4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


16. Goodbye forever(Saturday)

In the magic world Serah POV In the bath with bubbles and all steamy everywhere,just pure silence until a loud banging noise from someone knocking on my bathroom door,just ruined everything. "Serah!!!"Jason shouting,coming in by accident. I screamed and through soap at him and then....the toilet? Na,I through the sink*being sarcastically*I through my empty bin at him and glared at him,covering myself. "I'm practically naked here"I shouted,sinking down so he could only see my head."You could of seen,know" "I'm sorry,I......I just heard the water make a noise"he said,then heard a thumbing noise. "Oh by the way.Jason"I said,lifting what we call a tail."Why am I attached to a fishes tail!!!???" He glared,dropped his bag on the floor. "Lyla,Lyla???LYLA??!!"He shouted,looking at the ceiling. Then she appeared in the room and looked at Jason. "What?"she asked,covered and I'm in bath! "Look"he answered,pointing at my tail,hanging out of the bathtub. She beamed and smiled."Is that all you wanted to tell me" "Is that all you wanted to show me?"she said,hands on hips. He nodded. "Guys I'm getting out of the bath so get out,so get out now please"I said,splashing water at them. They walked out and out of my bedroom.I tried to get out,my god it was hard to get out,half a fish,half Element.I locked the door and reached for the hairdryer. And guess where it shoulder,then my hand. I screamed in pain and dried my tail with the other hand,holding onto the hairdryer. Rosetta knocked on the door. "Are you ok Serah?"she shouted,trying to open the door. My tail disappeared and legs appeared. "Serah,can we come in?"George called,laughing a bit. "Don't come in!"I shouted,getting up. "Why not?"Scott called,high fiving George. "No,I mean..I'm practically naked here!"I shouted,putting on a dressing gown. In the kitchen,after training "You idiots,you sick sick,horrible idiots"Rosetta shouted,hitting them so hard. "She's right you know"Jacob said,smirking and making himself some kokao noodles (that's right,this world still makes them) "I'm glad you didn't turn out to be like someone"Leanna said,looking at Dead who was....siting on the T'.V.?...Ok? "Ugh,I'm going home"I said,leaving the table and heading to the corridor that leads to my room and Rosetta's and Lyla's. "Hang on a moment Serah,there's something we need to discuss"Jason said,stopping me. "What is it?"I asked,spinning around and smiling. "Serah,before you go,you have to make a decision"Rosetta answered,bringing me over to everyone. "What decision?"I asked again. "You have a choice to live in this world forever or you remain in both worlds"Jacob explained. "You guys can't be serious" "We are" "But,am I only one to do it?" "No" "Why?" "Serah,look at us all,we had all had a choice and we all chose to stay here forever"Matthew explained. Puss appeared. "Same goes to me too"he said,purring from Rosetta petting him. "Me too"Dead shouted from the spiral stairs that headed obviously upstairs. I laughed a bit and thought over. If I choose to stay here forever..I'll never see that world again? "Ok..I have decided"I admitted. "You have?"Jacob said,blaring at me. "Wow,that was unexpected"Lyla said,taking a sip of her orange juice. "Yes,I'm staying"I whispered,my head held low. "OK,Serah,so you go tell you're family that you're the first element and say that the new history books that said that there were 5 elements,Water,Fire,Earth,Air..and The Heart" Jason explained. "Alright,but I'm still going home"I said,fixing my socks. "You are home silly"Jacob teased,laughing thinking what he said was funny. "Shut up,I'm going to the normal world one more time before I say goodbye"I shouted,angrily,fists clenched tightly."And don't follow me even try and stop me" I stormed off in a huff and left for the normal world. I stood on the platform and disappeared. In the normal world I picked through the gap of the wardrobe doors to see if Mum was around. Tomorrow morning,I'm going to leave a letter and they'll find the my bedroom stuff gone. Anna (the clone,remember)was reading on my bed and saw me. And for some reason,I hugged her and sat beside her on my bed. "You're living in the magic world,aren't you?"it said,handing me my book that I was reading. "How did you know?"I asked in shock,thinking she was reading my mind or something. "Well you came back empty handed,no shoes on and carried nothing,so I presumed that you're were saying goodbye"it said,smiling the smile I always use when I'm smiling.....hang on,that doesn't even make any sense."And by the way,I being honest here,I don't want to continue you're normal life anymore,so when you leave,I will be in mirror land,getting on with my own life" "That's ok" "And I'm serious about you coming back empty handed" The window was open.allowing fresh air into my room. "Oh now I see what you're saying to me"I said,smiling. "Alright"it said,smiling with excitement. I magically teleported every single object I owned. Now I can teleported without standing on the platform. "Now you can go back to mirror land"I ordered,walking over to my mirror. I hugged her tightly and allowed her to walk into mirror land.I touched the mirror and watched it ripple.Then I noticed that there was a camera man in the tree. I yelped,put my hands out and soaked them with water. The camera man's camera was destroyed. It was a man. "Whatcha go and do that for,this was bran new!"he complaining,trying to fix the camera. "Because you were videoing me while I was getting ready to say goodbye to the normal world and move into