Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


13. A Change of Plans

  "Our National Tour starts in two days, but we head out tomorrow on our bus to get there the night before. Our first show is in a city on basically the opposite side of the country, so we'll be leaving early and driving all day, with only two stops. Of course, that's just what management told us, so we might actually have three, but they do predict we'll be getting there around two or three in the morning. Luckily the show isn't until six, which means we have to be there at five, but that still gives us time to sleep if we don't get enough on the bus," Liam finishes.
  The room is silent, and even Niall's stopped eating for a moment. My hopes diminish, my eyes widening as I realize what this means. Judging from Liam's reproachful gaze, I'll be joining them, not going home. 
  "I thought the tour didn't start for another week?" Niall says, forming it like a question.
  "No, it starts sooner. It would've been in another week, but they fit in another last minute show to start, as the others are already sold out," Liam answers, and the boys go back to eating, but my food has been long forgotten in my mind.
  "Oh," is all Niall replies as he takes another bite of his food.
  "So, Katie, this means you'll be coming with us," Liam adds, glancing my way.
  It feels like time has stopped. This is exactly the opposite of what I was expecting, or at least what I was hoping. Not only are they not letting me go, they're taking me with them. My mouth opens slightly to say something, but the words aren't forming in my mind. Finally, I speak, but I know the second the question is out of my mouth what the answer is.
  "Why don't you just let me go?" I ask. 
  "We thought about it Katie, we really did. After we first took you we did. But we can't let you go without the chance of you telling someone, and that could ruin us. Not to mention, do you really have anywhere to go?" Liam replies, and I just glare at him, as I know he knows the answer to his question.
  "So with that settled, Katie you will be joining us. There are luggage bags in your closet, if you could please pack by tonight, and we'll get you up in the morning," Liam finishes, and I see that the boys are done eating for the most part.
  I don't know why it happens, but it does. All of a sudden, my stomach isn't so stable at the news, and the food I had consumed is now trying to come back up. Placing a hand over my mouth, I leap up and race to the bathroom, throwing the lid to the toilet up and emptying my stomach contents into it. I can hear the boys shouting my name, probably thinking I tried to escape, but they stop once Louis sees me and tells them where I'm at.
  "What's wrong?" Liam asks as the other boys reach the room. 
  I don't answer, instead leaning back over the toilet and releasing more of my stomach contents. The boys look away as I do so, except for Harry, who walks closer to me, gently grabbing my hair and holding in out of the way. Louis grabs a cup from the counter and fills it with water, holding out for me as I sit there for a moment, feeling like my stomach is empty.
  I take the water gratefully, wanting to get the horrible taste out of my mouth from the stomach acid. The cool water runs down my throat, before I swish it around and spit it back out, doing it once more before taking an actual drink.
  "Thanks," I rasp, handing the now empty cup back to Louis.
  I stand up shakily, still not feeling well, and Harry helps me, letting go of my hair to help me up. 
  "C'mon Katie," Harry ushers me gently past the boys and out of the bathroom, up the stairs and to the room I've been staying in. 
  He motions for me to lay down, which I do, and he disappears from the room, so I take this as an opportunity to close my heavy eyes. I hear Harry return moments later, and I feel him place a cold damp cloth on my forehead, which feels amazing.
I let my thoughts wander as I keep my eyes closed, hearing Harry exit the room once more, shutting the door behind him. I hear their voices outside of the room, talking just loud enough for me to hear through the door.
  "Why do you think that happened? It wasn't the food was it? If she was allergic, would've told us, right?" Harry asks.
  "I don't think she was allergic, because you're right, she would've said something," Liam replies.
  "What if it was the idea of the tour bus? She paled quite a bit when you mentioned it," Louis chimes in, sounding concerned.
  "Really? I thought she might actually enjoy the thought of getting out of the house," Liam answers, confusion evident in his voice.
  "I'm sure she does want to get out of the house, but away from us. I know for a fact she still wants to escape. After finding out about her past though, I kind of want to let her," Niall says, seeming sympathetic.
  They go quiet, but I know they're still there, because I didn't hear them leave, which would've been hard to miss. Sometimes they can be quite loud without meaning to be, but I guess all guys can, right?
  Niall's right; I still want to escape. No matter how nice they are, I just want to go home and live my life. Liam was right though too at the table; I really don't have a place to go. I'd probably go to somewhere in England actually, since I'm here already. 
