4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


3. Testing new skills(Tuesday)

I woke up to find Jason coming in through the window.It was about 6 in the morning

"I forgot to show you something.Come over here to your mirror"he said.

I got out of bed,put my dressing gown on and stood beside him.I was standing in front of the mirror,watching him stand behind me,talking my right hand and tapping it against the mirror.It rippled like when you touch a lake with your fingers causing it to ripple.I stared at my reflection,as it winked at me and literally climbed out of the mirror.

"Hi,I'm your reflection and you should really get rid of that dressing gown,it's old and really short on you"it spoke.

"It spoke"I said. I glared at Jason who had a big,wide smirk on his face"IT SPOKE!"

He was smirking and ignored me so I hit him on the shoulder. He moaned in pain and just shrugged afterwords. 

"Anna this is your reflection who is doing what you normally do on a Tuesday.Your Mum is coming in to get you up within a quarter of an hour from now so if I were you,I would be getting dressed"he said,walking towards the window.He waved,winked and jumped off. 

We both stayed quiet for a good while then I finally gave in.

"So your basically me?"I asked slowly.

"Pretty much"it answered. 

"So like your me and your going to do what I do normally?"

"Yes.Weren't you listening to what Jason was saying?"it asked. Ok,she might be me but she defiantly has a tone."I'm sorry if I'm being a pain.Now do what he said,get dressed in the clothes Jason gave you and give me your pyjamas"

And she is very demanding too,what a bitch...I just realised I just called myself a bitch...OH MY GOD! I got dressed and kept looking in the mirror.

"Ok so that's our uniform and our schoolbag.Oh,we have a Maths test today so try your best to aim for a A or B but mostly a A!"I explained. She nodded and I for it to hop back into bed.There was a tree right outside my bedroom window. I used to climb it a lot when I was little with my brother. Then he started to go to college so we only hung out inside. I jumped onto the nearest branch,the reflection watching me from our bed.

When I got to the ground and thought,snapped my fingers when I thought of an idea.

Ok so the quickest route to get to the 'other bus stop' is to walk,deeper into the estate and try to get through a bloody hedge,great but the outfit is cute.

I wore a black tank top, a skirt that was orange, blue, pink, yellow, purple, green and red. Long ,grey socks,just right above the knee and navy boots with buckles.A black jacket and a black belt.

I walked slowly,looking around to see if there was anyone sneaking up in me to stab me.

I got to the hedge and was trying to figure out a way in.

"Ugh fuck this,Why couldn't this be easy?I wish a way in would just pop out right in front of me."I complained. Then a gap just appeared in front of me,I shuffled through it and got onto the other side.

This must be my lucky day!

When i got to the other side there was no sight of a bloody road unless you count the one just over a couple of bushes from where I was standing.

"Oh there's a bus stop too"I thought,sprinting over to the road,which had very bad cracks and potholes.I got to the bus stop and flopped myself onto the bench. Then I heard a horn blow and a bus was parked right in front of me.I slowly got in.

"Hurry up.I don't have all day"complained the bus driver.

"Sorry but I don't have any money"I said,hoping they would let me on.

"Well you're going to get your ass off my bus then"they said. How rude of him.I didn't see her get up but a girl was walking over to us.

"Here,Mikey"she said,handing the money out. He took it,gave me a dirty look and drove on.

She sat back down,watched me as I sat on a four seat er. She came over and sat in front of me.

"Your welcome"She said."Are you meeting Jason too?" I looked at her,her eyes sparkling like the stars. 

She had long,dark,brown hair as far as her shoulders.She wore a red blouse,a dark orange sleeveless cardigan,yellow shorts that were the length of legging's.She had no shoes on,just a pair of red,orange and yellow flip-flops(Molly called them 'flippy-floppys') that were sitting peacefully beside her on the other chair.

"Yeah,I am.What about you?"I said,scratching my head.

"Yeah.What's your name?"

"Anna Pevzner"I answered,folding my arms and thinking."You?"

"Rosetta Malcaina"

"What a beautiful name. Did you parent's pick it?"

"Not exactly". She's looks familiar,like I've seen er on RTE news.

"What do you mean?"

