4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


4. Getting used to this whole skipping idea(Wednesday)

I woke up at 6:00 to find a whole bundle of clothes,accessories and shoes were at the end of my bed.There was also a piece of paper.I read it and wondered why it was so short.This is what it said:

Your welcome,Element :)

Sort of creepy but I have no idea who send it and what side are they on.I tapped my mirror and watched the reflection step out.

"I know who gave you though stuff and they are good"The reflection said.

"Really,who,Jason?"I said sarcastically,high fiving my own hand because Miss.Clone here won't high five my hand back.

"No,silly.Lyla did.They're a gift for you so we might as well put them in your new secret walk-in wardrobe"she said,pointing at my wardrobe.She opened it and I was about to walk in when she stopped me."Before we go in,you must remember you're name is Serah Celecta and I am you,who is named Anna Pevzner"

"Alright,alright,I get it.I call you Anna and everyone and you call me Serah except for my family and mortal friends"

She smiled.I smiled back.

"Oh before you go in,you have to decide what colour you want the walk-in wardrobe to be"she said.

"Really?"I asked,politely,buzzing like crazy.

"Yeah"she answered.

"Any ideas?"I asked again.

"Light blue"

"Yeah"I agreed.

"Dark or light?"

"Could it be both?"

"it's said that The Water Element loved everything she owned,her bedroom,bathroom,walk-in wardrobe was the colour Baby Blue"

"How do you know these things?"I asked,wondering how 'I knew these things'.

"Sorry Serah but I can't tell you how"

"Why not?"

" 'Cause it's none of your business.Now lets get cracking and get your new clothes and stuff into that baby blue room!"


We both grabbed the clothes,stuff and shoes and walked inside.When I saw the closet,I was surprised and nearly felt like I was in heaven.It was amazing.There was a chair in the middle,closets everywhere,all empty with no attached doors,a double doorway with no doors and about three mirrors round the place.The two of us spend-ed half an hour putting the new stuff away.

I got dressed in baby blue and whit striped top,with matching boots.I wore a baby blue skirt with white buttons.

I looked at myself in the biggest mirror and thought to myself "I'm quite beautiful' and I'm not even wearing any make up!

Anyway,I tied my hair up in a fish tail.The go go(the thing that ties up your hair) was blue,including the earrings,necklace and hairband.Anna(the clone)called me. 

We went through the double doorway and found a dark room with a sort of watery platform.

"Before you go there,I must show you a short court to the magic world"

"That's looks more like a portal to me"I said,crossing my arms.

"Because it is.Holy pig,why you being so cheeky to me Serah?"

"I'm sorry,I was just trying to correct what you said"

"No one can bet the great and powerful cheeky one"I laughed then frowned and stared at her."What?"

"It's just,you said 'Holy pig'.Why did you say that?"

"Oh,well,it's kind of a long story.And the cheeky powerful one idea,it's not true.I'm not cheeky but Rosetta is the Top ten and no one can beat her at it"

"Right,well bye and see you sometime when I come back"I said,waving goodbye.

"Oh,Serah before you go,I need to tell you how to get to the world above.If you just stand on the platform,yes,that's right,just imagine yourself that your there then you'll just disappear and begin walking until you find the others"Anna explained.

I nodded and stood on the platform.I started to gather up water,spinning around me in one direction while I spin in the opposite.I saw Anna,my reflection smiling and leaving the walk-in wardrope and get ready for a normal day. The platform disappeared,water everywhere then I disappeared too.

Back to the Magic World

I had my eyes closed and when I opened them,I was standing in a cold,damp,bright cave with sparkling objects everywhere. I walked out and was by the sea side,the waves crashing against the rocks as pretty mermaids sat on them and splashed about.They saw me and waved at me to come over.I went over to them and met someone I knew.


"So,have you decided what your name is going to be?"she asked,smiling as she went behind a rock and had legs instead of a tail.

"Your..a..mermaid!"I said,ignoring what she asked.

"Yes,yes I am and now you know my secret.Tell me,did you decide on your name?"she repeated,walking up the steps with me.

