4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


19. The Great Water Mirror+the great war in the underground Waterfall cave(Tuesday)

(By the way,Dead sings a song in french so if I were you if you're not french,I would translate it on Google translate or just don't bother reading it :) ,up to you)

Serah POV 

And what did I do now?I decided to run with Jason,while everyone distracts you're wan. I nodded to everyone,hoping their thinking the same thing and smiled. I quickly ran,did a cartwheel,Jason frowning then telling me to come back then chasing after me...well that's what a lover would do and we are lovers.

"Serah!"he shouted,dodging Arthur's legs from crushing him.

"Yeah?"I shouted back,throwing my knife into the flesh of this horrendous demon and taking it back again.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Going a head while the others track you're one"

"He has a name you know"

"Stop acting like my good friend Molly,she never shuts up,not saying that's a bad thing,watch it!"

Spraying Arthur with Water and trying to drown him,pretty hard work. And then,we ran for it,sprinting as fast as we could and falling down off a cliff,nice one Serah,nice one.

Oh yeah and Reese is chasing us,as well as some other demons. When I came to a gap,I came into a dark forest and a graveyard. I realized I was outside and was standing on rotten branches.

I weaved through the trees along the Ahmora river with little more than my memory to guide me.I had roamed these woodlands in a dream.I had no idea who owned the land but I knew what once lived here.Cresting the hill,I broke free of a dense patch of needle leafs and rolled freely down the embankment,a natural landslide that served my purposes more effectively now that it was covered in snow and sped my escape from the observant gaze of my team. 

I followed Jason constellation with my eyes, allowing it to guide my past the lightly scattered beech and conifer trees that peppered the land along my city; casting a soft shadow along the gray carpet of leaves,beckoning me forward.The night had exhilarated;allowed me a freedom seldom experienced in my station.Behind the cloak of darkness,I could run like the tall-horned stag, waving his white tail in a gesture of peace instead of alarm.Me laughing, breathless and sporadic, was an even cadence that mingled fluently with the nightly chorus sung by the woodland beasts.As the canopy overhead thickened,Jason's steps grew muffled by the pine needles that blanketed the forest floor;the ground no longer cold beneath his soles.He paused,making me bump into him. The trees were much thicker in the lowland territories; once a wetland that cradled the Opten River generations before when the ex gods had built the dam, cutting off their lands principle water source. It may sound hard to believe but it's all true. 

We literally ran for it,sprinting as fast as we could,demons chasing us and trying to shoot us with guns and magic. 

"Serah,head for that door in 7 minutes"he shouted,fighting a demon named Devine,another one named Lucy and then another one named Fiona,wow,so many. I nodded at him and charged at a girl named Cassie then Tori then...Reese.

"What you want?"I shouted,both of us circling each other,smiling and waiting for whoever attacks first.

"What I want is none of you're dam business"he answered,taking out his sword and getting ready to suck blood so much. He charged swinging his sword and knocking me off my feet. Then he started crying,weird. I stood up and decided to flee with Jason. We leaped for it,going through a gab and the stone door shutting. When I turned around,I saw a lake,a pillar in the middle,a path leading to what I saw.

"It's the Great Water Mirror"Jason said,taking my hand and guiding me to it. It was floating in mid air and two statues stood beside it,looking at me. I stepped forward,gazing at it and wanting to take it.And then,I saw a girl,blonde hair,blue eyes,no make-up,gorgeous looking.Then I relished it was me,my own reflection,staring at me and do everything to me. Then a vision of a girl came up,drowning in the deepest sea on planet earth in the normal world,swallowing so much water but not looking scarred or not able to breath.

"That's me"I said out loud,my voice echoing in the cave and making the Water wild and crashing onto the rocks,just like the sea. Everyone appeared and the demons ran after us,including you're wan. I jumped down through a hole and it turned out to be a slides,everyone including the demons and Arthur did the same,just Arthur was too big so he broke through,lovely.I landed in more Water,Waterfalls ever.Arthur transformed back into his old bastard demon self and stared at me.

