The Singer

Melanie is a singer with a huge dream what will she do if she wins the X-Factor and meets One Direction? Will the boys fall for her? Will she fall in love?


2. Meeting One Direction part 1

Melanie's POV

Every night I have the same dream of my childhood. The escape, the nights and days with out food, the scar I have from that bitch.

Flash back

"Melanie get your ass over here" my rapist father called I would never talk other wise I would get beat or raped again.

"Take off your close" no not again I didn't do anything wrong I obeyed my parents, I went to school, I did my chores, I went straight to my room after everything. But I obeyed him other wise no food again.


"Melanie come make your brother shut up or I'm going to hit him." The abusive mother called. I ran over there. I wot let them touch my little brother Nate so they abuse me and rape me

I don't know why I call my parents mother and father. Why don't I start to call them by their first names Greg and Bethany?


I got raped from Greg, I got abused Bethany. Now they're asleep I'm not though. I only have a few hours to go to Jakes house. I only talk to him because I can trust him.

M:" Jake, Jakeypoo answer me please!"

J:"Come on get in here before parents wake up"

M: sorry but they did it again (😂😂😂😂😂)

J: " do you want me to tell my parents or do you want me to wait for a while so you could tell them

M: "let's tell them together" we ended up making a plan my little brother and I ended up together and when I turned 18 I was his legal guardian

Flashback ends


My phone went off. As I went off to answer it I noticed it was my manager. Wonderful I wonder what he wants now jk I love Simon hes awesome.

S: "Mel, get ready your going to meet who your opening for."

M: "why today Simon? I thought today was my day off with Nate!"

S: "Come on Mel then you get the rest of the day"

M:"fine on my way"


Cliff hanger :)

Suggestions on how they meet?

-Cihanna the busy girl

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