Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


6. A Day Out

 The movie finished, leaving me smiling at the end. I love this movie, thought I hadn't seen it for a while until now.  Liam rolls us into a sitting position. Realizing I can move away from him now, I do, even though it's just standing to the side of the chair. He sighs, and I don't meet his gaze as the  other boys stand and stretch from their positions on the couch.
  Sitting for the whole movie must've been quite uncomfortable.
  "What now?" Niall asks as Louis removes the movie and shuts the television off.
  "Well, I thought a couple of us could take Katie shopping. Judging from how tightly she tied up the sweats she's wearing, I'd have to guess that even our smallest clothes are still too big on her," Liam suggests, and instantly Louis eyes light up.
  "Clothes? I'm there!" he states brightly, showing off his teeth in a cheeky smile.
  "I'll go too," Zayn offers, and Liam nods.
  "Alright then, Louis, Zayn, and I will take you shopping, okay love? You're gonna need more clothes," he informs me with a hopeful smile, awaiting my reaction.
  "Do I really have a choice?" I say softly, with a small smile that doesn't reach my eyes, shrugging at him.
  "Of course you have a choice, love. We won't make you do anything you don't want to," Liam sighs, his features softening.
  I can tell that last statement wasn't fully true, as they are already keeping me here against my will, but I answer anyway.
  "Sure. That's be nice," I add, looking at Liam now.
  "Great! Let's go Katie, we'll get you everything you want!" Louis grabs my arm excitedly, pulling me towards the door.
  "Let go," I mutter, swatting his hand off of me, "I can go out the door by myself." 
  Louis laughs and lets go, running like a child out the door before composing himself and getting into a silver Range Rover that I just noticed. Liam gives me a look that basically says I shouldn't back-talk, while Zayn just raises his eyebrows at me with a small smile, after filling Louis with his eyes.
  I follow Zayn out the door and to the car as Liam yells something I can't hear from here to the boys in the house before shutting the door and following the door. Zayn opens the door, and I have no choice but to get in as he stiffens at my hesitation.
  At least this trip will give me the perfect chance to escape. I could go in the bathroom or something then sneak away. Zayn leaves open the door and heads the the front passenger seat, leaving Liam to slide into the seat next to me. I move as far away from his as I can, but it doesn't seem to affect him as he just scoots a bit closer each time.
  "Please, could you move over?" I ask with exasperation, sighing.
  "No can do, love. Wouldn't want you to escape now, huh?" he laughs, but it's not out of joy.
  It's a hard laugh that mirrors his eyes. I stare at him incredulously, before putting my hands in the air like a criminal.
  "I can't escape from this car, now can I? I bet you even put the child locks on the doors back here just in case," I say, looking at him accusingly.
  He shrugs, rubbing the back of his neck as the car purrs to life, Louis putting it in gear and driving off. The windows in the back are too tinted for me to see well, so I can't really see much as Zayn is too tall for me to look over. 
  "Yeah, we did. But just to be sure..." he answers, but mutters the last partially to himself as he pulls a metal bracelet out of his pocket.
  I put my seat belt on as I look at the object curiously. Every once in a while a little light blinks green. He snaps it open by placing a key of some sort over it, somehow unlocking it.
  "I'm sorry Katie, but we can't trust you yet, so you'll have to wear this. It is connected to all of our phones and will alert us if you get too far away, and from that point it instantly tracks you and sends your movements to our phones," Liam announces.
    My eyes widen and my mouth drops open, my mind to stunned to think well. 
    Dammit! There goes my plans to escape! I think to myself furiously.
  Liam's hand darts towards me and forcefully grabs my wrist. I cry out at the tightness of his grip, trying to yank my arm away. I almost get it free, but his face hardens and his jaw sets as he grabs farther up on my arm to secure it. Squirming at his grasp, I try to twist out of his grip, but only end up hurting myself as his grip doesn't falter.
  "Katie, the sooner you let me put this on, the sooner I'll let you go," he grits his teeth, pulling my arm towards him.
  "No!" I fight back, but it does no good as he snaps the bracelet on, locking it.
