4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


7. The lord's funeral(Friday)

Scott POV It was pissing with rain and it was dark outside when I had a vision where the lord was being attacked.Then I realised that vision was happening right now. I can hear screams.Everyone runs onto the roof and jumps from one building to the other.I followed them until we get to the lords castle.He lay still on the ground. We were outside,all standing around him,tears streaming down our face. He was like family to us,like another father(meaning Rosetta had three and we have two).Don't know about Serah,she just met the poor guy but he was still family to us all besides Serah.Leanna wasn't with us,she was on night watch. "Your majesty,who attacked you?"Matthew asked,rushing down to the lord who lay on the ground. I could smell fresh blood everywhere and also hungry vampires. Serah POV The poor lord.I hope he's ok. "I attacked him,if you were wondering"a familiar boy's voice spoke that unknown accent. I turned around,as well as everyone did and saw him. Reese. "You've got to be joking"I said,taking my weapons out and ready for his next move."What the hell are you doing here?" He was laughing then realised whose voice spoke but wasn't sure who said it. "Who said that?"he asked,jumping off the building he was standing on and looked at everyone's faces. "I did"I shouted,stepping backwards and watched his every move.He looked at me and smiled. "You,you're Water,I bumped into you in you're neighboured with our group down in the normal world and you escaped in your dream,I'm glad I broke you're wrist,you deserved it,now this time you won't get away"he said,taking out his sword.Dead appeared again and once again,the blade went through him. "Gotta' be careful where you aim that sharp thing,someone can get hurt,ya know"Dead teased,punching him in the face while I stood on his feet and bit all his fingers,hearing him howl in pain. Other vampires were circled around us and Rosetta just ran into one and sent them flying,knocking others like rolling pins while bowling.I jumped over a vampire as it nearly bit my head off that would hurt,more than a broken wrist,depends how badly it's broke.One vampire charged towards me and tripped me over and snarled in my face,it's awful teeth,it's breath smelled like very old,smelly socks,yuck. "Get off me you piece of bloody of a ugly,old man"I shouted,couldn't really think of anything to call him.I swung my sword and sliced him in half,by kicking him in the private.I smiled and sliced other vampires who surrounded me,so much blood,I'm covered in some of it,that's just sad. All the vampires were dead.However,Reece got away,dammit was all Jason was saying.I fell onto my knees.Lyla ran over to me.Jason picked me up,Jacob carried our lord.The whole town was outside and waiting for us to talk "Our lord was killed,everyone"Scott explained,tears streaming down his face. "Ah fuck it!"Leanna cursed by muttering,coming up to us and facing the audience. "Who will be our highness?"someone asked,some people nodding their heads,thinking that was a good question.Jason looked down at me...I blushed,I blushed a little too much,then looked away.Everyone in our group was looking at me and smiling. "The Element can be our Queen"Another said.I leaped out of Jason's arms and went down to the person. "You want me to be your Queen?Are you serious?"I asked,putting my hands onto their shoulders.They nodded and I nearly fell over."I'm sorry but I can't,I just can't.I only signed up for this 'cause I wanted to find out who was in my nightmares" I put my hand over my mouth and realised what I blurred out. "Please Serah"Jason begged,taking my hand and holding onto it."And why didn't you tell us you were having nightmares" "No,I'm not up for the job"I said,letting go and running away to our apartment. Jason POV Rosetta came over and punched me in the arms and chest. "What was that for?"I complained.Everyone was now looking at me,how embarrassing. "Look what you've done,you're after upsetting Serah"she said,walking away with everyone else.The town was looking at me. "Everyone listen,when you go to sleep always have your weapons on you,Serah the Water Element was the fist person to have the real dream and got her wrist snapped"I said,bowing and telling everyone to go back to their work/homes.Now I need to apologise to Serah.And have the lords funeral prepared for this afternoon before she goes home to her own world. Serah POV I sat at the counter,eating toast with chocolate spread/nutella and orange juice,sweet.The others came in and crowded around me like they were about to bow or something or tell me news. "Yo,trying to eat and drink here"I said,moving to another chair. "Please be our Queen,Serah.And Jason could be the King and-Ow Scott"Rosetta said but was interrupted but Scott who stood on her toe and pinched her arm. "It's ok,Jason has a crush on me,I have a crush on him,no big deal and,I might as well be the Queen but I'm living here and I'm not wearing big,heavy dresses.I'm wearing my own clothes"I shouted,jumping out of my seat and putting my plate and glass cup in the dishwasher. Rosetta hugged me and wouldn't let go,it was hard to walk around 'cause she was clinging onto my leg. Jason came in and Rosetta told the news...except adding a made up story where I marry Jason and we go live in a big castle. ****** We arrived at the church,Molly hates mass and church,she may be baptised but she is officially a non-holy believer. The church was huge,I mean so big,bigger then the ones in Ireland and any other big countries It was pouring with rain,all dressed in black and the whole town attending thing boring funeral. It was actually very boring 'cause Dead was dressed as the priest and has no idea what to say,idiot,think before you sign up to anything,he's crazier than Molly. Eva doesn't mind it,just doesn't like staying there long. Rosetta stood on my toe and I nearly hit her back. "Serah,the funeral will be over soon then we can all go home,so shut it"she whispered,listening to Dead speak rubbish. It was finally over and we headed home,I wasn't talking to Jason,was very annoyed,so I'd back away from me. We came into the living room and I just flopped myself onto the couch. "Oh what a lovely couch,I think I'm going to sit on it"Jacob teased,sitting on me and getting very comfortable. "Get off me muttface"I said,hitting on the head with a magazine that is full of photos of me and other famous people,sucks right. Molly hates magazines and newspapers,she says "It's filled with gossip about famous people that aren't even true,newspapers,don't get me started on that one,now" Jacob get off me and allowed himself some chocolate he earned. It was getting late,very late so we all went to sleep.However,I couldn't sleep at all,nightmares came to me then Rosetta gave me a huge fright and I allowed her to sleep in the bed beside me,poor thing.Molly cries a lot in school 'cause Lyla,Rosetta and Leanna,it used to bother all the time when someone mentioned her videos on youtube,that are so funny,you'd be crying so hard from laughing.
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