"We're in the underground Waterfall cave"Rosetta explained,throwing her flamethrower at the demons who were amazed of the beauty of the place and not paying attention to who's aiming at them,idiots. I saw Arthur,who charged at me with black magic and darkness,not a good sign. I jumped,twisting my body and gazing at him. 

“You.”my voice dripped with hatred, as I looked at him in the eye with a stabbing glare. He merely raised an eyebrow, and gave an amused grin of satisfaction, like he could already see me dead before the fight had begun. I took two very confident strides towards the enemy, not wasting energy or breath, and looking as fearless as any, but he remained unfazed. Suddenly bursting with an uncontrollable rage that I tried to calm, I hacked at him with my blade relentlessly, but he parried me every move, seeming to absorb every shock with his single dagger like he was sipping tea.

Out of nowhere, I whipped his sword around under his chest in a move that was meant to kill, but yet again with perfect precision he stopped me. The shock of the parry made me pause momentarily, which was enough time for Arthur. He threw down the tip of my blade with his dagger, and in a flash kicked her hand, sending her sword flying out.

I gasped with the pain, but reprimanded myself and tore another dagger out of the back of my boot, with which to throw myself at him. Again and again I attacked him, but both could tell I was losing energy, but of course Arthur, godlike in strength never seemed to get tired. Only once did he make a mistake, only once did he miss a moment of perfection.I saw the chance, and lunged at his heart while he was off balance. It should have been the final blow, it should have killed him. Yet, in a blindingly fast flash,Arthur ducked to the side sending me stumbling with my own force. He grabbed my hand with the dagger catching her off guard, and in one swift deadly movement, penetrated her own heart with his deathly sharp blade. But I stopped it and took hold of his sword and dug it deep into his heart. I grew angry with rage and the Water started to get very rough,tsunamis coming together,crashing and getting me wet but I didn't care less.


He stood up and gasped in shock and also grew angry with rage, not out of the immediate pain, but in surprise. He dropped his own dagger and it fell to the ground harmlessly with a click. I flinched as he dramatically moved his hand, but saw that instead of going to strike him like he had thought, he merely brought his hand to clutch at his chest, the expression on his  face showing the mental writhing he felt as if he was going to collapse but instead of falling to the ground,he built up his strength and blasted me with evil magic, me blocking and spraying him with Water,grabbing my sword and dagger and putting them away,as I stepped forward,every single step,Water would flow and have huge crashes together. I stormed up to him,ready for him to stab me in the heart.

Did you know that if a element is really killed by the hands of an idiot,she dies,she can come back to live by healing themselves without noticing. 

Jason POV 

Swords clashing together,creating the sound when you bang metal very hard,hearing,feeling it vibrate as you hold onto it tightly and not letting go at all.

"Matthew,Leanna,George,everyone duck down"I shouted,building up my power and winging my arms in all directions,knocking and destroying all the demons off their balance.

Serah POV 

And then all the demons were dead,they didn't have time to scream,they were well gone.

"You missed me"Arthur interrupted while we were high fiving each others hand.

"Dam you!"Jacob said,grinning his teeth.

"You sick bastard"I shouted,Water spraying everywhere.

If Molly was here she wouldn't be freaking out,she'd be wanting to fight and do magic,Eva would just run away if she saw Arthur's true self.Eva's best friend Jade,she'd probably do the same as her. One of Molly's best friend's,Klaudia,don't know her so I don't know how she'll react.

Anyway,Arthur attacked me but the others blocked his attack.

"Thanks guys,now my turn"I said,running after Arthur as he jumped back,allowing me to miss him,god dammit.And what did he do next?He ran away,me chasing after him.

I could hear Rosetta and Lyla shout to me "Serah,come back!"

"No thanks,I'd rather fight then run away"I shouted back,chasing after this fucking cow.

