Player X Player

Heart breaks, lies, torn..
Alexis felt this cold feelings, way long ago, before she became the bad one. Breaking hearts was her duty of all time. But what will happen when in fact she moves to Holmes Chappel? She might meet that one guy, Harry, who will flip her life.

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4. first day #2

"Why?" I asked a bit shock at his tense. Is he a murder? Monster? Or wait...

"Player" player! If he is one, and I am one this means only one thing..

This year will be interesting, breaking the players heart will be historical, I thought funnily. A funny smile appeared in my face, just as I kissed Niall's check, "thanks babe. I will try to hold in your advice" he blushes very hard, I never thought he is easy to grab, I thought. It will be boring. he awkwardly sat next to my brother Zayn. Zayn kept on sending death glares, I just kept on ignoring him. What an..that when I sat next to a girl, and looked at the curly figure. Sure he looked like a player, girls surrounding him what I meant is, sluts. I looked at the brunette girl next to me, who in the same moment looked at me. "Hi am Eleanor. I never seen you here, are you a new student?" Her accent was a strong British , and she seems so pretty with her brown hazel eyes. I nod my head," yeah am new. I am Alexis" she giggles a funny one and gave me a bear hug," we will be good friends!" She exclaimed happily. I giggled, it seems she is super hyper! .

The male teacher, with a gloomy face entered to the class. I might say he hates his job, just by the frown in his face just like old times. He hushed the class with a Wooden ruler , and led me into the front of the class. "Alexis. Please come here" his boring voice rang in the classroom, as his greasy eyes scanned me. Pervert old man, I muttered under my breath. I stood up, as Niall gave me a wink to encourage me. I smiled back to him, while Zayn.. Still the childish him ignoring me. I ignored that as I walked to the front of the class, as most of the boys were already looking at my ass. I giggled, "hey am Alexis! Hope to have a nice year with all of you!" Everyone clapped, as that old perverted teacher, looked in my damn ass. I swear if he dosent stop.. Zayn clenched his fist, like he would beat the shit out of this teacher, the same with Niall. "My eyes are up here" I whispered to the teacher, which seems to be mr. Waterson (lol got that from where?? From gumball cartoon series!!). He blushes slightly and looks at the class. "Now are questions time!" A handsome boy said loudly. He was sexy pretty sure to be next after Niall , I licked my lips, and looked again to the class. Almost everyone had a question. "Yes George. Ask her" the teacher said. I looked around to see .. Ewww he looks terrible! I faked a smile at his worn clothes, not clean messy hair. His teeth were crooked in a wide smile. "You are single?" Everyone felt in laughters. I nod. "Please appropriate questions.." The teacher reminded. Said the guy who stares in my ass I thought angrily."Wanna do it with me?" That curly figured asked loudly. The teachers eye widen and scolded him at once. Wow what a daring person I thought with a small smile, as Niall almost exploded into volcanoes. Wow did I infected him that much?

Questions were poured, and I seem to lose control of my anxiety. When I heard the heaven bell rings, I hurried to my desk, and inhaled a big amount of air. I was about to put my books inside my bag, when I noticed Niall in the other side of the class. I waved at him, and looked back at my bag.That when the curly figure, whose name I don't know approached me. I rolled my eyes at his appearance. His abs were clearly shown under his white unbuttoned shirt, and a very tight black jeans. What the hell.. "Hello curly figure. Can I help you?" He chuckles, looking at me deeply. Name is Harry. Yes I want the answer to my question, love"

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