Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


12. Aftermath

  "We waited a day. One day, and then we left. In the course of this day, I went to my parents to talk, about anything really. I figured maybe they'd actually missed me, but I was wrong. So, so wrong. When they opened the door with me on the step, my mom took one look at me and shut the door again, disgust written on her face. Previously, before I had moved in with David, she had basically told me if I went off with him, she'd disown me. She said if I walked out on her I would no longer be her daughter. I thought this was only because she was mad about me leaving, especially before I was eighteen. Hell, I wasn't even sixteen yet."
  "I walked out anyway. I didn't know she'd keep her grudge, but I guess she did. I no longer have contact with her, and it hurts, but it's not really like she ever loved me. At least, she loved her alcohol more."
  "So Ellie and I took our saved up money, and we left. Just like that. We didn't have a clue as to where we'd go, but we figured we'd travel around a bit before settling down. However, she started getting cold feet during our second night away. I never forced her to come with me, she came because she wanted to. But she actually had a loving family, with a caring brother and amazing parents. She just wasn't ready to leave them. I of course told her to go home, that she didn't have to come with me. She told me not to tell her where I was planning to go, in case David came around asking, or my parents, but we both knew that wouldn't happen."
  "Ellie gave all the money to me, except what she needed to get home. We said our goodbyes, but she promised to visit me after things settled down. I was scared at first. Going off with we sounded great, but now that I was alone, I felt so much smaller. I made a plan though; I always seem to work well with plans, though I guess it kinda depends on the situation. After deciding to come to New York, I bought a plane ticket and flew there immediately."
  "When I got there, I stayed in a hotel across the road from a Starbucks that I got a job at. The price of the hotel was steep, but it was New York, so I didn't really expect anything else. I got one of the cheapest rooms, and dealt with the set backs that came with it."
  "Work was simple, making coffees was a breeze, especially since I had already worked at a Starbucks before. I saved up quite a bit of money from that job for the first four months I was in New York.
  "I was slowly getting used to it there. No longer was I in the warm California, instead the rainy and gloomy New York. Don't get me wrong though, I came to love it there. I just had to get past the fact that it wasn't what I was used to. For always dreaming of traveling, it was amazing to go there."
  "Once I got enough money, I bought an apartment and found work at a nearby restaurant, the one I served you at. I held that job for a good seven months, before you guys came. Back in time a bit though, I got a Facebook message from Ellie's parents, though of course I had disabled locations, as I couldn't have David come looking for me. The message broke my heart though. I cried for almost a month without end, but grudgingly I still went to work. It was only about three weeks since I'd parted ways with Ellie."
  I close my eyes and my voice lowers to a whisper, my next words coming out so soft I'm surprised that they hear.
  "The message told me she died. Four days before her sixteenth birthday. She was so young."
  My voice cracks with sorrow, and I feel silent tears trailing down my cheeks. 
  "Take all the time you need, love. It's alright," Liam soothes, and I take his advice.
  Taking a deep breath, I let it out shakily, trying to calm myself. After a few more I succeed, opening my eyes and wiping at the last of my tears as my breathing returns to normal.
  "They never told me how she died. And I never found out. I moved on, in my life, but not from her. I think about her every day. I see her in every little thing. Everything reminds me about her now, and reminds me of all the things I miss. She was my only real friend. There was no one before her, and there has been no one after her."
  "Other than that, you know the rest of the story. After I left work on the last night I will have seen Manhattan, you all approached me. I put up one hell of a fight, if I do say so myself, but in the end you finally got me. You kidnapped me, drugged me, and brought me here. Every detail after that you know, so I'd rather not repeat everything that's happened since I've been here," I end, closing my eyes and hugging my knees to my chest with a sigh. 
  I lay my head on my knees gently, taking a deep breath to relax. The boys are silent, the only sound in the room being our soft, shallow breathes. I can tell I've left them speechless. It doesn't surprise me though; thinking back on my like, it leaves me at a loss of words myself. All in all though, one question always seems to pester me in the back of my mind: Why me?
  After a while they break the silence,  Louis being the first to speak. 
  "I'm so, so sorry," he whispers, his voice filled with sorrow as he leans towards me, slowly encasing me in his arms.
  The others follow him, murmuring "sorry's". Their arms are warm, welcoming, and I'm not used to such close contact. The only real contact I've had in a couple years like this has been from these boys, and it still feels almost foreign to me. Nonetheless, I make no move away from them, as I know where that has gotten me in the past.