"Yes.My name is now officially Serah Celecta"

"Awesome,my name is Leanna Mellcana"

"Nice name.I'm getting thirsty,can we go inside?"

"We're meeting the rest of the lads in a cafe near here"


We walked up the steps and came to this adorable cafe where the tables were all set up with flowery napkins and gold cutlery,Rosetta was there,glaring at the pretty flowers that weren't even real.

"Hey,Anna,come check these out"Rosetta said,waving both arms around.Lyla whispered in her ear."I mean,come sit down,Serah"

I smiled and ran over to where everyone was sitting. They all seamed to be extremely quiet,like they were expecting to see me,as I sat down.

"So,what's your name?"Jacob asked,taking a sip of his drink.

"Serah Celecta is now officially my name"I said,taking a small bow and looking at the menu.Everyone ordered their food and had a couple of different mineral. The food was unreal,I mean it.I had pasta carbonara and garlic bread.It tasted like heaven on earth.

BUT THE DESERT WAS DE VINE! I mean it,it's my opinion,you know.Oh and Rosetta and Scott were planning on having a food fight but it didn't happen,thank goodness. We left and walked down into the busiest street. AND paparazzi was everywhere around me 'cause I'm the first element to arrive to the magic world. A women started asking me so many questions,I couldn't understand a word from what she was saying. We finally came to the apartment the team were staying in...IT HAD 10 FLOORS IN ALL THE APPARTMENT'S IN THE BUILDING!!!!

Lyla opened the door,since she had her own key,everyone else had there own too but left it in there bedrooms. We came in and I glared at how tidy it was. There was the kitchen on the right and beside it headed downstairs to cinema and game room.There was a big long window across the room and on the left were spiral stairs that headed to the roof where there was a swimming pool,hot tub and steam room where everything were peace and quiet until Rosetta started to chase Scott because he through a pillow at her head and another at her back. So Leanna had no choice but to show me to my new bedroom,which was 4 floors up and when I walked in..IT WAS HUGE! She left me and went to her bedroom,which was down the hall.

Mine was all blue,a blue queen size bed,lamps either side,a walk-in wardrobe,a balcony,a bathroom with a big shower,TV and a desk,with all blue notepads and extra stuff,like a bin.There was also some photos of me and Rosetta on the bus,myself and Jason when we first met in my school,when we were all in the flying car where you can press buttons and the car changes.That was great crack.I opened the balcony door and stepped onto it.

"Wow"I said to myself out loud.Jason came out on his balcony which was above mine.He smiled and climbed down the pole. He landed and made me jump.

"Amazing,right?"he said,putting his arm around my shoulder and tucking me into his chest. I nearly went all red then started to blush extremely."Oh,you're staying the night,we've got the day off today but tomorrow we have training as normal"

"Great"I said,sighing and watching people zoom in on us and take a photo for the local newspaper.We went back inside and had so much fun. When I had a look in the walk-in wardrobe,it was exactly the same as the one back at home. It was awesome.There was very nice clothes and shoes but swimming togs were just adorable! I put them on and went swimming with Rosetta and Lyla.The others just went into the hot tub or the steam room or just elsewhere.

Jacob photo copied my timetable on a weird looking photo copier and sealed it with weird looking stuff that I've never heard of.In my new bedroom above the desk there was a board where you pin stuff,for example,my new time table.This is what it said;

Monday = Training(missed) all day

Tuesday = Training all day(first day)

Wednesday = Off today

Thursday = Training half the day from morning

Friday = Training afternoon

Saturday = Off at some amount of times(Rosetta want's to go on to the theme park/amusements with you ;) )

Sunday = Off all day

So today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday,so I'm off for the day,hurray,everyone is except for George,no offence but  ha ha,you have to work and I don't today.

The steam room is amazing.You have to wear special swimming togs that are brown.You can get an amazing tan but it only works for the day but if you sun bathe outside,wow!....Now sleep in my cosy,fluffy(not really fluffy) bed,with so many pillows and...teddies?Awesome,I guess.