"I haven't seen my parent's for two in a half years and I'm adopted"she said."My real parents?Never met them"

"Are you joking?"I said.I felt like my mouth was going to fall off and run away from me.

"I'm serious.You can even ask one of the lads when we get to our stop once we get around this giant corner"she answered,looking out the window.

I wonder when we were going to arrive.

"So,what kind of music do you like?"I asked,breaking the awful sound of the wheels.

"One sec Anna,Mikey,stop showing off,your the biggest and worst driver on this road!"she shouted,put up her middle finger at him and turning back to me."Em...what's new?"I still have my old iPod but it has shit music.Oh the bus has stopped,this is our stop,hurray"

We got off the bus eventually and Rosetta knew where to go so I followed her until we got to a garage that was open.

"Do you have enough money for two?"I asked

"Money?Anna,darling..this garage is free"

"Really!"I said sarcastically.Of coarse she's joking because if it was true the place would be buzzing with customers. 

"No,I'm joking with you"

"More like lying"I corrected her. She stuck her tongue at me and ran inside the building.

"You coming or what?"she called.

"Yeah,just give me a sec"

When I came in she was looking at the minerals.

"Right,I only have a tenner so what do you want?"she asked,picking up a can of Monster.I started to think what kind of drink I'm going to get.

"Hurry up,this place will be disappearing less then 60 seconds"she explained.

I finally picked one,7 up.We got crisps too,she got salt and vinegar and I got meanies.We paid and walked out.We sat down then continued walking until we saw the sight of a eight seat er car.....WITH NO FUCKING WHEELS! A boy was leaning against the car,watching us We came closer and he stood up straight.

"Rosetta,my buddy"he said,arms out for a hug.

"Jacob,you know I hate hugs!" He shrugged and she hugged him.

"Now you do.Hop into the back.By the way where is Scott?"

"He ditched me so I went without him"

"Will you two ever get on?"


I was about to get in when he stopped me.

"Who are you and who told you to come here?"

"My name is Anna Pevzner and Jason told me last night to get the bus from the road behind my estate"

"Did he now,he will be here will everyone else"

"You looking for me?"someone said from behind us.We turned around and I smiled.It was Jason himself"Let her on,Jacob"

Jacob nodded and got out of my way.I hopped in and sat beside Rosetta who was trying her best not to laugh.

Then others came and then the car was full.There names were;

Rosetta,Lyla,Jacob,Mathew,Jason,George and Scott. There was another girl but she was already in the magic world

"Everyone,this is Anna"she shouted.Jason was in front,watching me wrong every mirror. The chairs were in places like a limo.

"Hi"I said,giving a small wave.There was a girl sitting in front of me and she looked very familiar,like she used to be in my school.

"Am...Amy?"I said slowly,thinking what she was going to say.

"Tha's Lyla,silly not this 'Amy' you speak of"Rosetta said.looking serious.She's cute when she's chatty...and serious.

"What?Her name is Lyla?"



"My name is Lyla and I won't tell you why!"Lyla said. I nodded slowly,looked out the window to see if I knew the place.I was speechless.


"We know"shouted everyone.I kept quiet for a while then fell asleep.

"Jacob,it's stuffy in here.Turn this into a hummer limo with no roof!"Rosetta ordered. He rolled his eyes and clicked a button with a photo of a hummer limo.

Some number of hours later,I woke up.I was sitting in a different seat.And leaning on Jason's shoulder who was asleep too.Everyone was asleep except Jacob who was driving.No one sat in the passenger seat so I carefully opened the window and opened the passenger door and got in.

"Do you want to change the type of vehicle,Anna?"He asked.We heard someone complain in the back about the window being opened and I shrugged. I nodded and just clicked a random button.It turned into a van.

"No,not that one"I muttered.I pressed another one."No!"

"Really,Anna,a old polo!"Rosetta said,hitting a boy called Scott who seamed to be annoying,that's what Rosetta said earlier.

After so many buttons I finally picked one,a space ship,like the ones in 'Star Wars'.

"OK,now this space ship is awesome!"I said jumping around in my seat,nearly falling over when I was standing up and exploring the inside the space ship!Rosetta was with me,trying to keep up with me.

