This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


6. Scene 6

(Lights up on another classroom scene, this time a female teacher talking to the class about poetry. Some students are messing around, whispering. The teacher doesn’t notice.)

MISS JEFFRIES: The structure of this poem is very effective because...?

(Hands go up)


GRACE: Does it, um... it’s effective because of the... umm, emotive language used? It provokes emotions?

MISS JEFFRIES: Yes, that’s partly it. The language is very thought-provoking. But it’s also very simple and short, which makes it more effective. (She notices a hand up) Yes, Sophie?

SOPHIE: Miss, who wrote the poem?

MISS JEFFRIES: That’s a good question, Sophie. Actually, it was written anonymously. Why do you think that might be? Lucas? Why was it written anonymously?

LUCAS: Maybe it was personal it the poet, Miss.

MISS JEFFRIES: Yes, that’s a possibility. And... (She looks round the room for someone to read) Would you read the poem, please, Charlie?

(CHARLIE stands, and the whole class falls silent, turning to watch her reading. The defibrillator sounds, but very quietly. Her voice rings out clearly and loudly throughout the classroom.)

CHARLIE: Sometimes I wish for falling,

                  Wish for the release,

                  Wish for falling through the air,

                  To give me some relief,

(She pauses, inhales deeply and continues, voice shaking, defibrillator slightly louder)

                    Because falling’s not the problem,

                    When I'm falling I'm at peace,

                    It’s only when I hit...only when I hit the ground...

(Nearly in tears, voice dropping, defibrillator very loud. She is talking loudly to get over it)

                    It causes all the grief

(She sits abruptly, head down, hands shaking. As soon as she sits, the sound stops) The class are silent, looking on in concern.)


MISS JEFFRIES: For homework, I’d like you all to write a short analytical paragraph-

(Every member of the class, excluding CHARLIE, says one line in reaction to the homework. To get over the noise of pens, books and the complaints, MISS JEFFRIES raises her voice.)

MISS JEFFRIES: -a short analytical paragraph on the effectiveness of the poem.

(The bell goes, and MISS JEFFRIES dismisses the class. Soon, it is just CHARLIE, sat at her desk.)

MISS JEFFRIES: Is everything okay, Charlie? At home, at school?

CHARLIE (calm now): No, it’s fine, Miss. I’m just- just tired, that’s all.

(MISS JEFFRIES doesn’t look convinced, but nods and walks out the classroom. CHARLIE begins to pack up, but a second later, JAMES enters the room. CHARLIE stands quickly.)

JAMES: What was all that about?

CHARLIE: Nothing. Nothing at all.

JAMES: You’ve been talking to him again, haven’t you? That Tom?

CHARLIE (nodding, scared but firm): Yes. He’s my best friend.

(JAMES slaps her round the face. CHARLIE reacts very little, not wanting to show him she’s weak.)

JAMES (almost in a caring way): I want you to stop talking to him. You’re my girlfriend, not his. Got it?

(CHARLIE nods and JAMES leaves the room. Once making sure he is gone, she puts a hand to her face, head bowed down. Defibrillator sounds, then fades with lights.)

(Lights down.) 

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