Breaking Point

Everyone else had their happy endings. Except for Lucy Skies, who got heartache for someone that she didn't even get to know. Her mate, Alpha Aiden dies in a car crash on his way to school, where he would have met his one true love. But what really caused the crash? A pack is left leaderless until Lucy comes along and is encouraged to take the role. Will it be too much? A broken pack with a weary leader. How far can Lucy go when she finds out that Aiden's killer is after her too?


2. Chapter One:

Anticipation was pooling in my stomach from the moment my eyes opened at six in the morning. 

It was the feeling that I was missing something, and that something really bad was going to happen. My wolf, Karly, was restless the whole morning. She whined and paced around in my head constantly telling me that today was an important day. 

Not that I knew what that meant. 

I got ready slower than usual. First I dropped my straightener and it broke, so my unruly dirt brown curly hair was left free to curl down to my shoulders. 

Then, my regular hoodie and jeans look was ruined when I discovered that all of my hoodies were in the washer. 

The only other clothing pieces I owned was a simple white dress that came down to my knees. Reluctantly I put it on, discovering that I was ten minutes past schedule anyways. 

I slipped on some grey flats, my jean jacket, and ran out to my green Jeep that I had just gotten for my birthday.

I drove a little faster than I should of to school, and the whole five minutes it took for me to get there, tiny goosebumps ran up and down my arms and legs.

My palms were sweating and Karly was as restless as ever.

'Something is going to happen, and I have a feeling that we won't like it.' She spoke gravely into my mind.

I didn't reply, but I idly wondered if I should just go home.

As I pulled into the parking lot my advanced hearing was bombed with the high pitched squealing of girls and the loud laughter of boys. 

I winced as I got out of my car and I quickly made my way over to the my friends, who were in my pack. My best friend, the Beta's daughter, Aiyanna was glaring at everyone who dared to look at her and smirking when they shrunk back in fear. 

Her pale face and thick black hair stood out from the normal orange skin and died blonde hair that the skimpy humans liked to display. 

Her face lit up when she saw me nearing her and she walked over to me, grabbing my arm. 

She gave me a once over and looked at me sympathetically. "Your hoodies dirty?" She asked. I nodded. 

"But this is still cute!" She continued. I rolled my eyes and walked up the concrete steps to get to the school. 

But I froze right before the steps when a irresistible scent passed through my nose.

'MATE!' Karly screamed. 

I whirled around to see a red truck going through the parking lot. Even through the tinted windows I could clearly see bright green eyes staring at me, and a perfect white grin that melted my heart. 

But that was before out of nowhere a huge yellow hummer came out of nowhere and rammed into the truck. I screamed loudly and tried to run over there, but Aiyanna held me back. 

I heard a strangled cry of pain come from inside the truck as it flipped over. A ripping sensation came from my chest and I screamed louder. 

I heard the cries of my classmates around me, but I could only focus on the red truck that held my beloved mate as it bursted into flames. 

Aiyanna let go of me as soon as she realized what was happening. I ran towards the truck despite Aiyanna's protests. 

"NO!" I sobbed as the windows exploded and the sharp pieces of glasses cut my face and neck. 

But it didn't stop there. The fire caught up to the gas and the whole truck exploded, sending my body into the air. In midair I felt the fragile mate bond that had just been created shatter. 

'Dead.' I heard Karly cry as my body made contact with the hard concrete. My head hit the ground the hardest and I blacked out, faintly listening to the sobbing of my wolf and the shouts of Aiyanna. 

A/N New story! I've never been so depressed writing before... I've never heard this plot being used, and I really want a non cliche werewolf book out there. 

Please like and comment for more! 


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