"Wow,lots of buttons over.....OH MY GOD,A KITCHEN! There better be food in fridge"I thought to myself. I opened the fridge and found no food.

"I'm hungry,Rosetta"I moaned.

"But you just had crisps half an hour ago"

"I know that but I need a proper lunch"I replied angrily.

"Jacob,the bloody fridge is empty,what didn't ye leave anything?"she roared.He ignored her so she stormed off.....

"Anna!"I jumped and turned around to find a boy standing there.



Hair colour:Brown

From:I don't no,he sounds like hes from Finland

"What?"I shouted.

"Did you check the freezer"

"Oh my god,I forgot about that!"

"Silly goose"he said,opening the freezer and seeing what's so interesting inside."There's fish,pizza and-"

"PIZZA!" I interrupted.He nodded and handed the box to me.

"You are on your own"he said and walked off.Lyla came in and smiled.

"Do you need help?"Lyla asked,making me jump and letting go of the box.She caught it and I just stared at her.




"Ok,you can help as long as you follow the recipe correctly"

She nodded and we read the recipe.She got garlic bread out too....The recipe:

Step 1:Remove plastic.Preheat oven to 240ºC 

Step 2:Wait until light flashes then pop the pizza into the oven.

Step 3:Set timer to 5

Step 4:Put garlic bread in too

Step 5:Check pizza and garlic bread

Step 6:Take out both pizza and garlic bread 

Step 7:EAT IT!

"Its burnt,Anna"Lyla said,shaking her head in shame.

"NOOOO!!!"I cried,banging my fist against the counter.

"We followed the method right"


"We can't even cook together"


"We're the worst chiefs in this world"

"I totally agree with you"

"Oh god help us.We can't even cook a bloody pizza"


"I didn't even want to cook the pizza"

"Yeah...wait,what?"she paused and didn't say a word.

"I know!I'll use some magic to fix it!"she finally said something after a couple of silent seconds.Molly hates silence,it's her enemy and one of her biggest fear.

"Magic?"I asked,thinking it was a joke.

"Yeah,magic!Did Jason not tell you about magic.because if he didn't.I'm going to kill him"she argued.I shook my head and watched her go out to the others.I could hear Rosetta giving out to Jason,I was trying my best not to laugh.This is what I heard:

"Jason!You told her everything about that bastard,Arther and 10 stupid,blood,thirsting,vampires who are so lazy,stupid and can't even look where they are fucking going.AND 30 warlock family's who are to crazy they can't even save themselves from enemies.AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE WORD ABOUT MAGIC! How stupid are you?"

"Shut up,bitch.At least I gave her the right photos.I'll tell her later when I have time,ok your majesty"

"Whatever chump"was her last words and she stormed off elsewhere. I sat down at the island and Lyla came in.

"He's says he'll show you later"was her first words. Yeah,I wonder when that's actually going to happen,Lyla.I through the burnt pizza into the bin.'We have arrived" Jacob,called from the speaker. We walked back to the others and I stared at view from where I was standing.

"Where are we?"I asked,shaking like hell,as we landed on a round building that had water pouring down into a big lake where weird,looking birds or whatever they are,were swimming in the water and splashing about like little babies who love the water. Adi hates the bath,she prefers the seaside and the shower when it's boiling hot(don't ask). 

No one answered me so I just kept it to myself until we get off this vehicle.We eventually landed safely and I walked outside with Rosetta who seamed to be curious of the smell that was surrounding the buildings.

"Where are we?"I repeated.

"Paradise,The magic world"she answered.I didn't even say a word and burst out laughing.

"What so funny?"she asked,nearly bursting her tone out into anger.

"You sounded like you were serious"I answered.


"OH!You were?"I thought she was joking.

"Yes,now can you put back on your shoes and follow us"she ordered.I nodded and ran back in.

"Hey"someone said from behind me.

"Oh..hi,You're..Matthew,am I right?"

"Yeah"he said."Can I ask you something?"

"Sure but depends what it is"I answered,squeezing my foot into the boot.

"Can you be my girlfriend?"

"....Eh.."I said,my eyes blinking three times."No thanks"

WTF did I just see?????!!!!We just met and he's asking me to be his GAL!You don't go up to some random person,ask them to be your girlfriend/boyfriend and expect them to say yes!

