More than this

Will update every couple of days, first fan fiction so constructive criticism is appreciated x


1. Lola

Harry's pov:

I approached the bar, and firmly planted myself on my usual seat. To my left a few seats down sat an unrecognisable asset to the room. Her deep blue eyes pierced right into mine, she had perfect waist length brown hair that bounced as she moved. I couldn't help but notice her tiny hourglass figure tightly embraced inside of the tight black strapless dress that she was wearing. 

"A bottle of rose please" I confidently leaned over to the nearest waitress. "Right away, sir" she replied cautiously. The bottle arrived and two glasses were handed over, I poured them both and coughed quietly to grasp her attention. She quickly swung around and smile, "Hi, I'm Lola" her smooth, tender voice whispered "Hey, I'm Harry" the words nervously escaped my lips. " I know that, silly" she winked. 

"Would you like a dance?" I quickly added to the conversation, "Rude of me to say no" she replied with a grin. 

Lola's pov: 

He led me to the dance floor and gently placed his rough manly hands onto my torso. He tugged me closer, I didn't complain. His breath was heavy on my neck, my hands tightly grasped his neck and straggled through his hair. My emotions ran high, I was dancing with Harry! He asked me to dance! I couldn't believe it. I watched all the other soppy teens watch from the sidelines, that would usually be me. But obviously today was my lucky day.

We danced for what felt like forever, his hands grasping my tighter and tighter in each step. He cautiously whispered into my ear "lets get out of here" I replied simply with "I thought you'd never ask".

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