "But Haz, that's absurd. Why would she have knife cuts like that? The one at the top of her shoulder was definitely intentional," I hear Louis voice quietly intervene.
  "They very well could be intentional Lou, but," Harry replies, pausing for a moment to drop his voice further, though I still hear it, since I can feel them all sitting on the edges around me on the bed, "we don't know why. We don't know if she did it herself, or someone did it to her."
  His statement hangs in the air for a moment, before a voice pipes up.
  "No," Liam says firmly, "she would never do such a thing to herself."
  "But then who did it to her? Whoever it is won't live to see another day once we find out," I hear Zayn state, and I'm surprised.
  To me, he seemed the most violent, which that statement partially proves, but I didn't expect him want to protect me.
  "I take it you guys feel the same way then?" Niall asks, and I can't help but wonder what he means, but my wonder is quickly resolved as he continues, "I know we kidnapped her, but I can't help but want to protect her now. Especially once I saw her scars. I'd can't even begin to imagine the kind of person that would do this to her."
  They all murmur their agreements, and I can't help but feel surprised that they want to protect me. That surprise is quickly squashed by my pride though, feeling independent in the sense that I can deal with my problems on my own. I always have.
  I think about that last statement though, and realize its not fully true. Though I don't even know how Ellie died, since I wasn't there, I knew she was always there for me, the only person I came to with everything, and she did the same with me. She's the only person I ever told about what had been going on with him, and she helped me through it the best she could. I admit, half the reason I left was out of fear of him. He never paid for what he did to me, and I don't even know where he is today. 
  I realize that I have never really coped with my pat on my own, but they are not Ellie, and I'm not ready for them to know that part of me yet. I don't know if I ever will be, if that's how long I'm going to be here. Niall's statement hangs in the air, and I hear the boys shift nervously.
  "I can't imagine who would do this to her..." Louis murmurs, and I feel soft, gentle fingers tracing along my biggest scar, the plus one on my shoulder.
  I shiver and my eyes flash open. The second I can see I prop onto my elbows and scoot away from Louis, staring at him in alarm. No one touches my scars. That's where I draw my line. It used to be at no one sees them, but that line has just been crossed as well. Louis opens his mouth to search for an explanation, but evidentially doesn't find one. Liam and Zayn flash him sorry looks, though I can't imagine why.
  "I'm sorry Katie, I didn't mean to startle you," Louis says, but I just stare at him.
  I answer slowly, pronouncing each word, keeping my voice soft and calm though, not wanting a replay of what has happened previously.
  "No one touches them," I rasp quietly, though I can tell they can all hear.
  I don't want to be mean, though I can't imagine why I'm telling myself not to snap at them, since they did kidnap me, but after hearing them all agree to what Niall said, I can't help but feel like I should be a bit nicer to them. They all look at me sympathetically, and before I even know what's going on Liam pulls me into a hug, soon followed by the other boys. We fall onto the bed together in a huge pile, and they start laughing.
  I can't but laugh too at the thought of it, and for a moment I forget what just happened. As they pull away though, still chuckling, I remember and fall silent, gazing at them as their laughter falls silent.
  "You can tell us when you're ready," Harry says softly, smiling sweetly at me, his dimples popping out.
  "Yeah," Niall and Liam say at the same time, flashing their smiles at me too.
  "C'mon, love. Breakfast'll be ready in a little while," Louis says, and grabs my hand.
  Before I can tell him to stop, he pulls me out of bed, pulling me into him as I stumble. I realize that I'm still in my same clothes, though I'm now missing the fabric from my right shoulder.
  "Why don't you go take a shower, alright? We found a pair of clothes that should work for now," he says warmly, and he pulls me out of the room, leading me to the bathroom.
  I suddenly I realize how much I need to use the bathroom, and I push him out quickly, locking the door once it's shut. 
  "Thanks!" I shout as I race for the toilet.
  I hear him chuckle.
  "No problem. Your clothes are on the counter, and the towels are under the sink. Everything you should need for the shower is in there already, so other than that, try to be down in about half an hour," he says, and I hear him retreat as I wash my hands, turning to the clothes folded neatly on the counter beside the sink.
  There is a pair of very comfortable looking grey sweatpants that I have a feeling I'm going to need to cinch up completely, since the waist looks fairly big. Atop the sweats lays a folded t-shirt, once a again looking a bit too big, but at least it's better than nothing. I turn the shower on and undress, stepping into the hot water. It's heat seeps into my skin, already burning hot, but I turn it up more anyway, because I tend to think best in. A scalding hot shower. It's soothing to me. 
