4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


6. The dream

*In the dream* Serah POV Where am I?This place,it's somehow different..but how,I mean,where is everyone? I was in an unusual place,the sky all grey looking and a skeleton was sitting peacefully on the ground against the wall,wearing an old suit and tie. He smoked an old pipe and had a strange green moss growing from his skull, it was almost hair like. Well boi he said with a grin like a dinosaur with hair,bit crazy looking and forgetful "Eh,is this a dream?"I asked him,not even screaming that I'm speaking to the dead! He turned his head and looked at me...couldn't really tell though,he's a skeleton for god sake. "You're an element,aren't you?"he said,standing up and shaking off the dust."I'm Dead by the way,nice to meet you" He put out his hand..I shook it,looking at his sockets from once he had eyes. "Yes,yes I am an element and I'm alive but my name is-" "Serah,I know"he interrupted,walking down a steep staircase that led to nowhere,I mean nowhere! I stared at him blankly and he waited for me.I followed him until we got to a pub. We went in and he sat at the counter. "You're finally awake Dead"the bartender said,pouring him a glass of beer."Who's this Dead?" "Oh,sorry,her name is Serah...something"Dead introduced me,everyone going silence and staring at me. It was kind of like in the first Harry Potter movie when Hagrid tells the bartender he's on Hogwarts business then everyone starts greeting and shaking hands with him....Well that's happening to me right now. "My name is Serah Celecta"I said,bowing and smiling when I stood up straight."Bartender,can I have coke please?" "Coming right up your majesty"I heard him say and doing his job. I stared at him blanky..'your majesty?' Is that what I just heard? Holy shit,I'm a princess?! "So is this is dream after all"I muttered,sitting back down beside Dead here. "How did you get here anyway Serah?"Dead asked,taking a sip of his beer. The bartender handed me my coke and offered chocolate but I shook my head three times. "How did I get here.hmm...How did I get here?"I asked myself out loud. "You've been saying is this a dream over and over in you're head so it must be a dream...oh know,you're dreaming that you're some where,tell me,do you have you're weapons on you?" Dead asked.I shook my head and taking a sip of my coke."What's you're name again?" I stared at him and just muttered "oh my god" and sighed. "Serah.S,e,r,a,h."I repeated,spelling it out. "Serah,you do realise that you're in a dream where everything is real?"Dead explained,placing his bony hand on my shoulder,taking a big gulp of beer and swallowing it "Want any more coke,you're highness?"The bartender offered,smiling.I shook my head.Dead chatted away...most of the time scratching his ass and talking to himself while I told the bartender how I got here in the first place and met Dead. The way Dead spoke to me,"Well boi",he certainly did terrible in his English exams unless he skipped it and went croozing down town in his little motorbike or ferrari or a bentley,let's just say he drove a tank with balls of fire,flaming brightly that surrounded him,saying to the folk standing around him on the paths shouting "So long suckers,ha ha" I doubt that even happened,I meant,it's like I can sense what is going to happen next or tell the past...That would be fucking awesome! "How do 'ye spell word?"Dead asked,looking at the crossword and zooming in and out,looking the bartender then back to the newspaper then looked at his feet. "Are you serious?"The bartender asked,washing the dishes.Dead nodded"By the way Dead,you forgot to introduce someone" "You're right.Girl,this is Timothy,this is Zac,this is Maggie,this Ezio,this is Andy,their Doc,Zeke,Bruce,Nadimir,Oisin,Ralf,Erica,Dawn and......a bunch of other people I don't know"he said,introducing and pointing out random people I've never met.Their was a young boy he hadn't introduce."Oh,the bartender,his name is Phil O'neil" The bartender smiled and continued working away as usual.Dead was now worse and fell asleep on the counter. "Phil,is it?Can I ask you something?"I asked,when he was having his lunch break and we both ate food.However Dead got pissed off from himself and had gone crazy and now he is climbing the roofs of the house's and shops and drinking four bottles of whiskey,silly goose,what a lunatic(worse then Molly) "Ask away Serah"he answered,drinking his coke and putting his feet on the chair beside him.He's the owner so he can do what he want's when he want's. "Who is that boy over their with his hood up and staring at us?"I asked,pointing my finger at the boy smiling at me,very creepy.Phil looked at him and turned back to me,waiting for an answer. "He's a boy around you're age and his name is Reece.He's a vampire but on;y kills when he knows who has fresh blood"he explained,eating his food.I finished my food quickly,got up and left.I said goodbye to everyone,waving and was gone.Dead was gone home,well that's where I thought he'd be ever since he left me! I came to an open field,the wind blowing strong,making ripples,like mini waves,nearly making me fall over..... "Beauiful isn't it?"A boy's voice said from behind me,making me jump and landing on my ass.I moaned and felt someone's leg's against my back.He knelt down and came around my neck and looked at me.I moved away but he followed. We came to a wood and it came very dark,I couldn't quite see so I took out my phone and looked at it.But when I looked up he was there.I backed off and was now against a tree.I put my phone in my pocket.He grabbed my wrist and snapped it.He covered my mouth with his hand to stop me from screaming from pain and help.I fell to the ground.Reece coming down with me,smiling.He took out his knife,held it close to my throat and let go of his other hand. "Can I say something?"I asked,shaking from fear as he nearly cut my throat. "You just did,Serah"he said,placing a hand on my cheekbone."So fragile,so weak,can't even save yourself" I closed my eyes as he raised the knife from where it was and swung it hard.Dead came out of no where