Rosetta POV 

"So what happens now?"I asked,glaring at Jason who didn't acutely stop Serah from going after that one heck of a demon.

"We fight the dead demons that are now fighting us and get to Serah!"Jacob shouted,attacking one of the demons.

I really wish Serah didn't go a head of us and didn't wait for us.

And guess what happened next,tons and tons,I means tons,of demons and monsters appeared out of no where and then immortal warriors appeared behind us,all dressed in armour and Dead marching with them?

"Dead,where the fuck have you been????"Jacob shouted,throwing a stone at his head."Did you bring all this army here??"

"Yeah duh,where do you think I was for the past hour?"he answered,smoking that bloody pipe of his."Oh and I also got some extra demons who hate that bastard Arthur"

You fucking toad,what an idiot!"I shouted at Dead,looking where he was standing.

"What did I do now?"he complained,thumping me."Your a toothbrush,Rosetta!"

"Your an idiot!"

"Your a book!"

"Your an ass!"

"What's an ass?!"

"A donkey you idiot!"

"Your the one who is a pigeon!"

"Shut up!"


"Save it later for the honey moon guys,we got a war to start"Lyla interrupted,taking out her weapons and lining up.

"Fine then but after it,I'm having a smoke on me pipe!"Dead said,putting his pipe away and getting ready to attack the demons..with his tank???....OK then,shall we move on...I took my weapons out too.

Jason POV 

Can we please charge now?"I asked,putting extra bullets into my gun.

"We're going to have to,Serah isn't here to guide us"Matthew explained,nodding to Scott and I as I bought everyone together and charged violently. Demons came sprinting up to everyone,breaking nearly every bone in their immortal soul. Swords classing together,pulling the triggers,setting off bombs,screaming immortals and demons,monsters doing what they do best,Dead driving his tank peacefully into demons...what the fuck?guns shooting,Immortals screaming and yelling more,bombs going off,Dead's tank bustling about on the ground,hearing men and women scream even louder,seeing them being shot,feeling their pulse pounding through their body, and escaping in torrents through the open wound,collapsing onto the ground,others tripping over the bodies and landing right on their faces,the bullet comes in the speed of light. Then again, everything slows.

I could hear Dead shouting "Hell is full of musical amateurs" as he crushing loads of monsters and actually had rolled over them all..besides the big one.

Lyla POV 

And guess what happened,Dead started singing a song in french and wasn't pronouncing the words correctly.

Scott,George,Leanna and I jumped onto the big monster either side and killed it....hard.

"Parce que je suis si stupide et si bête, mes yeux ne voient pas, mais personne ne vous, même si je sais que vous aimez quelqu'un, vous ne pourrait jamais connaître la douleur que je ressentais, oh oh oh.You probablement jamais penser de moi à alland je sais que nous n'avons pas de souvenirs, mais celui qui veut vraiment vous, c'est moi, à la fin seulement mes larmes tomberai"He sang,even dancing to it and then...driving away from us.

I face palmed and shook my head.


Leanna POV

Still arms are going to fall off me,blood everywhere,arrows flying past me,Matthew punching a demon in the face,Rosetta beating the crap out of other demons and Jason resting.

"Jason,get off you're ass and help me!"I demanded,throwing a stone at him. He nodded,waited for a bit longer until he was ready then fought with us. I was watching Jason as he throws a left jab into the demons in the face and I retaliates with an uppercut to the demons knees.Though his visions was blurred from sweat, Scott was raging mad & wanted to rip the demon's head off,hard breathing,pain from being hit. Martinez cocked his pistol and walked into the abandoned warehouse.

Matthew POV 

Well, almost abandoned. The one remaining life in there? The demon was the reason for the pistol.Dust in the air. The smell of sweat. I've been here not long ago.This is where I had my first fight with that cocky cow,Arthur.He’d given a heck of a chase, so either was possible. We’d spent hours like that, tearing through the desert heat in cars, then on foot, and the warehouse’s roof provided a reprieve from the sun, if not the heat.

