The Singer

Melanie is a singer with a huge dream what will she do if she wins the X-Factor and meets One Direction? Will the boys fall for her? Will she fall in love?


4. Authors Note please read

AUTHORS NOTE (important):

Okay Cihanna can't write any fanfics anymore 😭😭. And I'm a friend of hers so she offered her profile to me.

Cihanna wanted me to tell you why but I won't get into much detail.....

Her father died and her mother doesn't really care about anything anymore so she started to cut. And last month tried to kill herself so um.... She's I therapy and is going to give me the updates when I visit her every 2 weeks.

"I hope you understand that I don't want anyone to go through what I went through and I just want to say one thing, dot cut please it isn't worth it! If you have any trouble either tell Nicole or email me at We won't judge!"

-Cihanna Nicole Lopez ❤️

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