Ara had no intention to attend a hockey match, much less break the law as she found herself in the one of the teams' chamber. What a relief a certain boy was there to save her from being brought to court.


5. Five

Ara's P.O.V.

"Snowboarding?" I sighed, looking up at Joey. "I'm working, Jo." 
"I talked to your boss, she said your worked hard enough to earn a day off." He smirked, his eyebrows raising hopefully. "Come on, Ara, we need to do some cousin bonding." 
"I haven't snowboarded since-"
"Since you fell at the Vancouver Olympics." He rolled his eyes. "But you still managed to finish third!" 

I groaned, placing my hands on the counter defeatedly. I nodded, earning a quiet cheer from him. I followed him to his car, which was most certainly not like Justin's, which I found a big liking in his seats. 

"Let's just stop at my place, I need my stuff." I murmured. 
"Don't you remember?" He asked amusingly. "You gave me your stuff because you couldn't fit it through your door and you didn't want to see it anymore." 

I chuckled, nodding slightly. I did do that. I watched the leave less trees filled with snow pass by, looking at the slight coat that was laying on the sidewalk. Winter was a paradise in some sort. It was truly beautiful to watch, just annoying to live. 

We pulled to the skiing station, making me smile. It has been a while since I've snowboarded, I was kind of excited, I guess. We went inside the lodge kind of thing, putting on our stuff. I looked kind of weird with my bright orange snow pants and my black winter coat. 

It felt so weird to be walking into snowboarding boots again. It had always been a complication walking into these things, but since It had been a while, I guess it kind of eased it all. I missed snowboard cross, but doing a few simple hills would be enough for today. 

"Ara?" I quickly turned around, spotting the source of the voice. 
"Justin?" I squinted my eyes, chuckling quietly. "What are you doing here?" 
"Uh, snowboarding." He pointed to his snowboard, making me mentally face palm, of course. "What about you?" 

I pointed to my snowboard, smirking slightly. Joey appeared by my side, looking between the both of us. His eyes widened slightly when he noticed who Justin happened to be, I knew he was dying to ask for an autograph and a picture. 

"Picture and autograph?" Justin raised his eyebrows at Joey, who nodded furiously. 

I chuckled, taking Joey's phone in my hands. He was smiling like a little child. Joey looked like a chubby dwarf besides Justin, but I happily obliged to his demands by taking a few pictures. I knew he was an Avalanche's fan, but he'd get a lot of likes on Facebook, it didn't matter as to who he would be taking the picture with. 

"Why don't you come with me?" Justin smiled, pointing towards the expert hill. 
"Not that I wouldn't want to, but I'm good over there." I pointed to the debutant hill. "So I'll just-"
"You're coming." Joey glared. "I know you can, it's time now." 

I sighed and followed the boys, the three of us taking the chairlift. It was made for two, but the workers were too uninterested that they didn't notice. This resulted in me being squished between my annoying cousin and the metal bars. When I got the chance to get off, I was pushed to the side, I hate you too, Joey.

"Maybe the debutant hill is better for you, don't you think?" Joey smirked, making me growl quietly. 

I hopped back to my feet, seeing Justin doing a few Ollie's. His 360's were kind of sloppy if I was honest. I'm just going to take things slow. I slalomed down the hill. Justin and Joey were racing ahead, so I took the chance to try a few tricks. 

Can't wait for the snow park.

When I reached the boys down, Joey raised his eyebrows at me as if saying what in the hell was I doing. I guess I just wasn't a big fan of showing off, but when someone challenged me I would gladly do it. 

"Your 360's are sloppy." I told Justin, as took the chairlift up again. 

They had a few jumps that I was going to enjoy too much. Time to bring Sochi in Colorado. I wish I could go, but sadly, that was months ago. 

"Because yours would be better?" He teased sarcastically, looking at me smugly. 
"I wouldn't underestimate myself." I smirked, knowing well of what I was capable of. 
"Then it's on." Justin chuckled disbelievingly. 
"Bro, I wouldn't do that." Joey hesitated in kicking in. 

We got cut off when we had to lift the bar up. Once we were in front of the hill filled with jumps. I decided to start at the half pipe. I let Justin and Joey go first, planning on which moves I should put in show. They both did a few grabs the Justin even went to the point of doing at 720. 

I rode the first half pipe without any tricks, like I always did. I preferred getting myself familiarized before actually trying a move and killing myself. It hurts badly when you fall and I wasn't ready to feel it. 

"Should I be intimidated?" Justin smirked. 
"She's just getting started." Joey muttered. 

After their second turns, I mentally prepared myself. I wouldn't be doing anything too complicated before the last jump, where I would put my best move on full show. I did a few grabs, a back, a perfect 720 and I ended with a double front, landing perfectly. How I missed you, snowboard. 

"How?" Startled, just what I expected. 
"Do you not watch the Olympics?" I chuckled. "Vancouver, maybe?" 
"I was there." He frowned, not catching. 
"Women Snowboard Cross, dude." Joey shook his head, looking at him disbelievingly, but Justin stood there with a frown. "Bronze." 
"Arabella Bartoszewicz." His mouth fell agape in realization. "Fell but managed to catch up and finish third." 

"Still doubting my skills?" 



De todos modos... 


-Audrey :]

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