George POV

The demon charged at with the hooked blade upheld, going to his fore swing and following it with a back swing.I dodged the first and met the second with my sword. The weight of the thing sent my blade,back,back,but not far enough to knock the blade free of my hands.This arcing shot sliced the fabric of his’s shirt at the midsection. It missed the flesh behind it by perhaps a centimeter.He staggered.I took out my other sword and swung it. His sword missed, though not close enough to eat fabric.The opponent managed a smirk, this time at the spryness of his dodge.

I had to admit it was impressive,but this time, the sight only made him angrier.The first two missed badly,but the third, a back swing off the one before it, found flesh. The heavy broadsword ate through his opponent as easily as air. The fighter dropped to a knee, tried to stand, and dropped again. I kicked the demon in the face

Rosetta POV 

I was scared then suddenly was attacked by a demon.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson of pain,you little bitch"he said,charging with his huge knife.

"How dare you speak to me like that!"I shouted back,getting ready to punch him. The first punch glanced the demon's chin. He noticed too late that it was a feint, though, when the second punch doubled him over and expelled the last bit of choked air from his beer-weighted belly.It was a heck of a shot. Outside of having the wind knocked from him, which he always hated,I noticed a fair amount of pain with the gunshot, which was something he wasn’t used to. A hit to the face, yes, or even the kidney...but the gut shouldn’t have been much more than discomfort, if that.Fortunately, he was used to it all. A veteran of bar fights in four states and countless cities, even being out of air was something I knew how to deal with.

Jacob POV 

 A demon attacked me and she pushed me to the ground. I swung back around and gave her a fast and powerful roundhouse kick in the ribs,she howled in torment but she still raced towards me.What would or could I do?I was stuck.I then remembered,if I gave her a sharp punch to the jaw,it would be powerful enough to knock her out,I acted fast,I threw my hand as fast and as hard as I could.She swung back around and gave me a fast and powerful roundhouse kick in the ribs.She stared at the river of blood that had appeared out of her nose and gum.She spat out a few teeth and smiled.I walked away then turned to face my attacker head on.Raising his sword over his head, he placed it in a horizontal position as I slammed my own weapon down hard to slice through the demons skull.The next swing came from the right side toward her throat.Holding the sword vertically,I defended my neck by slicing down hard,causing the demon to lose their balance and spin to the right to keep from falling.I swung my sword and literally chopped off the head....yuck.Bloody spilling everyhere,what a lovely sight.

Jason POV 

Fighting and fighting all the there all gone and then,guess who came crashing through the roof of the cave with that cocky bastard...Arthur I mean.


We all rushed over to her and hugged her.Dead appeared out of no usual and then Arthur raised up,now looking like a monster,,again,fuck it.

"Your late"I said to Serah,taking out my sword and ready to attack.

"Sorry,had to sort out a few bits and bobs,don't ask"she answered,attacking Arthur and then again. 

Serah POV 

I jumped on top of him cut him right through with my sword,Water flowing everywhere and everyone getting soaked.He screamed and screamed god knows how many times but it sounded painful. The others attacked him too and after a while,we killed hima and made sure he didn't come back to life.

"He's not dead"Lyla shouted,turning around. He was back to his demon self. Suddenly,I screamed and felt something sharp pierce through the flesh of my skin and then collasped. Jason turned around and there was Arthur,smiling,laughing a bit then turning to ash."Now he's dead"

Jason POV 

I ran over to Serah and carried her to the place where she swallowed too much Water and drowned as kid.

The Baltic Sea...back to the past,to the normal world 

We were in Jacob's ship,I through Serah into the Water and we all waited. Then the sea rippled really fast and Serah shot out of the Water and she landed right in front of us.

"Thank you Jason,for everything"she said,smiling and jumping onto me then kissing me. The others quickly tip toed away and we flew back to the magic world.

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