Next day

Jason still not up,unbelievable,Rosetta isn't happy.

Jason POV

The minute I met her,looked at her face,I saw the blue sea in her eyes,as she blink's a couple of times.And when she walks,it's like walking on water and her hair bouncing around as if she's on a trampoline,walking beside me and smiling. Blonde hair and blue eyes.Very beautiful,have no idea what country she's from but she's beautiful in everything she wears,including her uniform. I have a crush on her and I hope she feel's the same for me. We're in a bar now and she sitting on a high chair,sipping her drink and smiling at Rosetta and Leanna.Looking beautiful as usual,in that short baby blue dress and white heels.Me,I look grand.Oh know,she spotted me staring at her and now she's coming over.She's about to kiss me,I can hear her voice shouting at me....

"Jason,come on.Get up and have breakfast.We have training this afternoon and you know what Rosetta is like in the morning"Serah shouted,pulling off the blanket and opening the curtains.

"What time is it?"I asked,putting on my clothes,while she stands outside my door. I came out and looked at her.

"You sure you're going to wear that?"she asked,smiling and dragging me back inside. 

When I came out,I felt fresh as a daisy.

"E-eh,thanks Serah"I said,slowly.She hugged me,smiling and skipped to the stairs.She slid down them.

Rosetta came out of her room and smiled. Jacob and George came out too.

"Someone's in love"Rosetta teased,laughing.

"Got to be careful on what you say now to impress her"George teased.

"Can you guy's help me to impress her?"I asked,hoping they would say yes.

"Sorry kiddo but you're on you're own"Jacob said,putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Some friend's you are"I said,crossing my arms.

"We're just doing what's right,Jason.Don't blame us for not helping you"Rosetta said,holding on my arms and hugging it.

"Rosetta is right,we'll be by your side,always 'cause we're a team"George said, walking towards the stairs.

"I get it,you want me to win her on my own 'cause that what you'd expected yourself to do too"I said,finally realising why.

"That's right so let's all not talk about it,only when she's not with us,ok?"Jacob said,agreeing with everyone by shaking their hands.Everyone else knew 'cause they all saw it too. I sighed and had breakfast.

Serah POV

Ok,so now I'm here standing in the kitchen,trying to decide what to have for breakfast.

"Em Rosetta,a little help here please"I shouted,smiling and waving at her.She came over and helped me.

"That's crave,Serah.Can't you read?"she said,laughing and taking it out.I poured it,Jason pouring that milk,'cause I made such a mess(it wasn't my fault,blame my blushing at him).

"Rosetta,tell her now"Lyla shouted from her bedroom down the hallway.

"Tell me what?"I asked,looking at her,curious.She smiled,shrugged and took a deep breath.

"The laws in this world. 1)You aren't allowed bring mortals(normal people) to this world unless they are immortal and have seen islands in the sky.2)You're not allowed to bring clothes from this world to that world down there.3)You are NOT,I mean NOT,allowed bring any magical objects down there,even if your doing you're exams,you're not allowed cheat in it!"she explained.I nodded then frowned.

"What happens if you break a law?Are you arrested for doing it?"I asked,smiling.

"That's something I don't know"

"Why not?"

"'Cause I've never broke the law ever since I came here"


We left and went to go training.


We had training in the morning and Jason got distracted by me that he accidentally lost his balance. Everyone sighed. And I've no idea what the fuck is going on with him. We did a lot of activities and I was really good at the underwater racing. Other teams got jealous 'cause they don't have an element and we do. But like,everyone's fantastic at everything,what's so good about me,I just started like and their already being envious about it to us,I mean..what the hell?

I had a good night sleep and off tomorrow morning until afternoon so I'll be grand. And going shopping on Saturday with the girls while the boys go and watch a match of goaling(never heard of it so don't go asking me how it works!). It's a weird game,but I guess every sport me anyway.I always wonder how did Lyla and the others get here.Well I know none of the other girls aren't elements,because I'm the first one,remember that,please.

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