4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


15. Not a good time to visit the normal world(Friday)

Serah POV 

In the magic world

Next day at 11:00 

I opened my eyes slowly and my teddies were everywhere around me on my bed.The curtains were opening by themselves,I think with magic,yes defiantly with magic and Rosetta was staring into my eyes.

"Finally you're awake Serah,we training so get you're ass out of bed and get ready"she ordered,jumping up and down on her knees on my bed.

"Who made you mother of the house"Scott teased,standing at the door,aiming a robbed pillow from Leanna's bedroom at Rosetta's face.

"Scott,give me back my pillow or you will suffer my wreath!"Leanna demanded,holding up her gun at him.

"Lads,seriously,don't be violent towards each other"Jacob shouted from across the hallway.

"Scott you pervert on creeping up on me"Lyla said,hitting him in the head. The others came and everyone started calling each other names(that were only messing....except Rosetta of course)

"Can you all please get out so I can get dressed before I drown you til you're body's rot as hell"I shouted,pushing Rosetta off my bed and waiting for them to leave. I got dressed and put my shoe's on.

"Serah,that was a little to far"Jacob said when I came into the kitchen. Dead just sat on the couch,watching t.v.(not really)

"I'm sorry,I didn't sleep well during the night"I apoligised,pouring myself a bowl of frosties.

"Same"George said.

"Me too"Matthew said too.

"We all didn't sleep well"Jason corrected,putting away his bowl in the dish washer.

"Maybe because someone wouldn't shut the fuck up last night"Lyla shouted,hoping someone heard her. We all stared at Dead. Then he realized he was being observed and staring back at us.

"What are you all staring at?"he panicked,hiding himself behind one of the pillows. Rosetta sat beside him.

"Dead we're not stupid like you,we can see you"she said,smiling. He took away the pillow and we left for training. We do training so we know how to kill demon's and monsters if we're attacked. It was lashing with rain so we got the underground train. I sat beside Jason who put his arm around me and I moved in closer. My wrist is after recovering still sore though but I can still do some training. Jumping over stacks of hay and racing over the wall is great craic.

And then we all played a game,similar to dodge ball,just have use ball's of you're own magic instead of a ball. It's actually much easier,if I say so myself. And Dead will always remain stupid and a pain in the ass,but funny as well.

"Can this day get any worse"Rosetta complained,fanning herself with a book. We were in cafe,having lunch.

"Eh,Rosetta,why are the fishes eating?"I asked,scared of the weird looking food,including the fish.

"It's fish food,Serah,just different from the normal world"Lyla said,getting her food. Dead joined us...and sat there with his legs on another table. 

"Matthew,does this look ok"Lyla asked,showing her drawing to everyone including Dead.

"Well,what's everyone's opinion?"Matthew asked,looking at everyone's faces. Everyone was quiet until someone just randomly spoke.

"My opinions may have changed,but not the fact that I am right"Dead said,standing up,stretching even though he has no skin,what else can I say.

"Does anyone have spare change?"Scott asked,running over to us.

"Here"I said,handing him some left over euros."Happy?"

"Yes,thank you"he thanked,taking it.

"Scott,money can't buy happiness,but it sure makes misery easier to live with"Dead spoke,smoking his pipe....even though he was asked 4 times to go out the back.

We left the place and headed back to training. Training ended at 6,Rosetta told me that in a couple of days..we'll be starting training school but actually,we were already doing it,'cause that's what the whole team and other teams said and I found out that George dared her to say it.

In the apartment 

"I'm going home,need to learn some stuff"I shouted from the bedroom door,because they were all eating the rest of the cooked dinner. I packed my phone and camera..oh and my Ipod into my small bag. There was knock at door. I turned around to see it who it was and standing there was a friend who guided Rosetta to this world. 

Puss the Cat.

"Mind if I come in?"he asked,meowing and inviting himself into my bedroom.(by the way,Molly is allergic to cats,but don't know about this one though).

"Sure"I said,closing the door and turning around."You're stalking me,aren't you?"

"If you put it that way,no,I am not stalking you"he teased,getting confortable. I sat beside him,listing to him.

"Serah,do you know how immortal's know you're The Water Element?"he asked,looking up at me.

"No,why?"I asked,getting even more curious,smiling a little.

"They can tell because of you're skin"he explained,sitting up."And also when someone touchs you,they can feel waves and water but you can't feel but only see"

"How come?"I asked,telling Rosetta and Scott to keep it down from fighting.

"Because,that's the way you were born"


"I better go now Serah,got others to help too as well as you"he said,jumping off my bed and disappearing out of thin air. I got ready and said goodbye to everyone and headed to the portal when Jason came in. He wanted to come with me so I allowed him. We left and a demon watched us disappear and disappeared himself.

In the normal world 

We arrived at the entrance of my estate,I checked the time. It was a saturday moring,the sun was shining and a car had stopped right across from us. Jason looked away and hid beside me. We finally got to the tree and climbed it when I accsently got caught by my mum.

I was at the very top and mum was coming around the corner.