  Running my hands through my hair to get it soaked, I let out a scream of frustration as I think about the situation. At least I'm able to take a hot shower. Mulling over my thoughts, I find myself whispering the facts.
  "One, I've been kidnapped. By One Direction."
  "Two, they managed to smuggle me out of the country. We're in London now," I realize this is only true if Louis wasn't lying, and for some odd reason I trust his answer.
  He seemed to say it with sincerity that made me want to believe him.
  What am I thinking? I can't trust them!
  "Three, I have to escape. I. Have. To. Escape. No way around it, I need to get away from these psychopaths," I mutter as I scrub shampoo into my hair, not giving it a second thought.
  I need to keep my priorities in order if I'm getting out of here, and the first on that list is to lock away my heart and destroy the key. My feelings can't get in the way, I'll only get hurt again. Love has scarred me, done the unthinkable. It has made itself my biggest fear, not greatest hope like it seems for everyone else.
  I rinse my hair then look closer at the shelf for shaving cream, which I find and use. Realizing Niall was telling the truth about having just about everything. I use what I need, suddenly wondering about the date.
  "Ellie!" I whisper, thinking about her.
  I know her birthday was coming up, which I wanted to celebrate exactly as I had last year, tying a pink rose to a white balloon and sending it into the sky. Pink was her favorite color and she loved roses, whereas the white balloon represented her pure heart. Silent tears slip down my cheeks as I think of her, but it turns into frustration.
  "Why me? Why did they have to me from everything I loved? And just as things were looking up for me too!" I spit, connecting my fist with the shower wall.
  I shake my head to clear it, sighing as the shower begins to get cooler and cooler. Finishing in the shower I turn it off and step out, grabbing a towel. My body dries quickly as I run the soft towel over my skin, then wrap it around my hair to soak up the water.
  I slip on the clothes, surprisingly finding a pair of rolled up underwear that are the right size. I just use the bra I had been wearing, since there isn't another one with the piles clothes. Laughing to myself at the size of the sweatpants on me, I cinch them up as far as they'll go, which isn't enough, but at least they'll stay up. I let my hair down after I finish, roughing up my curls to quick-dry them, and I just leave my wet hair down to finish air drying.
  Opening the door, I peep my head out cautiously. Once I find the hallway I'm in empty, I open the door all the way. I head down the stairs quietly, self-consciously making sure my scars are covered by the t-shirt, which they are. I can't bear anymore questions from them about it. As I approach the kitchen I hear their loud, careless voices as they laugh about who-knows-what. I stop at the doorway, my mouth dropping at the sight before me.
  The boys freeze the second they see me, but their eyes glint mischievously. Still though, it's enough time for me to take in the sight. There's a plate stacked with pancakes on the table, and a plate of bacon next to it. I don't think there will be more pancakes, though I think there are enough already, but it's because the batter is everywhere. 
  By everywhere, I do mean it. The boys look like ghosts, covered in white powder. Harry stopped with his hand on Louis head, and there is an egg visibly dripping from Louis hair, the source of it being the hand upon his head.  Niall was holding a now empty mixing bowl, it's contents on all of them. Liam is smirking at me, as he is the cleanest of them all, with only a bit of flour in his hair. Zayn is plastered in it, his hair white along with his body. I'm surprised I recognized Niall, as he is the whitest of them all. Maybe it's because he's shorter, but he definitely has the most breakfast on him.
  "Take a picture, Katie. It'll last longer," Harry laughs, grinning lopsidedly.
  I close my mouth, only to open it again, but I can't find the words. I don't think I've ever been left speechless like this, and definitely not for this reason. I close my mouth once more, my eyebrows knitting together in confusion.
  "What-" I stop, my eyes scrunching at them as I struggle to find my voice, "What happened in here? What are you guys, three?" I mock, sarcasm lacing my voice.
  Louis looks hurt at my statement, though I can't imagine why. I was obviously being sarcastic, yet my comment made him frown, looking hurt.
  "Three? Love, of course we're not three!" he says, and before I can process what's happening he ducks away from Harry, grabbing handful of flour just by bunching up Niall's hair as he skims past. 
  I narrow my eyes at him, turning away, but I know I'm too late. His hand smacks the top of my head, though not too aggressively. The flour in his hand puffs out in a cloud over me, the little white particles raining down on my head and shoulders, lightly dusting them.
  "We're four! I thought that was obvious!" he grins, his playful self surprising me.
  There isn't much flour, but his actions are enough to get me to spin on him.