the magic world forever"I shouted then realized what I just said."Now look what you've made me're recording this aren't you" He shook his head,his hand behind his back,holding onto a recorder. I pretended to leap at him,he fell for it and jumped off the tree then ran for it,right passed the car that was spying too.Great,he got away. I made it rain,pour with rain and don't stop. Then Jason appeared behind me and giving me the biggest fright ever. "Jason,you bastard,you almost gave me a heart attack!"I shouted,hitting him and taking deep breaths. Then furniture appeared in my room,everything was different. "Almost" "Shut up" "Na" "Just shut up and kiss me!" I jumped into his arms and kissed him..for ages.Then my dad accidentally came in and wanted me to introduce my boyfriend. "Will I tell him you're given name or you're taken name?"I whispered to Jason. "My taken name please"he whispered back,holding onto my hand. I nodded. "Hi Dad,this is.....Jason Marcro"I lied,allowing them to shake hands. "Hi sir,nice to meet you"Jason said,letting go of my dads hand. Then my dad looked at me and smiled. "I'll leave you two to it"he said,smiling and shutting the door. "Eh,thanks?" I thought. "Now where were we?"Jason asked,lying on my bed. "Making out?"I said in confusion."My dad can quite weird at times like today" "Let's just fall asleep 'til it's over 12 then you can start you're letter" "Are you stalking me Jason?"I asked,cuddling up beside him. He put his arm around me. "Now if I was a stalker,wouldn't I be trying to kill you?" "Yes" "There you go,now let's got to sleep before we leave" "Yes" We both fell asleep. Rosetta POV "Ugh,when I they coming back Jacob!"I moaned,walking up and down the kitchen. "Have patience Rosetta,they will be back soon"Jacob explained. I sighed and carried on playing chess with Scott. "Ok fin, but they better be here'cause I swear if they don't march in here,I'm going-" "You're going to march up to the portal,step onto the platform,disappear and reappear in her old bedroom,we get it" George interrupted,trying to calm me down. Serah POV And then it turned 11! "Jason,it's 11 o'clock and guess what..I haven't the strength to be writing a letter" I argued,throwing the paper into my bin. "Just relax and think,use that Water brain of yours"he said,massaging my shoulders. "Ok fine....wait what?" "Never mind" "Fine" I thought then I smiled and wrote until I got to the very end. It said: Dear mother and father,the past few days I had a difficult decision to make. At first I was not too sure what I wanted but now i know exactly where I want to be. I have left to go live in the magic world. I want you to know that i love you all very much and nothing you do can make me change my mind. I have made up my mind and I will miss you all very much. Goodbye my beloved family. The worst part of this all is not knowing if you are going to make the right secession,listening to your heart or your mind. Ian and Adi,you don't know how difficult it is to say goodbye forever but hey,I will try and send you a post card or letter,maybe both. but there will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something,something that defies logic,upsets your plans and may seam crazy about where I am living to others. When it happens,you say it and say that she passed away if they ask you where am I gone. Listen to your instincts and ignore everyone else,even if the police arrive and ask you questions. And when you finish reading this,the clone that was doing my normal life while I go off slaving demons,you might dream about me,you're missing daughter. It is never too late,no matter how old you get because anytime or any point in your life you can always do your best and be all that you can be because you will always be loved and remembered,by me. It is why it is always wise to listen to your eternal heart,hear it beat and beat,your eternal instincts and what it had always strove for and/or to do because really anybody can make a difference not only in their own lives but in the lives of others that aren't the same as me. I am a Element, I am Water and it is never too late to shine;never. I will never,ever forget you,keep this letter somewhere save and if you wish,you can photocopy it and give it to the police and government. Goodbye forever, Anna Pevsnver Also known as Serah Celecta,Water the first one Elelment. "Well is it good!!!???"I shouted/asked the 4th time. "It's too long" "Oh is it now?Well I ain't rewriting it so back off and give me my letter" I snatched it off him. He gave me a dirty look so I put the middle finger up. 12:00,everyone asleep,time to go down and get some food. I tip-toed down the stairs, lights off, I turn them slightly on and place the letter on the kitchen table where everyone mostly eats food. I went to the fridge and Jason wrapping his arms around me. "We really need to go"he whispered. We quietly went back to my room and let Anna out of mirror land. Then we decided to freak all the camera people and police outside. It was fun then they drove quickly out of the estate,yay! And we went home so we disappeared. In the magic world,my home We appeared in the kitchen and was just on time for dinner. Rosetta greeted us like nothing happened when she was complaining about us being late. After dinner I settled under the covers,my old furniture in the old spots and Jason kissing me goodnight. "Goodnight"he said,both of our lips touching each other and then a big hug. He left,smiling and blowing kisses. I closed my eyes as he closed the door then I was fast asleep,deeply.
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