Breaking Point

Everyone else had their happy endings. Except for Lucy Skies, who got heartache for someone that she didn't even get to know. Her mate, Alpha Aiden dies in a car crash on his way to school, where he would have met his one true love. But what really caused the crash? A pack is left leaderless until Lucy comes along and is encouraged to take the role. Will it be too much? A broken pack with a weary leader. How far can Lucy go when she finds out that Aiden's killer is after her too?


8. Chapter Seven:

"I'm a what?" I whispered, still unbelieving.



"A human." Aiden repeated cautiously.



"My wolf... Is gone?" I squeaked out.



"She's with my wolf."



"And I'll never see her again?" I asked shakily.



"Probably not." He admitted. A small sob left my lips. In an instant he was by my side, comforting me. "I'm so sorry." He murmured.


"What am I going to do? I can't lead your pack as a human!" I exclaimed, wiping small tears from my eyes. Aiden grabbed my shoulders firmly and sighed.


"You have to. It was destined." He insisted.


"But I’m too weak!” I shouted. He rubbed my back soothingly.


“I have faith in you.” He said firmly. That was when the familiar golden light engulfed me and wrenched me from Aiden’s side.


“Lucy, it’s the big day!” A loud voice cheered. A morning struck Aiyanna was leaning over me with a big grin on her face. She was still in her pajamas, her hair slightly ruffled. I groaned loudly and put my pillow over my head as she poked my cheek.



“Go away.” I grumbled, still a little perturbed at her harsh words that were spoken the last time I was at the pack house.



“If you don’t get up now, you’ll be late!” My mom called out from the doorway.  I internally debated about just going back to sleep before Aiyanna wrenched my blanket from my grasp. Cool morning air fell upon me and I groaned again.



“Fine.” I snapped, wobbly getting up while dragging a hand through my knotted blonde hair. I stumbled into the bathroom, proceeding in getting ready, wanting to look my absolute best in front of my new pack.



It was a rather quiet morning without Karly, which made me want to cry. The only thing soothing me was that she was with Aiden’s wolf, and I was increasingly ok with that.



“Do you want your eggs scrambled?” Aiyanna asked from outside the bathroom door.



“Yes!” I called back, inhaling deeply. I happily realized that I could smell the food cooking, so my senses must still be with me.



I curled my blonde hair into big curls that fell down my back. I then applied a bit of mascara to my silver eyes and smiled when I approved of my look. For the occasion I grabbed out a dress from my closet. It was a pale blue color, with lace straps. I slipped it on, trying not to cringe when I saw my reflection.



I still wasn’t used to seeing myself in dresses, and a large scrape on the back of my thigh reminded me of Aiden. Other little cuts from the glass from the air adorned my hands, but after taking a deep breath I went down the stairs.



Aiyanna and my mother were happily chatting in the kitchen.  Aiyanna was sitting in the stool that came up to the counter and she was munching down on an apple. My mother stood before the stove, making eggs and sausage.



“You look good honey.” She said, serving me up food on a plate before handing some to me. Aiyanna was dressed in dark grey leggings and a maroon sweater. Her brown hair was pulled up into a bun and she wore black ankle boots.



“Thanks.” I replied, going to sit next to Aiyanna on the stool. My mom came over and leaned on the counter across from us.



“I think that you’re going to have fun, Lucy.” My mom stated, smiling at me as I started eating.



“I hope so.” I replied monotonously.



“Of course we’ll have fun!” Aiyanna cheered, smiling cheekily at me.



I finished up breakfast and Aiyanna drove us to the pack house, happily babbling about seeing Zeke again.  I politely nodded and smiled at the appropriate time, but I wished that she would really just shut up.



Zeke was waiting for us at the entry of the pack house. He was wearing a red plaid shirt with dark denim jeans. His face lit up when his eyes landed on Aiyanna, and I looked away in disgust as she ran up to him, throwing her arms around his neck.



As I reached them they pulled away. “The party is this way.” He said taking Aiyanna’s hand and leading us to the backyard of the pack house. It was noticeably quieter, as only a few people were scurrying around the hallways. We were led to the large glass sliding door, where it seemed paradise waited for us.



You could obviously tell that the lawn was maintained amazingly, along with the pool and flower gardens. We walked out onto the deck, where it seemed a little stage was set up. Lots and lots of tables and chairs with umbrellas that sprouted from the center of the table, were out in front of the deck, with every table filled, except for the one closest to the stage, that had three seats open.



I located Aiden’s family and Athena smiled and waved to me, I waved back before Zeke walked up to the podium. He cleared his throat as the yard went silent.



“Greetings everyone, I’m glad you could all make it out today.” Zeke began. “We are here to celebrate the initiation of two new members of the pack. My mate, Aiyanna, and your Luna, Lucy.” Applause erupted as Zeke pulled Aiyanna to his side. I meekly walked up next to her and we waved.



“Is there anything you want to say, Lucy?” Zeke asked. I froze.



Oh crap.  



Finally! That took longer than I ever wanted it to, but the stress of publishing a book is crazy. After that it seemed Christmas just hit and then I finally got some time to type. 

I really hope you enjoyed this one, and please like or comment if you did! 

Thanks for reading! 


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