  "I do too, I really do. But we can't. What if she slips and accidentally tells someone? Not to mention that David could find her, and I really don't want that to happen. If she doesn't really like it with us, I'd honestly rather deal with that than have her be in danger of David. If he ever came here, I know we'd never let him get to her," Liam sighs softly, almost regretfully as he finishes, and by this point I'm actually drifting off to sleep.
  Their light voice fade away as my subconscious pulls me into my dream world, which is empty right now, but in a peaceful way. Though no dreams come, no nightmares do either.
  I awake to the feeling of moving. Not like actually getting up and moving my body, but like the world is moving. Well, maybe not the world, but like a vehicle.
  My eyes flash open as realization hits me, and suddenly I'm aware that I'm no longer in a large bed. Instead, as I look around, I find myself on the top bunk of one of three sets of bunk beds in a hallway. I quickly realize this must be their tour bus. I glance around slowly, my eyes adjusting to the light pink tint of the sky from the window, the sun slowly rising over the horizon. 
  Finding that the beds are at the back of the bus, with one set of bunks on the back wall with the other two flanking the walls beside it, I see the rest of the bus actually looks pretty big. I see a couch and a small dining area with more than enough seating places for six people, as well as carpeted floors, a small kitchenette, and a medium sized flat-screen positioned on the wall. Next to the top of my bunk is the top of a door that I presume leads to a bathroom, while another door farther down probably leads outside. 
  The bus is quiet, minus the gentle hum of the bus itself as it moves along peacefully, and we are obviously not in a city as there are no sounds of traffic whatsoever, which is almost impossible for any normal sized city. I lay back on the bunk, staring up at the ceiling that I could definitely touch if I sat up, though with my hands, not my head.
  I close my eyes softly, trying to go back to sleep, hearing the gentle breaths of the boys around and below me. Sighing, I realize that I won't be able to go back to sleep; I'm already too awake. I sit up, carefully swinging my legs over the edge of the bed as I cautiously get down, being silent to not wake the others. Peering at their sleeping faces, I find that Louis is in the bed under mine, while Harry and Liam are across from us, the latter being on the bottom, while Zayn and Niall are on the beds on the back wall, Zayn peacefully sleeping on the bottom bunk. 
  With silent steps I tiptoe to the couch, sitting down softly and pulling my knees up to my chest, resting my chin softly on them. I position myself so that I can peer out the window at the passing scenery with ease, while my head still rests gently on my knees.
  I'm not sure how long I sit there, but it's a good two hours, nothing changing except the scenery, the sun now fully risen and casting everything in a bright glow, pouring a soft light over the shifting view. Finally, I see movement from one of the boys in my peripheral vision, and I've long come to realize they must've been up quite late, as the small digital clock on the microwave in the kitchenette read nine o'clock when I first got up, and glancing back at it, I find it's almost eleven thirty. I know that usually only Zayn and Niall sleep way in, so I come to the conclusion that they were up late, probably sneaking me onto the bus. 
  I've come to an understanding of some sorts of my situation, basically giving up, knowing they aren't going to let me go. They wouldn't before, and they have no better reason to now. Playing over what I heard them discussing while they thought I was sleeping back in the house, I feel like they're trying not to be so bad. At least, as bad as I thought they would be. A bit of gratitude enters my thoughts when I realize that if they had been hardcore kidnappers, I'd probably be locked in a cellar, beaten, raped, and abused. So I guess this is better, though I'd prefer it hadn't of happened in the first place.
  Even though I'm slightly grateful that I'm not being treated horribly, I still don't want to be here. Just because they won't willingly let me go doesn't mean I can't escape, right? Hearing a soft groan from the general area of the boys, my eyes flicker over to find Liam stretching and sitting up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he surveys the room. I flash my eyes back to the window, gluing them onto the moving scenery, determined to try and give them the silent treatment. 
  Liam hits the floor after jumping off his bunk with a light thud, though it doesn't seem to wake the others. With quiet steps he makes his way towards me, as I can see through my peripheral vision, though I don't turn to look at him. Instead, his presence is made known so closely to me by the dipping only the couch beside me.
  I can feel his eyes scanning me, but I leave mine trained on the window, and eventually he turns away with a sigh. He sits quietly, pondering something, before opening his mouth and speaking softly, staying quiet enough to not wake the other boys but loud enough for me to hear.