  We sit like this for a while, but I close my eyes again, losing track of time. Eventually I lean my head against one of them, I'm not sure who with my closed eyes, and I slowly drift off to sleep, feeling exhausted for some reason. Probably just because I'm feeling emotional. I tend to get tired when I get emotional. 
  When I wake, it's peaceful around me. The silence is beautiful, welcoming to me. The sunlight falls through a window, blinding me at first when I open my eyes, but after a while my eyes adjust. I find myself in the same room as always, and for some reason the bed feels more comfortable.
  Birds chirp happily from beyond my window. The bars trapping me in remind me of the predicament I'm in, but now it feels like the situation has changed. Maybe it's just because I told someone about the true me. And the part I can't seem to get over is why I told them, of all people, my kidnappers
  Honestly though, I'm sad to say that I feel like I've changed while I've been here. This disturbs me, as it means I'm warming up to my captors, which definitely means I'm losing y sanity, right? This isn't supposed to be me having a good time with the people who took me, is it? Maybe I am going insane...
  My thoughts are interrupted when the door opens, a curly mop of hair emerging from the gap. Harry's eyes meet mine and he smiles softly as he enters, a small red bag with a white plus on it in his hands.
  "We need to change your bandage," he informs me, and I nod slowly as I move my bandaged wrist towards him, uneasiness pooling in my stomach at the sight if it.
  I can't believe I did something like that to myself.
  Harry perches himself on the edge of the bed, gently grabbing my wrist in his warm hands. Slowly he unwraps the fabric protecting my cut, keeping his eyes firmly on what he's doing. 
  I look at him, like, really look at him. He really is handsome, the way his cheek bones curve, his hair, his deep emerald eyes, and not to mention he smells good as well. His hands are quite bigger than mine, yet they are soft, gentle, and delicate, though not in the same way as mine. 
  I mentally slap myself. I am not allowed to develop feelings for these boys! They kidnapped me, for Christ's sake! 
  He looks up at me, smiling, and it breaks me from my mental rant as I see that he finished. 
  "Thanks," I murmur, bringing my hand back to me.
  "Of course, love," he replies, a simple appearing on his cheek as his smile widens.
  He stands, turning and walking to the door. From there he glances back at me as he opens the door.
  "You can come downstairs when you'd like. Breakfast'll be ready in about half an hour, so feel free to shower and get changed," Harry tells me, then turns and walks out of the room. 
  I move slowly as I get up, stretching my legs with a soft groan. Making my way into the closet in this room, I select a pair of gray leggings, a yellow tank-top, some ankle socks, and a pair of lights grey flats. I take them with me as I head to the bathroom, turning on the shower after I enter and close the door.
  I take a hot shower, not spending much time in it except to wash and shave, and then I exit the shower's steamy warmth, wrapping a towel around my hair while using another to dry off. I quickly get dressed, sliding on the comfortable outfit. I'm not sure what compelled me to wear such a, well, bright outfit today, but I really feel like my mood has changed. Drastically. I'm not yet sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
  After telling them my secret, it basically feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I feel lighter, happier. Of all things, I definitely didn't expect that to happen because of my kidnappers. But there I go assuming again; I almost always seem to be wrong when I do. 
  Quickly running the towel on my head through my hair, I catch any dripping water, then let my hair down to dry faster. I head downstairs slowly, the only sound in the house that I can hear is a gentle hum from the kitchen. I'll admit, the person the voice belongs to sounds lovely. Entering the kitchen, I find Harry next to the stove with a pan frying eggs in it. I can smell bacon as well, and I find its location to be in the oven to keep it warm while he finishes the rest of the breakfast. 
  "Good morning, love," he greets, smiling at me as he glances my way, before returning his attention to the food in front of him.
  "Morning," I reply, suddenly not sure how I should act around them.
  I know I told them my deepest secret, but that doesn't change the situation, does it? They still kidnapped me. I'm still here against my will, right? So I shouldn't be feeling comfortable around them. I shouldn't, yet I feel like I slowly am. I'm beginning to get used to this, which is bad, at least I think it is. I don't think I'm supposed to be chipper and happy around them, yet suddenly I don't feel like being snappy or rude around them either.
  It's been quite a while since I've told anyone my secret, and it honestly feels a lot better. My conversation with my hallucinated version of Ellie, which is what I'm classifying it as, has reigned true. She was right; it does feel good to have someone else that knows. I was always so quick to clamp up since I'd lost her, and I never let anyone in. 
  I'm not saying that's what's happening now, but I did let my walls down. Much more than I had done with anyone before, besides Ellie. She was basically an exception to all the rules I laid down for myself. 