"Jason,hurry up and get into through my bedroom window!"I whispered,giving him a little push. He opened the window and quickly got in. I got in too and slowly shut ted the window."That was a close one" 

Anna(remember,the clone) was on the laptop then noticed us and allowed me to go on laptop. 

"Add me on facebook if you want to,Serah"Jason said,flopping himself onto my bed.

"Alright,what's you're name?"I asked,clicked on the space where you search for someone.

"Here,let me sign into my account so I can look you up"


" I haven't been in the normal world since I was last here"

"I understand"I said,taking his hand. He blushed and I smiled. He signed in and the amount of notifications,messages and friend requests he had.It hour to check 'em all..or less. Then we both finally found my page and he added.My phone buzzed and I accepted it. We also took a few photo's on TheLolCam and posted them on facebook. Loads of people were texting me asking how I knew Jason..except they didn't say Jason. The reflection went back to mirror land and all the memories came to me.

"You're given name,is-"

"Max,Max Schneider is my name"Jason interrupted. We sat beside each other on the bed,sitting quite close. He put his arm around my shoulder."If anyone,including you're parent's,the world would've found out that was still around then they'd end up stalking me to the magic world"

"That has already happened to me"I said,putting my head on his shoulder.

Jason POV 

I love Serah right now and the way I feel about her is truly....not something I can express with the perfect words. She makes me laugh and smile and I know even when we talk about something she loves in the end and I love her. She is willing to see the movie I want. I am willing to buy the ice cream flavor she wants. I get this feeling inside before i see her. excitement--because she is beautiful and I wouldn't want her any other way. 

Serah looked at me,smiling and I smiled back .As her eyes started to shut,she leaned in. Kisses against of mine giving me indication.I stare back at her and presses against her lips.Sweet love is born.My lips spoke love and her's spoke forever. Then the doorbell rung and 5 men dressed in suits were at the front door.

Serah POV 

I tip-toed,halfway down the stairs and listened to the conversation at the front door.

"Yes,can I help you?"My mum asked,arms crossed and blocking me from the group.

"May we come in,sit down and talk to you're daughter?"the man in front asked. Jason came down quietly and listened too.

"About what may I ask?"my Mum asked,curious about them. We quickly ran upstairs so she couldn't see us. "I'll call her"

"Excellent"the man muttered. My mum pretended to not hear him,good job.

"Anna??"she called,coming upstairs. I was in my room,talking to Jason. She smiled when she saw him. He looked in the direction I was facing and quickly hid himself."Jason,it's ok,I know who you are and where you live now"

"You do?"I asked,confused.

"Really"Jason asked,popping out again.

"Yes and I know you're a element"she said,then paused and thought what she should  she call me.

"Mum,call me Serah please"I begged. She nodded and made me go downstairs to the living room where thoughs men wanted to talk to me.

I sat there,watching them come in and sit and around me.

"What you want?"I asked rudely,arms crossed.

"I just want to ask some questions and get some answers"The man said,getting someone to ask my mum to make him a coffee. But she had left,dropping Adi to my cousins house while she headed to cork. So the person had to make coffee himself."What is you're given,taken and true name?"

"My given,you already know,my taken name not telling you and my true name,I do not know and even if I did know,I wouldn't tell you"I said.

"Ok,why does you're skin look all wet and looks like the sea?"he asked,jotting down all the answers he can get.

"I know why but I'm not telling you"

"Why not?"A guard asked,showing me hi badge.

"None of you're dam business"I answered,looking at the time.

"Where is the magic world?"The boss asked,taking a sip of his coffee.

"Can't tell you that"

"Where are these missing teenagers hiding?"

"My lips are sealed"

"How do you get to the magic world?"

"You already asked that question"I teased,putting my middle finger at him.

"If you were attacked by a mortal man,what would you do?"

"Run away,try and hurt him or ring 991"

"How many powers do you have?"

"Can't tell you that"

"You already said that,kid"he said,trying to think of any questions."Is Ireland up there?"

"Don't know"

"Dam,Miss.Pevzner,what aren't you telling us"he demanded,banging the table.

"Sorry Mr.Angry pants,I'm telling you nothing about me or the magic world"I apologized,grinning at him He gave up and was ready to leave.

"By the way Anna,if you don't tell us what we need to know,we'll just keep on stalking you"he said,then realised what he had just said. He moaned and they all left,thank god.

"Can I come down down?"Jason whipered from upstairs. I headed up to him and spend the whole day with him,taking tons of photos and posting them on facebook,lol...I think I have an idea for getting the police and government to forget about the magic world and stuff.....

That night in bed in the normal world

"Jason,it wasn't a good time to go visit the normal world"I whispered,when we were lying on my bed,nearly falling asleep wiith the tireness. He nodded and lay down as I turnes off the lights.

"Serah?"he whispered after we both got confortable.

"Yeah?"I whispered back.

"Promise me that you won't tell anyone else beside the team about my given name"

"I shall"I said,closing my eyes and falling asleep beside him.

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