Crash and Burn (Short Story)

Story based on the lyrics of Untitled, a song by the band Simple Plan. The official video will be available at the bottom of the chapter. Hopefully this will be the first of many songs turned short stories and I will be able to make it into a series. :3 Please leave a song suggestion in the comments. :)


1. Crash and Burn

I try to concentrate on the path before me, but my eyes were still full of sleep from an hour back. I clutch my head with one hand in an attempt to get rid of my pounding headache, but it's in vain. My hangover gets worse as I speed down the road. After a quick check of no cars, I close my eyes and rub them to get the sleep out. A second later, I hear a horn and open my eyes only to force them shut again. The light from another car's headlamps were too bright for me to see, so I blindly jerk at the steering wheel. I take a chance and open my eyes again, in time to see myself collide head on with the other car. I feel a sharp sensation of pain, then... nothing. Everything goes black.

I groan as I regain consciousness. My left eye feels covered, so I open my right eye into a slit. Where was I? I open it wider and see that my head was lying on the steering wheel of my car and that the windshield and driver's side window was smashed. I try to lift my head to survey the rest of my car, but a burning sensation spread through my neck as soon as an attempt was made, so I stopped immediately to prevent me hurting myself more. What happened? How did it happen? So many questions swam through my head.

I whimper as the adrenalin fades, leaving behind blinding pain. I try to force it away, but its too much. I wince as I see my right leg twisted at an angle unbearable to look at. I avert my gaze and try to resist the urge to cry, but, alas, my eyes betray me.

How could this happen to me? Yeah, I've made mistakes. Everyone has, but why me? Why now? Moonlight shines through the window as if reminding me that the night and worlds carries on without me. With each passing second I feel my strength sap away.

I hate myself as soon as the thought pops into my head. How could I have forgotten the other driver?! They could be seriously hurt right now and it's my fault. I feel like screaming at my self-centered thoughts, but I still can't help thinking... Why me?

I hear sirens wail and people screaming from a crowd that had gathered around the accident. I try to call out, but my voice fails me and I end up whispering. I try again and again, until eventually all that comes from my mouth is a strangles cry. I feel my life leaving me as the police push back the crowd and I know I am hanging only by a thread. How I wish I could start this night over again. Hell, I wish I could start my life over. I've been nothing but an embarrassment and a failure in my family's eyes.

I mentally slap myself as I hear a fire engine arrive and try to think of a time when I was younger to distracted... A time when nothing in the world mattered to me... My childhood. However, the only image that I see is me how I currently am, broken leg and all, lying in front of my tear filled mother as I try to explain the accident, words escaping me. I realize I can't explain what happened. I don't truly know. Instead, I sob to my mother, saying that I'm sorry I can't erase the things that I've done.

How could I have been so stupid?! My stupid mistake had probably caused the other driver to die! I force myself to confront the fact, preventing my mind from running away, but my will weakens as I continue to do so.

I know its only a matter of time, I think as I hear metal crunching and I know that the firefighters are cutting the top off my car.  Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of the other driver, a teen girl, and overhear a paramedic saying that she was stable and she would live, but that she was badly hurt. Part of my conscious cleared at the thought that she was going to be alright, but  I realized that I would rather die then stay in a world to cause any more pain to others. My family would move on and everyone would continue living their lives. I whisper a silent apology to every member of my family, about all the mistakes I've made and that I can't run from the truth anymore. I will them to live on without me as I fade, memories of me eventually doing the same.

The roof of my car is removed and the paramedics scramble over to me and check my pulse, reporting that my pulse is fading. They quickly and gently get me onto a stretcher, but I hardly notice the pain. They rush me over to the ambulance and I catch sight of a flame haired girl running after me. They try to stop her but she tells them that she knows me and they let her into the ambulance. She sits beside me and grasps my hand tightly, never letting go. I tilt my head slightly towards her face, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Hey." She says smiling ever so slightly.

"Hey, lil' sis." I croak, ignoring the pain in my chest. Her face crumples and she bursts into tears.

"God, Shawn, what happened? What were you thinking driving home like that?" She cries making the paramedic stare.

"I'm sorry, Amber..." I wince as the ambulance goes over a pothole, jarring my braced leg.

"Why didn't you call me to come get you...?" She whispers, her eyes pleading. I grip her hand tightly.

"I love you, sis. Tell mom I'm sorry and that I love her too." I whisper back. Amber's eyes widen.

"Shawn, no. You can't give up now. Please! I need you. We all need you." Amber begs. "Promise me you will stay. Stay with me!" I smile at her and reach up and stroke her face with my other bloodied hand. She hold it there, leaning her face into it.

"I promise, no matter what, I will always be with you." She gives me a weak smile, but I'm not done. "In your heart." I whisper. Amber realizes too late. She screams at me to stay with her. "I love you, Amber Crosby. Forever and always." I whisper as I lose consciousness for the last time, hearing my heart monitor go flat and the paramedic saying that I'm gone. He stats my time of death, Amber sobbing and gripping my hand tighter than ever as I say goodbye to the world I've lived in all my life. I look down on Amber by my body and silently promise her that I would be here for her and, that when her turn came, I would be waiting as I had promised her moments ago.

I lay my pale hand on her shoulder.

"It's not really goodbye." I tell her. "I'll always be here forever and always, like I promised." For a moment, I wasn't sure whether she had heard or not.

She looked strait at me, smiled sadly and said, "'Til we meet again big bro."


*Video is in the comments because of technical difficulties ;)*

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