  "I'm sorry, you know. I really am. I just wish you could look past the why,  and focus on the fact that you could really enjoy spending time with us. Do you not know that millions upon millions of girls would fight to be in your position right now?" Liam inquires softly, and I feel his gaze trained on me again, but I remain silent, desperately holding my tongue from snapping at him.
  Instead, I glare forcefully out the window, refusing to even look at him. How dare he say that I should enjoy this. If millions would fight to be here, why don't they just take one of them? Personally, I think it would work out better that way for everyone.
  "Katie," he sighs again, not tearing his gaze from my face, which gives him no response.
  Frustrated, he gets up, heading to the bathroom and shutting it quite loudly, yet still none of the other boys stir. To be honest, I'm surprised he left me alone without getting what he wanted, nor laying a hand on me. 
  Finally tired of staring out the window, I decide to return to my bunk, which I do easily, agilely  clambering back onto it, Louis still peacefully asleep below me. When Liam exits the restroom, I see him gaze around in confusion, and I turn my head away right as his eyes fall on me once more. Rolling his eyes, he shakes his head, taking his spot back on the couch and turning the television on, the volume soft and barely evident. 
  I turn to the wall, emotions pouring through me for no reason, but for some reason I feel angry, yet calm, fearful, yet happy, as well as chipper, though depressed. Unable to place my finger on the reason as to why all these emotions are floating through me, I end up falling back asleep, after staring at the wall, just thinking. 
  I open my eyes once more, adjusting them yet again to the brightness, but this time surprise isn't felt as I feel the sadly familiar gentle vibrate of the bus, the only sign that it's moving besides the fact the the images in the windows change very quickly. Bringing my hands to my face, I thoroughly rub the sleep from my eyes, yawning as the sound of the boys' laughter reaches my ears.
  Sitting up, I train my eyes on their figures, which sit relaxed on the long couch with their eyes glued to the television, laughter erupting from them all at the same time when they supposedly see something hilarious. Smiles are plastered on their faces as they laugh yet again, and I'm suddenly interested to know what they're watching.
  I slip gently out of my bed, still in the grey leggings and yellow summer top,  though I have no idea where my flats are, or any change of clothes for that matter. The boys must see my movement out of the corners of their eyes, as they turn to me once I'm on the ground. They smile softly at me, though Liam's eyes are clouded. I feel slightly bad for the cold shoulder I gave him, but I guess I just wasn't taking the fact that I'm now going on tour with them.
  "Good morning!" Niall chirps, and words similar to his are ushered at me from the other boys, Liam included.
  Whatever I saw in his eyes moments ago is now gone from them, though I'm sure he's still not happy, even though he smiles at me. I return their bright smiles softly, realizing once more that I am still in my previous outfit.
  "Morning," I reply quickly.
  "Is there something I can change into?" I ask soon after, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. 
  "Sure thing, love," Zayn pipes, getting off of the couch and heading to the bunks that Louis and I were on earlier. 
  Crouching down, he rummages under the bottom one for a moment for something I can't see before pulling out a purple suitcase. He stands it up, then moves it over to me.
  "This is your stuff. There's another one down there just like this one, but I figure there's enough in here, right? You can change in the bathroom, or there's a curtain you can slide to separate this part of the bus from the bunks," Zayn informs me, while motioning to things as he speaks to get his point across.
  "Thanks," I say with a nod, taking the luggage bag and darting to the bathroom, trusting its solid door more than a curtain.
  In record time I change my undergarments, then slip on a simple pair of skinny jeans and a light t-shirt.At least I get decent clothes; they took me shopping, of all things, after they kidnapped me. I slip on the familiar grey flats that I was previously wearing, then open the door, not needing to fix my makeup as I wasn't wearing any before or my hair as it's surprisingly good this morning. I haul the bag out behind me, then go slide it back under the bed where I saw Zayn pull it out. 
  "So, we're going to be on the bus all day," Harry states, turning to look at me as I turn to face them, standing back up.
  My heart sinks in desperation, the hope of escaping today fluttering away. 
  "We will be stopping twice today though, but seeing how we can't trust you not to run off yet, we'll be leaving you on hear. Don't worry though, we won't be gone for more than twenty minutes at a time," Liam adds, and my heart sinks even further. 
  My disappointment must be quite evident though because Louis adds in quickly after Liam finishes, "But if you earn our trust then eventually you can come out with us, though we will have to kind of hide you."
  I nod slowly so they won't think that I didn't hear them, and then sigh, realizing my fate has been sealed. 

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