Rosetta came in and was not happy.

"Mathew!Leave Anna alone!"she shouted.He ran out the door."Don't mind him,Anna..he's just being a slut and a flirting monk who desperately wants 40 girlfriends sitting on his lap"

"OK"I said,taking deep breaths,in and out.We walked out so Jacob can lock up the old ship. When I looked around I was amazed of where I was.I was standing on a building that was blue and when you walk on it,it walking on water. All the other building that surrounded it were the exact same. There were fly ships too,different kinds of colours and NO ROADS! Rosetta ran ahead of me and kept call me to hurry on.

"Come on Anna or we're going to be late"she called,running up to me and pulling me.We hurried in as the doors slid open and went inside. Then we went to find a lift and went in it."After this I'll give you a tour around the building"

"Awesome".We came onto the right floor and came into this room with rows and rows of seats,filled with people...and weird looking people. They were kind of creeping me out,i've never seen people looking like this,only in science fiction movies. They all stood up when I came closer to the centre of the room. I sat beside Rosetta,Lyla sat beside her who were slapping each other because Rosetta kept scratching her scars and Lyla was slapping her to stop..BITCH FIGHT,HIGH YA!

A girl called Leanna(Lee-anna) was standing around an object,the shape of a big,giant bowl.We were still standing and I felt like my legs were going to fall off and go and fuck off away from me.

"Please be seated"she said.We sat down,Rosetta kept putting her hand out then howled in pain from being slapped.A man in front turned around and gave out. When he turned his back to us they just giggled and stopped when he turned back sharply."As you all Know we have found the first element,we have terrible news.We just found out that Matthews has escaped from prison.Everyone in the room gasped in horror.Jason stood up and said something I could not understand,He sat back down and winked at Rosetta.

" you're team prepared"she asked.

"Yeah,just need some volunteers to join us"he said,looking around.

"I'm coming"I said,leaping off my seat.

"Me too"Rosetta said.

"Me three"Lyla said.Jacob,George,Mathew,a boy called Chad,Leanna and Scott were joining us too.

"I see we have a new crew mate"Chad said,folding his arms."What's your name,sweetheart?"

"Her name is Anna and you already have a girlfriend,she won't be happy if she spots you flirting with other women"Rosetta interrupted.He looked guilty and walked away as the whole audience left.

11:47,having food..very odd looking though

"When can I go home"I asked,when I finally got comfortable in massive cafe. Everyone stopped eating and just stared at me.

"Why go now?It's only 11:39"Rosetta answered,stuffing weird looking food into her gob.

"Wow!!...So,what time is it here(where ever here is)?"

"12 something,I think,I actually don't know,ask someone else"she said,kicking Scott in the shin. He howled in pain and through a plate at her. She ducked the flying plate and dived across on top of him.

"HEY!"Leanna roared. They jumped and Rosetta asked her can she slap him across the face. She allowed her and Scott got a big,bright,red mark on his face. She sat back down.

" know the bus we got the morning,how much is that?"I asked,handing my empty plate to the waitress,who is Lyla actually and she looks so cute in her little,red outfit.

"Oh,that reminds me,you owe me money and we're not getting the bus any more except Mondays."Rosetta said."€2:30 per person"

"It's €1,you duff-is!"Scott corrected.She glared,got so annoyed and dragged me aside.

"We have to go to training and Jason has to test your skills"she said,waiting for everyone to arrive.Scott came,rugby tackling into her.

"Scott you fucking bastard!"she shouted,running after him.I was all alone in the middle of a hall.The others found me.

"She left didn't she?"Lyla said,laughing.

"Yep"I muttered.

"Don't worry about her,she's always like that,running away and never returning back"

"What do you mean?"

"She will tell you.It's better if she tells you because it's really none of our business"


We walked to the training circuit .We were split,Girls in one changing room,the boys in another.

"Rosetta,we're ready now so you better hurry up"Leanna called.Rosetta was staring at a picture for a very long time.She finally gave up and came in with us.

When we were all dressed in these weird looking training costumes we went out to this big room where you find other people training on weird optical course....I have to say,when I saw the boys and other boys,they were so dam hot,ha ha ha ha ha!Rosetta dragged me over to the boss's office.It was a man.