  It beeps and he drops my arm. I grab at the bracelet, trying to pry it off, though I only manage to scratch my wrist painfully. I glare daggers at him as he gloats triumphantly, a smirk spread on his face.
  "Love, just calm down, okay? It's not that bad. Just forget about it, alright? We'll have a fun day in town today," Liam smiles, but I don't return it, continuing to glare at him coldly before turning my head to look out the window.
  The bracelet sits heavy on my wrist, constantly reminding me it's there. Liam sighs, but Zayn turns to face us from the front before he can say anything to me.
  "Katie, deal with it. It's done, in the past. Get over it. We're going to let you have a fun day of shopping in town today, and you should be grateful that we're taking you out of the house so soon after you tried to escape. Now, we need to go over some rules," Zayn says coldly, and I stare at him with a dumbfounded expression, wondering what happened to the nicer Zayn from before. 
  "Yeah, the rules! Rule number one is obviously no trying to escape. There's only one key to your bracelet, and we have it. As long as it's on you we'll know exactly where you are," Louis starts, his voice bright, the opposite of my mood.
  "Secondly, everywhere you go will be with one of us. You can't be out of our sight at any time," Liam adds, stealing a glance at me.
  I don't look at him, instead leaning my head against the window of the car, just as Zayn adds to the list.
  "Also, there will be no back talking from you. You seem to forget the rules we gave you before. They're to be followed at all times," he says, and I shiver, thinking of the rule Harry stated during the rule session before.
  "Do you understand?" Liam asks as the car slows to a stop.
  I look out the window, seeing the city of London before me. I've always wanted to travel here, but definitely not by these means.
  "Yeah," I mumble, answering Liam.
  "Good. And obviously, you can't tell anyone. That would leave you deep in trouble," Zayn adds, and I can practically hear him smirk, his tone proving it.
  I shrug. I guess this is kinda what I expected. My prayers about escaping obviously haven't been answered yet, since there is no way I'll be escaping here.
  "Alright, let's go," Louis says brightly, slipping on a pair of sunglasses and pulling the good of his hoodie on over his head.
  I forgot they'd have to hide themselves to the public. Liam hands me a hoodie for myself and a pair of sunglasses, motioning for me to do what they are doing. I sigh, but put them on anyway, slipping the fabric on over my big shirt. Of course, it's much too big for me, but I know I have to wear it anyway. As they open their doors, Liam pulls me out through his, grasping my hand tightly with his own. I try to shake my hand out of his, but instead he holds it tighter, and I can feel his glare.
  "Could you please let go? It's not like I can escape anyway," I mutter, shaking my wrist in front of his as proof.
  "No," he states simply, "I know you may not like it, but you're going to have to get used to doing things you don't enjoy. It's all a part of life, love."
  "Okay, where to first?" Zayn asks, but of course he doesn't ask me, turning to pose the question towards Louis instead.
  "Well, I though we could take Katie to Forever 21, and then maybe Macy's or something? I don't really know any good stores for girls," he laughs, grinning lopsidedly, before turning and heading down the sidewalk.
  He doesn't wait for us to follow, expecting it instead.
  Liam laughs, cocking his head towards me. "Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to go Katie?" 
  "I don't know any of the stores here," I say curtly, but sigh once Zayn glares at me for my harsh reply.
  I guess that since I can't get out of this right now, I might as well enjoy it as much as possible. 
  I don't even remember the last time I went on a shopping spree like this, simply due to the fact that I didn't have enough money. They told me I could get whatever I wanted. At first I was shocked, but quickly understood that since they were famous it would result in having a lot of money. I actually did have a bit of fun. In Forever 21 they brought closes to me, and sometimes hey actually had pretty good taste. Other times though, I would end up laugh at their choice, which would send them pouring and on the hunt for something better. To say they spoiled me is an understatement.
  At first I didn't want them to get me anything, but then I decided that if they were going to kidnap me, they were going to have to pay the price, literally. So I bought more than I most. Likely ever have before. Surprisingly, they let me even get some decorations and things like that for my room. For once, I actually fully let my guard down with them and had a good time. It wasn't until we were in our last store of the day, and I was talking casually to a girl. We were quickly becoming friends, but I could tell the boys were listening cautiously to our conversation.