  "Lou!" I whine, but freeze as I realize I called him by his nickname. 
  I cover up smoothly by gliding past the dumbfounded Louis and grabbing a pancake. Turning to him, I take the pancake and slap him with it.
  He gasps dramatically, seeming playful, before grabbing the pancake from me. Suddenly, I think I might have gone too far, now afraid he's going to hit me. I flinch away from him, but it never comes. 
  I glance up at him and can't help but see the hurt in his eyes, but it leaves quickly as he takes a huge bite of the pancake that has flour sprinkled on it like powdered sugar.
  "Mmm, good!" he exclaims happily, but then adds with his mouth full. "Needs syrup though." 
  The boys laugh at him as he takes a seat, tossing the remains of his pancake onto the plate then pouring a thick amount of syrup on it. He grabs his fork and takes a bite, smiling.
  "Better! Much better! C'mon guys, foods getting cold!" Louis states, and Niall drops the bowl, brushing himself off only a little before taking the seat next to Louis, grabbing several pancakes and pieces of bacon.
  The other boys join him, and I find myself slowly forcing myself to walk to the table, taking the last seat between Harry and Liam. They all smile at me, and I grab a pancake, suddenly interested in it, slowly putting syrup on it and taking a tentative bite. 
  "Don't be shy love, take as much as you'd like," Zayn says, grabbing some food for himself as the Harry and Liam follow in suit.
  I just nod, not really wanting to thank them, even though it is good. Do they really deserve my thanks though? I mean, they did kidnap me.
  After another moment, they begin to chatter among themselves, and I finish my pancake and two pieces of bacon, not really wanting more even though the sight of the food makes my mouth water. I don't want to be too full to run if I need to. 
  I don't want to be the first to get up, so I wait until someone else gets up. Louis and Liam stand at the same time, taking their plates to the sink. Liam begins washing them whereas Louis just sets his on the counter next to Liam, leaving him to take care of it. I stand slowly, making my way to the sink, feeling the boys' gazes on my back. 
  "Just set it there, love. I'll take care of it," Liam motions with his hand to where Louis set his, and I do the same.
  "Thanks," I murmur, before heading out of the kitchen. 
  I sigh, brushing the flour off me the best I can as I head to the living room. Taking a seat in the chair, I curl my legs up to me, leaving no room for anyone else. The boys soon join me, but I just stare at the floor, not wanting to meet their gazes.
  "Want to watch a movie?" Harry asks, and I just shrug, not really wanting to talk right now.
  I'm afraid if I start talking, they'll start asking questions, which I won't answer and will only end up shouting at them, which in turn would lead to me getting hit, which I don't want.
  "Alright, what'll it be?" Louis pipes, opening a cabinet under the television, revealing a vast array of movies. 
  "Toy Story!" Liam shouts, still not sitting on the couch like the other three, and I realize it's because the only other spot on the couch is where Louis is sitting. 
  "Love Actually!" Harry yells excitedly.
  The bickering continues for a while longer with the random shouts for movies, until they finally decide on the Notebook, which actually happens to be one of my favorite movies. Louis puts it in and starts it, plopping himself back down on the couch. Liam glances at me before walking towards me. I realize that this must be where he usually sits, since there is no other items to sit on beside the weakly padded foot rest under the coffee table.
  I stand as Liam nears me. He shakes his head, and instead of just sitting down and leaving room for me, he grabs my arm, though with a surprising gentleness, and pulls me into his strong arms.  Liam lays half of me on him, half on part of the chair as he swings our legs off the end. I gasp as he pulls me tight to him, in a protective and slightly calming sort of way. I try to free myself from his grip, but he doesn't budge. I finally stop and he sighs in relief, and I glance up at the other boys.
  Smiles are plastered on their faces as they turn away the instant I look up at them, but I can tell they know I saw. I sigh and shake my head, having no choice but to relax in Liam's arms. He hugs me close, rubbing the small of my back gently. I shiver at his touch, but it soon calms me, and inwardly I wonder what made him think that I would be calmed by that. The movie plays and I get into it, mouthing words at the parts I know best. 
  At some point I begin to zone out, thinking about my current situation. Inwardly I hit myself for letting Liam have his way without me putting up much of a fight. My life will be at the best once I'm away from them. But even though it's not the best yet, I can't help but think to myself that it's not the worst either. It could be worse. I mean, at least I still have my virginity. 
  As I realize that even though it's not the best currently, it instead exactly bad. It's not great, but on some form, not because I'm with them, but because they aren't hurting me right now, it just seems, I don't know, better somehow.



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