"You must be element water,welcome to water paradise" he said,putting out his hand and shaking my hand.

"Her name is Anna Pevzner silly"she teased,giving him a little push off his desk,"Don't mind him,he's just being a slut.

"Don't be saying that bullshit,I'd being telling your parent's about your rudeness,young missy"he teased back.

"Yeah,you don't even know them,idiot and never will.Now come on,you need to sort out this young girl even though she's older then me,I still say young!"

"Do you ever shut up Rosetta?"he asked."By the way Anna,I didn't properly interdruce myself,my name is Andrew Power"

I looked at Rosetta then stepped forward.

"Pleased to meet you too Andrew.My name is Anna,Anna Pevzner"

"Ok enough chit chat,so now you know each other,where's does Anna start her training?"Rosetta asked,stopping us from shake hands.

 "You can be on Rosetta's and her team"

"Yes,this is going to be great,just remeber to not be in Leanna's way,alright?"Rosetta said,putting up her thumbs up at me.Andrew just laughed and kicked us out(don't ask why).I didn't ask why,because it's none of my buizness and yours,ha.

Our first game was very weird.I guess everything was.Bascially you jump over weird looking stacks of hay,dodge the flying balls of steam,dive into the pool to find the underwter cave,lift up the barrier and past the finish line.And if you cheat,you get some punishment.Your aloud to tackle people down but no kicking and stabbing aloud.Then you'd be asked who's side are you on,the good or evil.

"Training is over now so,you should go back home Anna"Lyla said,asking Rosetta nicely to bring mr to some travelling Water portal. Rosetta said ok and took me to the portal room.

"So,how does this work exactly?"I asked,watching her press some random buttons(not really random buttons,just the right ones)

"You just stand on that platform and I send you to you're world,you're estate then your home.And take this so this world recognises you when you return,which is every moring until four down there"she explained.

She handed me a necklace,with the Water symbol on it meaning three things;Water or An Element ot a girl from the past.

"This is the future!!!???"I shouted,my eyes shining brightly"How?"

"Shhhh,your not suppose to know that and please don't mention it when you come back!"she panicked,taking deep breaths"How do you know anyway?"

"I don't know,I think this necklace told me"

"Oh shit!!!Let's not talk about it now,let's talk about it out loud when you've spread the news and get me into huge trouble"

"I won't tell anyone,I bloody promise you,trust me"

"Ok but if you metion it,your toad seeds and I won't be your friend anymore"

I nodded,said goodbye and stood on the platform.I disappeared and appeared where the hedge was,at the back of my estate.Mum and Dad were home so tip toed to the tree and climbed it until I got to my bedroom.Mum was helping the clone do my homework.Mum left after 5 minutes and the clone saw me.I climbed in after it opened the window.

"Want me to stop doing your homework"it asked,while I changed in my bedroom,

"Nope,but continue doing it please"I called,hopping into the shower.

When I came out it was finished my homeowork and just sat on the bed.

"You need to change your name,Anna.I wrote dow a bunch of random names and surnames"it said,handing me the list.

"Let's check them out later,you go back to reflection world while,go on facebook,downstairs  and do other stuf"I said.It nodded,at my order and stepping through the mirror.I touched it,watched it ripple and my reflection went back to normal.

I smiled happyily and walked down the stairs.Adi was playing with her toys while Eian worked on his collage stuff.Mum and Dad were heading out to the pub down the road from the estate.

I watched tv then put Adi to bed.Eian played five matches of monopoly then I went to bed.I went to the mirror after Eian said goodnight and allowed the reflection out. We sat on the bed and looked at the list.The list of names were very unknown and unsual;






"I pick Serah because the rest are weird"I said,pointing my finger at the name Serah.

The second names were even weirder;






"Celecta?"The reflection asked,shugging.

"Yeah so my name is Serah Celecta,it's a ok name,just need to remember it"I whispered.I got into my pyjammes and got into bed.I quickly tapped the mirror and got back into bed with my laptop on my lap.By 3:00,I turned off the laptop,brushed my teeth,brushed my hair and got very tired so I went to sleep.

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