  "So what brings you to London?" Emma asked as we sifted through the rack of clothes.
  We had been talking for the past thirty minutes, and we were fast friends. When she asked this though, it shocked me into the reminder of my situation. 
  Why am I here? Oh yeah, One Direction kidnapped me. 
  As much as I wanted to say that, I didn't. I reply casually instead, trying to show her a realistic smile.
  "Oh, you know. I never traveled much back home. I've always wanted to visit here, and I had been saving up money to do so," I say, and she laughs.
  "Of course," she returns, her British accent evident.
  Over the course of our chat we had exchanged names, hers being Emma Lynn Hart, though I still lied about my last name. We mostly just talked about little things, like favorite foods and colors. I learned where her family was originally from, and she learned mine. We shared laughs, having an overall good time, but eventually I was pulled away by Louis.
  "Time to go," he says, acting casual by brushing past me to let me know.
  I sigh, turning to Emma as Louis walks away, expecting me to follow.
  "I have to go. It was nice to meet you," I smile, really meaning it.
  "And you too," she says.
  As I turn away, I feel her hand on my arm.
  "Wait Katie, here's my number. Call me, alright? We can set up something like lunch to hang out again, if that's fine with you," Emma smiles, handing me a slip of paper with her number on it.
  "Sure, I'll call you sometime," I say with a tight smile, sadness creeping in at the realization that it probably won't happen.
  I'll try though, I really will. I want to be friends with her. It feels like I can be myself around her, almost like I could around Ellie. The reminder of Ellie hurts as I turn away from Emma, waving a last goodbye at her as I head out of the store and towards the boys, who were awaiting me by the car.
  "Thought you'd never come out! Girls and their shopping," Liam mutters, but I can see a hint of smile etching onto his face.
  He moves to grab me to push me into the vehicle, but I decide to not be difficult and get in before he can touch me, which I guess is a plus for both of us. I take my seat as Liam crawls in after me, the other two getting into their seats as well. The car hums to life with Louis at the wheel, and it starts forward, on the way to a home that isn't mine. It's more like a prison. I guess now it will be a customized prison.
  "Here love, hand me your wrist," Liam jolts me from my thoughts, and I then to look at him confusedly, before I remember the bracelet.
  I thrust my wrist at him, eager to get it off. He pulls yet again an item from his pocket that I can't see, and he swipes it over the bracelet. It beeps, then clicks and opens. I pulls it off and hand it to him, rubbing my sore wrist where the bracelet had been all day. 
  All day.
  I look out the window, realizing the sun is setting already. 
  Wow, we spent all day in town! 
  I didn't really even notice, not even when we stopped at a café for lunch. The realization hits me, and it makes sense. The back of the car is filled with bags from our proceedings of the day. 
  "Do you think you got enough stuff Katie?" Liam asks with a laugh, smiling at me as he pulls off his glasses and hoodie.
  "Yeah, thanks," I shrug, pressing my throbbing head to the window.
  Fatigue from walking around on the door is hitting my now, my head and feet taking the worst of it. My head throbbing like crazy, and my feet feel like they could drop off at any second.
  "What wrong, love?" he asks, leaning towards my with concern.
  "She's probably just tired," Zayn says simply, dismissing the matter.
  "Yeah," I mumble, my eyes struggling to stay open.
  Liam laughs softly as he sees that Zayn is right, and he pulls my towards him to rest my head on his chest. I grunt, pushing myself away from him. His grip tightens around me as he pulls me to him forcefully, and the world fades to black for me, fatigue settling over my body, and I let it take me.


  ~Hey guys! Would you guys like to see a chapter maybe from one of the boys' point of view? If so, which one? And what do you think their feelings towards Katie should be? Anyway, sorry it's a bit late, but all the same, I hope you enjoy! Please like, and if you really enjoy it, give it a favourite so you can be updated on the new chapters! Please leave me a comment too, I want to know how you guys are feeling about the story so far! 

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