This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


3. Scene 3

(Lights up on a school corridor. Sets of lockers at the back, SL, office door at back SR. Students are milling around, chatting quietly or going to classes. CHARLIE and JAMES are centre downstage, laughing.)

JAMES: You know, you’re not bad. For a girl, I mean.

CHARLIE (Laughing): You’re not so bad yourself!

(JAMES shifts nervously, clasping and unclasping his hands.)

JAMES: I was wondering... if maybe, you wanted to... I dunno, go to the cinema, or for a meal, or coffee, or- 

(CHARLIE reaches out and touches his arm. He stops talking.)

CHARLIE: I’d love to. (Smiling) Next Friday okay for you? 

(He nods.) 

(The defibrillator sound is played, and CHARLIE stops smiling, and looks around. When she sees JAMES looking at her, she smiles.)

CHARLIE: It's a date. 

(She walks out, SR)

JAMES: Yeah...great.

(A school bell rings, and the corridor empties, leaving JAMES, who is still staring in the direction CHARLIE  left in for a few seconds, before snapping out of it and walking off in the opposite direction.)

(Lights down)

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