The Singer

Melanie is a singer with a huge dream what will she do if she wins the X-Factor and meets One Direction? Will the boys fall for her? Will she fall in love?


3. Meeting One Direction part 2

Congrats to Lexiloves1d316! Yayyyy

the contest is still going on...

Anyways onward with the story



---Phone Call---

Cihanna: Hey Lexi are you in L.A?

Lexi: Ya why

Cihanna: I have to go meet my opening act

Lexi: I WANT TO GO!!!

Cihanna: Then come over to my apartment

Lexi: then i'll be there in 45 minutes

---Phone Call Ended---

Cihanna: Nate is your room clean?

Nate:im 4 do you want to help me?

Cihanna: If you help me with the dishes

Nate: deal

Cihanna: I just have to make a phone call first you can start cleaning or stay here and talk on the phone with me

Nate: Ermmm with who?

Nate hates cleaning and talking or texting on phones. Hes a good kid

Cihanna: Simon

Nate: Well start dialing sister

He said with a sass (remind you of anyone?)

----Another Phone Call----

Cihanna: Simonnnn

Simon: Yes CeCe?

I love it with people call me that

Nate: Hi Si

Simon: Hi Nate

Cihanna: Who are my opening act


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