Ara had no intention to attend a hockey match, much less break the law as she found herself in the one of the teams' chamber. What a relief a certain boy was there to save her from being brought to court.


3. Three

Ara's P.O.V.

Noon. I started work in less than thirty minutes and the restaurant was exactly fifteen minutes away... whilst running. I quickly ran in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom. Back in my room, I jumped around to pull my pencil skirt correctly, tucking my work t-shirt in. Pulling my hair in a loose bun, almost falling, I realized how messy it was and how hard it's going to be to untie that thing. 

Pulling on my grey hoodie with leather sleeves, I realized I didn't have anything under my skirt and it ended at my mid-thigh. Shrugging carelessly, I slid on my ankle boots, putting my black TOMS in my bag for work. 

Stomping down the halls, I heard multiple rants from Mr. Carlson, but I didn't have time to laugh and snicker. I only had time to run for my dear life. It was snowing, I was in a skirt and sweater. I just... I don't even know. 

I was panting as I ran into the restaurant, just in time for the opening. Changing in the employe's room, I thought about the fact I don't have makeup on, or that tonight's a football match. Why can't I ever think straight? 

We're kind of a sports restaurant. It was the only job I could apply and would pay enough for me to have money for rent, bills and food. When football or hockey would play, which is literally every night, the restaurant would fill up slightly too quickly. 

As the day went on, my legs were getting numb. The match was about to start, I knew it would be a busy night due to the fact it was packed until there wasn't any more seats. Scoffing, I sat for a while in the employe's room with some others. 

"Alright!" My boss stepped in, clapping his hands. "Ara, private section!" 
"Which table?" I asked, uninterested. 
"Oh, all of them." She shrugged. "It's a big group, they reserved the whole section, I guess I'll send Waliyah to help you." 

I took my pen and pad, walking out of the employee's room. I slowly walked up the stairs and into the private section, almost running back out as I saw that all the tables had been placed to become one, and that happened to be surrounded my boys. 

I saw Waliyah starting from an end, so I went from the other. Most of the drinks they asked for were beers, except one who ordered orange juice. I felt my eyes drop as I walked, I was going to fall asleep if I didn't entertain myself. 

Tripping is entertaining, because that's exactly what just happened and let me tell you, it woke me up just fine. I groaned, sitting up. I made sure my skirt didn't ride up and that no one saw my underwear, gosh that'd be embarrassing. 

"Are you alright?" A voice asked warily, a hand popping into my view. 
"Uh, yeah, I'm fine." I muttered, taking his hand thankfully, looking at him. 
"Oh, you're the hockey rebel." He smirked, raising his eyebrows. "Ara, correct?" 
"Correct." I chuckled, smiling awkwardly afterwards. "I'd really like to continue this conversation and escape from work, but sadly, I need money, so I guess I'll have to see you later." 

He waved as I turned around, sitting back where he happened to be. In how much more embarrassing situations would I get myself into with that boy? I prepared the multiple trays of beers and the single orange juice, asking the others to help me bring them up. 

This night just won't end. 


Finally, it was midnight and everyone was leaving. I was cleaning the bar counter, ready to leave this place as soon as possible. I gave it a last squish of cleaning product, placing it under the counter. 

"Has later arrived?" 

My head snapped upwards, meeting the eyes of the wonderful stranger who always seems to be helping me lately. I smiled slyly, laughing. I pulled my hoodie over my head, changing out of my TOMS and walking on the other side of the counter. 

"It has." I agreed. 
"Well, do you need a ride home?" He asked, pointing to his sports car, holy shit
"Uh..." I cleared my throat, nodding, amazed. 

He pressed a button on his car remote, the passenger door opening upwards. I gasped, looking at him with wide eyes. He smiled at me, leaving me to hop in. Believe me, I did. He closed the door, walking to his side. 

"So, where do you live?" He asked quietly. 
"Is this a stalker technique?" I smirked, looking at him sheepishly. 
"Definitely." He said sarcastically, chuckling. 
"Take a left turn." I indicated. "So, Mr. Bieber, how long are you staying in Colorado?" 
"Two weeks." He looked at me expectingly. "Are you trying to ask me on a date?" 
"Tsssss, calm your hormones, teenager." I scoffed, grinning. 

He looked at me from the corner of his eye, a small smile appearing on his lips. So, at the age of twenty-three, was I possibly sitting in a nineteen year old boy's car? Maybe he was older, even if he didn't seem like it. 

"I'm twenty, okay." He reasoned, pouting his pink lips. 
"Oh, such a rebel, drinking beer without being legal." I gasped, making him laugh. "Stop, we're here." 

He cut the engine off, leaving us in a comfortable silence. I looked at the falling snowflakes through his car window, thanking him quietly. I gathered my TOMS and phone, which happened to be in the cup holder. 

"Do you mind if I... get your number?" He asked hesitantly. 
"I do mind." I said smugly, leaving his car. 

I felt a bit too playful right now. I didn't look back, walking up in my apartment building, going up the stairs as quietly as possible. I heard Justin's car roar outside, even the sound of his tires screeching on the concrete. 

Thankfully, my neighbour had no comments about my loudness tonight. I slowly jammed my body into the door, making it open. I dropped my keys in the entrance, along with my shoes. Sighing in relief, I thought about tomorrow, I had a long day ahead, shouldn't think about it now. 

Why is that Bieber kid still on my mind, tonight? 





De todos modos...


-Audrey :]

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