  I'm pulled out of my thoughts once more when I see Harry staring at my expectantly, and I realized he's asked me a question, which I obviously didn't hear, as I was too lost in my thoughts. I raise my eyebrows at him to indicate I didn't hear, and he smiles, his dimples popping out. 
  "I just asked if you slept well," he laughs, turning back to the food for a moment before returning his gaze on me.
  Come to think of it, I slept quite soundly last night. No nightmare, or anything remotely depressing, from what I can remember. I don't exactly remember what I dreamt about, but I have a fair assumption that it was a simple roam of my imagination, as I typically remember anything bad.
  "I slept quite well, actually," I answer, being honest. 
  "Good. I hope you're hungry, breakfast is almost ready. Would you mind rounding up the lads for me?" he asks politely, and I nod to answer him, before realizing he's looking at the food cooking before him, which appears to be sausage, instead of me.
  "Sure," I say, knowing he can register that answer. 
  I turn out of the kitchen, my flats tapping softly down the hallway as I make my way towards the living room, where I expect the boys to be. Instead of finding them all sprawled across the furniture, I find only Liam, scrolling mindlessly on his phone, which makes me remember that they have my phone as well. 
  Not that I really text much, but with my near-photographic memory I know Emma's number, and I really want to text her like I told her I would. Maybe she could help me get out of here, because that's still what I want, right? I can't be getting Stockholm Syndrome, can I? Isn't that where someone falls in love with their kidnapper? And certainly that's not happening to me, I hope. I'm not really sure of much anymore.
  "Liam, breakfast will be ready soon," I call to him, my voice sounding surprisingly normal despite my conflicted emotions. 
  "Alright, thanks love," he replies, looking up at my with a small smile, his eyes flashing to my outfit for a moment as his smile widens slightly. 
  He must see the change in me by my choice of clothes for the day. Go figure, I guess I kind of made it obvious though. I just nod in reply to him.
  Jeez, what's with these boys and calling me love? Not to be stereotypical, but maybe it's a British thing. People who didn't know me certainly never called me that in America. Come to think of it, even those who did know me never called me that.
  I make my way up the stairs, going to the end of the hallway, to the room right before mine ,which is at the very end, that Zayn's room is, I think. I'm not positive, I think the order of rooms go me, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and then on the opposite side of the hallway Harry and Louis. I'm still not sure, but that's the order I typically see them exit the rooms.
  I knock on each of them, and my thoughts are confirmed as I hear grunts of recognition from Zayn and Niall's rooms as I tell them what I told Liam. Louis room gives me no answer though, so I knock again on the door, opening it cautiously, only to find the room empty. Shutting it softly, I turn away, right into a body. I whip my hand to my mouth to cover the scream that escapes almost escapes my lips, until I realize it's only Louis. 
  He grins lopsidedly at me, his blue eyes swirling with mischief. I hit his arm in frustration, but I freeze instantly, realizing I hit him. I back away fearfully, awaiting his reaction. Louis must sense my fear as he takes a step forward. 
  His smile falters, but only for a moment before he encases me in his arms before I can back away more. A gentle hand reaches the back of my head, laying it softly on his shoulder. My fear diminishes almost as quickly as it came when he leans and whispers in my ear.
  "I would never hurt you," he promises. 
  The door opens next to us, a tired Zayn standing in the doorway, a smile quick to his face when he sees Louis hugging me.
  "Am I interrupting something?" he inquires cheekily with a smirk, causing me to blush and pull away from Louis.
  "Breakfast will be ready soon," I murmur in embarrassment as I make my way past them and back down the stairs, hearing what is probably Louis hitting Zayn's arm behind me. 
  I head back into the kitchen to find Harry and Liam at the table already with the food placed variously around the table, the other four chairs unoccupied. I take one next to Liam, keeping my eyes on the table, silently grabbing a sausage, some scrambled eggs and finally some potatoes as I see the other two already have food on their plates as well.
  Zayn and Louis come in laughing, Louis sitting next to Harry as Zayn sits next to him, leaving Niall to sit by me when he enters only moments later. 
  "Morning," they chirp to each other as their plates quickly become occupied with the food on the table.
  "Is it good?" Harry asks as we begin eating, to which well all reply positively. 
  "Yeah, this is delicious," I say, and it really is; Harry sure can cook.
  "Alright lads, I think we have something to discuss with Katie," Liam speaks up. 
  Of course, at hearing this, my hopes soar. Maybe they're feeling sympathetic and want to let me go. I'm not sure where I'd go, but probably somewhere David wouldn't find me, as returning to New York could be hazardous as he knows I was taken from there. 
  My eyes are hopeful as Liam opens his mouth to speak, addressing the boys.

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