Ara had no intention to attend a hockey match, much less break the law as she found herself in the one of the teams' chamber. What a relief a certain boy was there to save her from being brought to court.


4. Four

Ara's P.O.V.

Midnight came around and I huffed in relief, pushing the restaurant door open. Today wasn't a busy day, I was simply locking up for Waliyah who called in sick. Due to my lack of money and her amazing offer to give me half of her salary for tonight, I accepted with a burning passion. 

As I walked outside, my eyes fell upon the oh-so-familiar car. A small smile appeared on my lips as I slowly looked up to the owner, his genuine smile almost throwing me off an imaginary bridge. I trudged towards his car slowly, my head slowly rising in confidence. 

"Why hello there." I greeted suspiciously, smirking in anticipation. 
"Need a ride?" He jiggled his keys, his cheeky glance making me laugh. 
"Sure." I nodded, watching as he opened my door with his remote thingy. 

I stepped in his spacious sports car, sighing in relief as his amazingly comfortable leather seat came in contact with my body. Why can't I afford a car like this? Minimal, a car. I passed my driver's test when I was sixteen, but we could barely even afford that. 

"Long day?" He guessed, putting his key in the ignition, bringing the engine to life. 
"Very." I sighed. 

It felt kind of wrong to be in a car with a stranger, but I preferred him than walking on the streets... at night... alone. Plus, he didn't exactly come off as a bad guy, even though he was very attract— shut up Ara, he's too young for you. 

My eyes were slowly fluttering shut, I tried as bad as I possibly could to keep them open, but my tiredness defied what I was hoping for. Next thing I knew, I was completely knocked out. It was that kind of dreamless sleep that I loved oh-so-much. 

My eyes snapped open quickly, realizing I had fallen asleep in his car. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I looked around, the spacious surrounding most certainly not being his car. I looked down, seeing myself dressed like yesterday. 

My eyes squinted immediately as I looked out the window, the sun blinding my view. Once they adjusted to the brightness, my mouth fell agape to the beautiful view. It had an impeccable view of Colorado, something I wouldn't be able to afford in my wildest dreams. 

I slowly stood up, walking towards the huge windows that somewhat formed a whole wall. I still didn't where I was though and it kind of worried me. As I was about to exit the room, I took a glance in the mirror and I almost fell unconscious. My hair looked like... sex hair. My eyes widened as I quickly pulled it in a ponytail, using the elastic band I thankfully found around my wrist. 

My feet padded against the cold tiled floor, examining the walls as I headed towards the end of the hall. I made a quick stop to the bathroom before continuing my way down. My amazed expression was more than amazed. I ended up in a beautiful kitchen which had an open view to the living room in front of it, along with another window wall on my left and the entrance on my right. 


I jumped five feet in the air. I hated being scared with a burning passion, I hated the feeling and I didn't even have a clue to why I always felt that way. My eyes almost popped out of their orbs as I glanced at Justin, who I surprisingly never called by his first name yet, in a pair of pyjama pants. Only pyjama pants. 

"Uhm—" I cleared my throat awkwardly, crossing my arms over my chest slowly. "Yeah." 
"Sorry, I didn't know where your key was." He kindly muttered. 
"And, where did you sleep?" I furrowed my eyebrows. 
"On the couch." He answered quickly, looking like a child as he pointed to his black couch, a blanket and pillows laying around. 
"Well, thank you." I smiled, slowly walking towards the island. 
"Breakfast?" He raised his eyebrows, earning a slight nod from me. "Waffles or pancakes?" 
"Waffles." I concluded, sitting on a high stool. 

It was kind of weird since it was transparent, basically, you'd see my butt through it if you were behind me. I watched as he made waffles, his muscled back occasionally turning to me, making me admire his toned body. 

For a twenty year old, he had a body to dream for. Shut up Ara, you're almost turning twenty-four. I almost laughed at my thoughts, knowing well that he'd probably be able to find a prettier and richer girl... younger too. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when a plate was set on the counter in front of me, making me smile slightly, thanking him. Not gonna lie, his waffles were delicious. I ate in silence since I didn't feel like speaking with my mouth open, which would probably disturb the both of us. Ew, just thinking of it... 

I took my empty plate and glass in each of my hands, slowly walking towards the sink. I placed them in delicately, almost scare to break his dishes. I turned my back against the counter, glancing at him, who was now sitting on a stool. 

"I thought you were canadian?" I asked, pushing myself off his counter. 
"And why would you assume that?" He asked cheekily, leaning back in his transparent stool. 
"Your accent, you play for Ottawa..." I trailed, stating the obvious. 
"I am canadian." He chuckled. "I just come here often, so I bought myself a second home." 
"This is a second home for you?" My lips parted slightly. 

He laughed slightly, nodding his head. Yeah, some chance he doesn't see what my second home would look like... if I even had one. I drummed my fingers on his marble counter, glancing up at him. 

I noticed my jacket and boots in the entrance. I took a sheet of paper I noticed on his counter, ripping a small piece of it. I wrote something down, folding it in four. I slowly placed in front of him, clicking the pen close. 

He gave me a confused look as I trudged towards the entrance, putting my jacket and boots on. I waved at him, leaving his second home. I don't know if I'll regret this later, but shit, nothing I can do about it now. I'm not even sure if I regretted doing it. 

Justin's P.O.V.

'***-***-**** ;)' 


Winky face? 



De todos modos... 


-Audrey :]

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