and the knife went through him. "Jason,get her out of here now"Dead shouted,diving onto Reece,who was trying to get a horse and pulled me onto it.I was in front and held on tight. "Wait,what about Dead,we can't just leave him!"I said,looking at Dead as Reece punched him,hard. "Dead will always come back from the dead,it's impossible to get rid of him.He's the great Devil's 8th cousin once removed,but don't worry,his family is all good...well only himself and his dead parent's"Jason explained,yelling hiya to the horse.It was a stalion....I think,not sure ,cause it's night time,you know. "Wait,what the hell is wrong with me?What the fuck are you dojng in my dream?"I shouted,freaking out and being chased by shadows..."JASON!" "I know,I know.Exstalia(Ex-sta-lia),fly into the sky" The horse named Exstalia and I stared at him,thinking he was acting as Dead. "Ok,ok so the horse can't fly, so gallop faster Exstalia" "Soo,give me you're bow and arrow and I can shoot the bitches and bastards in the wrong area's or the hearts while you steer and find a briage"I explained,taking it and aiming it. "Ok,you do that and I'll just ride fast" I nodded and shot the shadows. But there was to many,it was hard to aim 'cause they were running fast,one jumped onto me but Jason stabbed it. Then Dead landed in front of me. "Moring folks,oh by the way a troll is chasing you including thoughs ugly,nasty,piece of shit guys soif we excape quickly we can all go home and sleeping whle I jump around dead children's graves until they wake up" "Eh,let's call that plan b"Jason said,ducking under a low branch.Then Dead deecided to jump into a river and fell asleep when we fished him out.Suddenly the shadows appeared and took all our weapons by a magnet.I stayed close to Jason as he tried to breathe from toxic fuams that was spreading around us.I couldn't see but someone grabbed me and had their hand covering my mouth.The other was gripping both my hands,very tightly.It was Reece. "Hello again,oh poor Jason,he's knocked out but don't worry,he'll wake up and find out that you're gone"he said,making me say nothing and picked me up,like a prince carries the princess. We came to a cave.Inside their leader was waiting.Rece put me down and put these bracelets on my wrists.He stood behind me,right against his chest and watching me.I looked at him then turned my head and looking down.The leader came over and smiled. "Is that the Water Element,Reece?"he asked,looking at my face.I stood up straight and backed away but couldn't back away no where.Then I ran for it,ran back the entrance we came in.I found Jason by his horse and I gave him a fright. "Serah,you excaped"he whispered,hugging me."Get on,we need to get out of here before Arther and the shadows find you again" I nodded and got on the horse.Jason sat behind me and we rode and rode.Dead had his own ride,he drove his tank....Oh my god he drive's a TANK! "Why does Dead drive a tanks?"I asked,what a stupid question to ask my crush.Wish I can wake up now,'cause I need to go training,I might have missed it and Rosetta will not be happy at all if she finds out what have I've been through here. "Good question(ok,it's a good question,thank god).He used to be in the army years ago,before you're time,when you're grandparent's were children,that's when Dead was fully alive and fought for his counrty,which was Ireland,where we are right now in this time,but Dead wasn't metioned in the history book you learn from because he was a sorcerer like us and still is today"Jason explained,trotting faster and faster until we got to Water Paradise City! "Wow"I muttered,taking the go go(the thing that you use to to tie and put up you're hair) out and all the slides too.I put them in my in my pocket and relaxed as we came in the main gate of the city. *End of dream* I opened my eyes and blinked.I sat up and realised my go go and slides were in my pockets. "Ah!"I screamed,falling off the bed and landed on my wrist."Owww!!!!!!" The door swung open and Rosetta rushed in. "What happened?"she shouted,rushing over to me and looking at my face.She noticed me holding onto my wrist. "Reece,the vampire snapped it in my dream!"I explained,watching Rosetta get a bag of ice from my mini freezer,I bought it when we went shopping,more like ordered it. "Guy's,come quick to Serah's bedroom,she broke her wrist"she shouted into her phone.Everyone came rushing in,helping me get to the nearest hospital. In the hospital "Are you ok?"was Lyla's frist words after I got my wrist xrayed. "Miss.Celecta,we've bad news about you're wrist"the nurse said,handing me the file.I looked at it,but it was complicated to see where it was broken then I realised I was looking ay a total different area and not the proper one.The nurse wrapped it up and put it in a sling. Ouside the hospital We left the hospital and went straight to the training area when we met someone,someone from the dead.It was a he,he smoked an old pipe,wore a old suit and tie. He was a skelliton and hugged everyone but when he came to me, he stopped and pointed. "You, know you,you're Serah,aren't you,do you know who I am?"Dead asked,hugging me,feeling all the bones,glad I didn't freak out. "You're Dead"I said,smiling. He smirked at me...I think,couldn't really tell by the way he looked. We came to the entrance. I watched everyone do training,then I went home. But Rosetta stopped me and came with me...she want's to visit the normal world and see her home town and stuff. We walked onto the platforms,one of the workers sending us. We appeared in the normal world. Rosetta didn't move for a while,she was thinking,thinking of what she was doing.Then she ran,ran into my closet and tried on as many clothes as she can.The exit that went out into my bedroom had doors that were shut and locked. We watched a movie in the walk-in wardrobe,Rosetta found it,it was in a cupboard and she set it all up with magic. At night time we said hello to Anna(remember,the reflection is called Anna and I'm called Serah,just a reminder).Then we left and went home to the magic world,hurray.
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