Breaking Point

Everyone else had their happy endings. Except for Lucy Skies, who got heartache for someone that she didn't even get to know. Her mate, Alpha Aiden dies in a car crash on his way to school, where he would have met his one true love. But what really caused the crash? A pack is left leaderless until Lucy comes along and is encouraged to take the role. Will it be too much? A broken pack with a weary leader. How far can Lucy go when she finds out that Aiden's killer is after her too?


6. Chapter Five:

When I arrived at the pack house I was astounded by the huge size of it. The whole place was buzzing with activity and I actually kind of liked it.

The dark brick walls made the house seem warm and cozy. Nobody paid attention to me as I made my way around, trying to find the office. 

The movements of some of the little kids seemed stiff, and their eyes looked red and puffy from crying. Their parents were usually following them, with a comforting hand on their back.

My heart went out to them. Undoubtedly Aiden had been close to all of the members of his pack. 

"Lucy!" A shrill voice cried out from behind me. 

I whirled around. "Hey Athena." I replied, smiling down at her small face. 

She grabbed my hand. "Don't worry! I'll take you to Mommy and Daddy." She said, tugging me in the opposite direction that I'd been going in. 

After a few twists and turns she stopped in front of a door. "They're right in here. Bye!" Athena said, skipping off with another girl about her size. 

I took a deep breath and opened the door. Aiden's earthly smell invaded my senses and I sighed. 

"Lucy! So nice of you to join us." Valerie said, standing up to hug me from behind the wooden desk. 

Ned gave me a small smile of his own. I sat down in the chair in front of the desk and crossed my legs. 

As I looked around the office I smiled. Pictures were everywhere of Aiden and various pack members. A large wooden bookcase was to my left and a giant window to my right. 

"I assume that you've made your decision?" Ned asks in a serious tone. 

"I have. I want to take over this pack." I stated, looking directly into his eyes. They shone with approval. 

"Thank goodness!" Valerie squealed, with the first real smile that I had ever seen on her face. 

"The Beta, Zeke, will be here in a few moments to talk out the final details." Ned muttered, still looking slightly shocked that I had said yes.

I inhaled and visibly relaxed in my chair. Their approval was important to me, and the reaction showed everything. 

The door blew open and a tall boy walked in, nodding at Ned and Valerie before going to stand next to them. His face looked sunken and dark circles were evident under his eyes. 

"You must be Lucy." He said, smiling slightly and offering me his hand to shake. Zeke must've taken control of the pack after Aiden died, I thought. 

"Yes." I said, shaking his hand lightly. 

"I think you'll be a good match for the pack," He said smiling sadly. "we need some new blood in this place." I winced slightly. 

"We'll leave you two alone." Valerie said politely, grabbing Ned's hand and leading him out the door. Zeke sat in their place. 

"You don't know how long he'd been waiting for you." Zeke began in a low voice. 

I stiffened. "I'd been waiting a long time as well." I replied, staring down at my hands. 

"So, I was thinking a pack party on Saturday?" Zeke suggested. That was only two days away. 

"That'll be fine." I replied. What I really wanted to do was go home and take a nap. Karly was softly whimpering becuase of the separation. A sudden knock on the door snapped me back from my reverie. 

Zeke's head snapped to the door and an expression of awe took over his face. I looked at him confused as he bounded up and threw open the door. 

Standing there was none other than Aiyanna, twirling a piece of her chocolate brown hair around her finger. 

"Mine." He growled loudly. My mouth fell open. Even though I should be happy, I couldn't help but think, 'Even she gets her mate.' 

At that thought Karly loudly snarled. Aiyanna and Zeke were still at the door, smiling at each other, embracing. 

"Hello?" I snapped. They shook out of it and Aiyanna looked at me, grinning. 

"Isn't this great Lucy! We both found our mates!" She beamed, looking up at Zeke. As the words left her mouth I felt Karly snap. How could she be so careless? 

"No, Aiyanna. You found your mate. I lost mine." I snarled, standing up and pushing past them to get out of the room.

I felt my hands start to break and I winced as they distorted into different shape. Karly was scratching her way out of me, and I knew I had to find a place to shift, and fast. 

I eyed a back door that went out to the back yard and I ran to it, sliding the screen door open, and running into the forest. 

My spine and arms bent painfully and I let out a small yelp of pain. Even though this wasn't as painful as my first shift, you still had to go through the sensation of every bone in your body being broken every time you shifted. 

As my newly formed paws hit the forest floor, Karly gained control of my mind and I stumbled into oblivion. 

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