Once apon a time *on hold*

*on hold * Hi guys my name is Megan and this is my first fanfiction. Its about a girl named Lucielle who has grown up best friends with Zayn malik and Zayn falls in love with her but she doesn't know. How will Zayn react when Lucielle has a crush on another boy in 1D? Will lucielle fall in love with Zayn? Please read to find out.


7. Party time!!!

                          Michelle and I were checking out the party. My parents like to throw big parties. There was a huge food table. It had whip cream cans, a chocolate fountain, and every desert. (Lucys pov). We were waiting around for Zayn and the rest of the boys. There was a stage in the party area. We went on stage and started singing a random song we made up as we sang. We started dancing like weirdos when the boys pulled up. Michelle and i started laughing at eachother. The boys came over and asked if we wanted to help finish up decorations. Michelle nodded and went with Liam and Niall. I said i was going to take a walk around the garden wich was around 'times square'. Harry and Zayn followed me. They were walking with me. "Can i borrow Lu for a while" Zayn said "ill stay back here, Bye prankster. I hope youlll do more pranks" Harry said sitting down on a stone bench. Zayn and i walked forward about 20 feet. "I like you" zayn said. "I like you to, pal" I said. "No I like like you" Zayn said. I gave him a blank stare. I could tell he was running out of options. He was leaning in to kiss me. I turned my head so he would kiss my cheek. Zayn only blinked. " I understand" I said sadly. I quickly kissed him then pulled away. I wiped my lips with my sleeve. " there! I went along with your prank!" i said sadly. Zayn frowned. " I doubt you will ever really like me zayn. but, if you do you will have to pruve it. I doubt if you will pruve it and have me like you at the same time because i dont like you that way. now i am struggling to like you as a BFF" I said and sighed. I looked at Zayn with sad eyes. He looked down. My eyes started to water. This would be the first time I cried in like 3 months. I ran off so Zayn wouldnt see me like this.

    Harry pov     Lucy ran over to the bench i was on and sat on the other side. I inched closer to her and sighed. Lucy noticed me and looked at me and smiled at the ground. "when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you dont know ow ow thats what makes you beautiful" I sang. "Whats that " Lucy said. A song lyric I said. Then we started a conversation about songs.

Michelles pov La la la . "I woner where the rest of the peebles are" i said. Niall shrugged to say ' i dont know' . "the party starts in 10 munites" Liam said. All of a sudden Zayn walked in the room area.  I ran over to him. "Where is Lucy". I said bitterly. Zayn shrugged and said "i thought she was with you". I growled. Niall tugged on my sleeve. He pulled me over to the food table. Whatever i thought.All of a sudden Lucy and Harry came over to me. They were holding hands. I didnt worry about it. I wanted to go dance with lucy and everyone else. (not in a weird way just dace like at a party). "Omm nom " Niall said. I giggled. "we need to blow up baloooooones"Liam said with a high pitched voice from heliom. Someone was tugging at my sleve. It was Lucy. "lets check out the music." lUCY said. "But its too far" i said. "Ill hug you" Lucy said. "Fine ill come" I said. I went on stage with Lucy and stared at everyone else. Lucy started singing a random song again and i joined . we made it up as we went  . Song : M michelle   L  lucy   sing


M Woah oh oh

L YO its my birthday party and im hungry

M me to lets a  go.

"Brovo Brava" Zayn said. I bowed. All of a sudden lucys mom came on stage. We didnt even notice that guests were there. We felt stupid.

Harrys POV  Lucys mom tapped on the micraphone and said " Is there anyone who has anything to say to zayn or lucielle. One of Zayns relatives came on stage and said" Hey i love my nephew and want him and his bff to come on stage." Lucy and zayn walked on stage. When Lucys mom said "anyone else." I swallowed hard and walked on stage . I took the micraphone. I swallowed again and said " Knowing Zayn and Lucy. They will party and be up all night. They will eat lots of food and drink soda. They both are amazing and adorable. Love you Zayn. But I love Lucy even more. That is why with your permission as Lucys relatives if she umm.... Lucy will you be my girlfriend?" I said. Everyone was silent. Lucy came running up th me and hugged me. "Does this mean yes"  I said. "Yes yes it does" Lucy said. Lucy jumped off stage and motioned for me to follow. I sat off the stage and slid off.   

Lucys pov

I have a boyfriend. Weirdest party ever. I ran to the table and poured 2 cups of soda. I gave one to harry.  I heard an Eminem song coming from the stage. It was the way i am . I went on stage with harry and michelle. We sang but spaced out the "Sware words" (the kids are only 11 and it is only 2004. They will get older in the story.) Harry walked off stage and almost passed out. "I am so nervos" he said. Michelle and i looked at eachother. "AHHH" michelle screamed as she saw a giant cake. It had 4 layers and was chocolate with caramel frosting. There was also a TON of cupcakes with faces on them. They were adorable. Everyone gathered around the table with the cake on it. " Ok you i know that you have a handson boyfriend but will you hold zayns hand for a photo." Zayns mom said. I looked at harry. He nodded. Zayn and i held hands and got our photo taken. Everyone sang happy birthday. I got a piece of cake and 2 cupcakes. I drank my soda and stuffed my face with a cupcake. "DJ Malik in the house" Zayn said and ran up on stage. He chose like 3 songs and when they finished it was time to open presents yay. My aunt vivian turned around and put 2 sometings in a box and gave it to me. I opened  the box and 2 ferrets jumped out. "for you" my aunt said. The ferrets climbed up my arm. "how old are they" i said. " 1 and 1/2 " my aunt said. Both of the ferrets sat un my shoulders. Zayn opened his presents and i opened mine. After we opened the presents we all went home. My home. The ferrets were in a cage i got from my uncled Ted.  I put my pets in my room and fell face first into my pillow and took a nap.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sorry it took a long time to update. At least its not a short chapter. TEE HEE!   Megan 3 0 2   here

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