Once apon a time *on hold*

*on hold * Hi guys my name is Megan and this is my first fanfiction. Its about a girl named Lucielle who has grown up best friends with Zayn malik and Zayn falls in love with her but she doesn't know. How will Zayn react when Lucielle has a crush on another boy in 1D? Will lucielle fall in love with Zayn? Please read to find out.


2. Charcters

Sorry guys who read my story. I wanted to post a chapter and see if you guys will like. These are the characters. More will come later

zayn (you know about him ((1D)) but he is diffrent ages throught the story

Niall (same as zayn)

Liam (same as last two)

Harry (same as last 3)


Lucielle: (basicliy me but with a diffrent name) main ch.

eyes: blue (look like louis tommo's eyes)

hair: blond with red and brown highlights, reaches mid back

Age 11 (same as my BFF Zayn Malik in story) when the story starts

Personality: funny, silly, confident, intelligent, good dancer, likes food, creative, likes to draw, dance and write.(more will come as the story goes on)



Eyes: brown

Hair :blackish brown and dyed a strip of her bangs red

Age: 11

Personality: funny, sarcastic, crazy , food lover, likes to sing, draw, and be lazy sometimes(more will come with the story)


Again I am sorry but i wanted to see if you liked the chapter #1    XD

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