4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


9. Stars(Saturday)

Serah POV We had training all day(because of what happened yesterday) and we just came back after 10 o'clock. "Serah,Lyla told me to tell you to go to her room now"Rosetta shouted from down the hallway.I sat up off the bean bag I bought and went to her room...if only I could find it. I finally found her door,that led up to some stairs with photos of stars. I knocked on the door but it just opened. When I walked into her bedroom,I was surprised of the amount of....stars,I mean real stars,like in super Mario galaxy where the character Rosalina (Note from author: Lyla and the character Rosalina from my book,Camelia are the same kind,both goddesses but Lyla is a Mama too of stars) "I'm out here Serah"Lyla called outside her balcony. I came out and she was floating up and down.She was always floating while we walked or ran,I want to fly like her. Her balcony was like a big circle and the two glass doors I came through disappeared as the glass door shut themselves,cool. "Am I dreaming?"I asked,standing beside her and looking at the stars. "No,you're not.This is real Serah" "How many languages does Rosetta speak?" "I'm not the one to be asked that question" "Oh,sorry" "It's ok" I stared up at the stars and the moon,shining down on us and all the city lights on as well. It was extremely beautiful,I mean all the lights were on and people were looking outside their windows,watching Lyla do her magic. I sat on the edge and watch her fly high into the sky. Suddenly stars started to sparkle,I mean really really sparkle brightly. It was amazing what she was doing,as well as other stars who followed her and created shapes in the sky. Lyla POV Just a little bit more then I'm finished. I spun around and around then the moon even shined even brighter.I smiled and the stars twinkled nice and bright in the sky "Star bright,star light,let you're mama show you the way"I sang,flying around all over the place. Everyone was cheering on then tons and tons of fireworks were everywhere I looked,it was extremely beautiful. Tons and tons of them appeared,even some of the other planets were sending off fireworks........Even some demons were watching,bit strange though. I smiled and jumped and did all sorts of flips and turns. Serah smiled,smiled so brightly it made me happy and I smiled too. I twirled into the sky,around and around. Serah POV The stars were like balls of gas far out at space but can't be touched unless you find it.The sky was like as if a black piece of velvet had been lied over the sky and sprinkled with shining gems including saffiar, azure,violet,peacock blue,delft,aqua,navy,steel,cobalt,royal and shined all night while the younger ones slept all night. Lyla was still in the sky. I saw the fireworks,they were all different colours. The pink and purple were burning though the sky,the yellow,red and orange kept glowing then went tremendous,blue and dark blue were Raging into the sky and the rest just roared as loud as you can possibly imagine then became very intense. The others came out to me and watched everything. Everything heated the place and we were all happy,watching Lyla soar through the sky. But one thing bothers me,how did she end up being a mama for stars? She dashed across us,making the wind blow our hair everywhere. She was finished and floated down and stood on the edge of the balcony and took a bow. Then waved goodnight to everyone and came over to us. We clapped the minute Rosetta nudged me then I started to clap and everyone else clapped after they realise she was walking towards us. "That was fucking amazing,how the hell did you do that?"I blurred out,jumping into her arms and hugged her tight. She smiling and hugged me back. We left the apartment and went on the amusements...THEY WERE WAY BETTER THEN THE ONES IN THE NORMAL WORLD.. Oh yeah,I should probally visit and go to school. Later that night,I left at 12:00,everyone saying goodbye and heading to where ever they hang out. I went to the portal and disappeared. In the normal world I arrived just on time and Anna greeted me(remember,she's the clone) and she went back to mirror land.All the memories she did popped into my head and I smiled,seeing everything that happened while I was gone. Then I saw detectives watching the reflection walk to the bus stop,greeting my good friend...oh know! I forgot his name! I went to sleep and had a nightmare. The next day I came down in my pyjamas and found my mum making pancakes. "Morning"I heard her say,placing the pancakes on a plate."Here's yours,you're brother has left for college and Adi is in her playroom" "Alright,thanks"I said,taking the plate,smiling and sitting town at the counter."What day is it today?" "It's Friday and you're going to Eva's house,remember she invited you to sleep 'cause it's Saturday tomorrow" "Oh yeah,now I remember"I said sarcastically,spreading nutella/chocolate spread all over the pancake and eating it. A voice suddenly pounded in my head and I dropped to the floor for a couple of seconds. Mum was shaking me and calling Dad to get up out of bed,lazy ass. I fluttered my eyes open and zoomed up and standing on my own two feet. "Hunny,are you ok,are you sick?"my mum asked,panicking as usual. "Someone is videoing us"I whispered,eyeing the camera man outside the kitchen window. George probally would appear and smack him down. Then I realised he just did and outside there was a whole load of people with cameras everywhere. My parents heard nothing except for me who could hear all the racket and banging and shouting. I just put my plate in the washing machine and headed up stairs to find my team in my bedroom. "Yo Serah"Mathew shouted,throwing a pillow after I went to shut the door. "I think I'm going to skip the normal rountine and go to the magic world"I said,going into my wardrobe and changing into my future clothes.When I came out,they were all having a big conversation about Jason and me. Then Dead came in through my open window,landing on both knees as if he glided across the stage and landed on his knees. "I feel alive"he shouted,then got hit by a pillow by Scott. "Dead,shut up,my parent's will hear you"I whispered,touching the mirror and allowing my reflection step out. Everyone was already heading into my wardrobe. Rosetta waited for me,Dead just skipped in and smoking his pipe.....a lot. "You ready to go Serah?"she asked,taking my arm and dragging me into the wardrobe before I was going to answer. Anna shut both doors and got dressed in my uniform and left for school. In the magic world We appeared in the kitchen,lunch was already set and Leanna already sitting at the table.We all sat down and Rosetta and Jacob sat across from each other. Scott sat beside Matthew,I sat beside Rosetta and Jason. "You might as well dig in like?"Leanna said,taking a wrap and putting chicken in it. Molly loves chicken and mayonnaise in a wrap but it isn't her favourite. I've no idea what her favourite is but she sure loves pennies with chicken fillet and mayonnaise in it. We all digged in and ended up having a game of Chinese whisperers,it was great crack. I ate quietly thinking about going to the amusements with everyone. "Hey guys,can we please go to the amusements tonight?"I asked,taking a sip of Lyla's homemade fizzy drink. We all washed our plates and got ready for training. The top of my outfit was brown and gold and a long,brown not tight,skirt.I wore brown heels. I came out and Rosetta put her thumbs up and winked. When we were all set to leave the apartment,most of the boys were drooling 'cause of what us girls were wearing. "Wake up will yeah"Rosetta shouted,shaking them all. They shook and walked out the door. Jacob locked it and we went to the lift but it was packed as usual so we dicided to climb the stairs to the roof then decided it's best to go down the slide that brings you to the entrance of the appartment building,cool,ain't it. And I've no idea where Dead is.
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