4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


20. Everything happening at once(Wednesday)

24th,December,Christmas Eve,yay!

Serah POV 

Coming home and walking into our apartment,ah,the smell of it,need to open some windows,its very stuffy in here.I went to my room,memorizing it,smiling and diving onto my bed. When I came back into the kitchen,a Christmas tree was being put up.We all helped Lyla decorated it.There was a 45 year old bird's nest nestled against the trunk.It came from the Snowy Range in Wyoming.Jason found it in his cut Christmas tree when he was just 3 years old.The gold paint that Lyla sprayed it with has worn away and is now a slight patina on the dried mud and twigs.We also have the ones I decorated as a child,glass balls with cotton fluff,sequins and glitter still attached,it was all magical.We also added to it with lots of different colours of tinsel.It has multicolored lights, glass balls, and a variety of mecra ornaments as well as dough snowmen and clothespin reindeer's.Also,sparkly silver tinsel.Topped off with a plastic-canvas and yellow yarn star with gold edging.

"It's beautiful guys"I said,smiling and hugging everyone....because I kind of felt like I needed to.Then I came to Jason.I smiled and instead of hugging him,I kissed him on the lips in front of everyone and we didn't really care.

"Dinner is served everyone"Leanna shouted,sitting down and waiting for all of us to sit down too.My table cloth was a creamy vanilla color with a bright Christmas tree in the middle and the swirly gold designs are beautiful.There was mashed potato's,salad,gravy,beans and the most important, roasted brown chicken.It was lovely then Dead arrived late and had bought himself beer..tons of it.For desert it's either apple,,cherry pie with whipped cream on top.By this time the house smelled so good.We decided to have 'em all and were so full after so we watched t.v. and did our own stuff.

Jason and I sat outside on the main balcony,drinking hot chocolate with marsh mellows and sprinkles.He asked me to put a blind fold on,stand up and turn around.I waited about a min and he turned me back around and I took the blind fold off.

Then when I looked around,everyone was around us looking at me and I looked down and Jason was on one knee with a opened velour black box that has his grandmothers 6ct diamond ring. 
He started to tear up and said "I love you so much, I want to wake up with you every morning, I want to start a family with you when we're much older and I just want to grow old and play bingo with you"

Than he held my hand and said "Serah Celecta will you marry me?"

My heart skipped maybe 2 beats when he asked me to be his wife,I started to cry of course.

"Oh hell yeah!"I answered,smiling.He slipped the ring on my finger and he gave me a bear hug but I didn't care I was just so shocked!I wasn't sure what was going on around us but I think everyone was clapping, I don't know it felt like everything around us faded."Eh,I mean...Yes,I will marry you"

He smiled and we both spent time together on the balcony,gazing into the sparkly sky.Then it turned late and we all went to sleep.

*In the dream* 

"Ok,so now,I'm in the same dream..again"I said to myself,wondering on a road heading towards the bar where I had a drink with Dead.Speaking of Dead,he was lying in the exact same spot.

"Serah,what are you doing here?"he asked,throwing a glass bottle but not even aiming the bottle correctly.

"Why,am I not allowed to be in you're dream too???"I asked,helping him stand up then allowing himself to go into the bar.When I walked in,everyone bowed then continued to whatever they were doing.

"Hey,look who's back"a familiar voice spoke. I spun around and smiled.

Phil O'neil.  

"Phil,me old flower"Dead said,hugging him,tightly."This is Serah C-"

"I know who she is dumb ass,I've met her before,here"


"Here,you were here,just too just drunk and stupid"

"And what am I now?"

"Still the same stupid skeleton,thinking he's so cool 'cause he has a fucking tank"

"Ok guys,break it up or I'll spray you with Water!"I shouted,standing between them.They both started to burst out laughing."I'm serious"

"You are?"Dead asked,hitting himself on the head to get some gold out.

"Hey!How dare you steal gold from my cave!"

"Hey,speaking of the underground water caves,good job on destroying that cocky bastard"Phil said,shaking hands with me and thanking me.Everyone in the bar did the same.I said you're welcome and then.......

*End of dream* 

I woke up,shot out of bed and ran to the kitchen.Everyone was awake,no one could sleep so we all sat together.Then ended up playing the Wii then the Xbox then PlayStation and back to the Wii.We played super smash bros brawl,where your each a different character and have a match.Rosetta and I played chess while watching the boys play soccer and American football.We laughed,through popcorn at each other,did karaoke and played monopoly,what an old game but still good.Then we decided to go back to sleep so that's exactly what we did but only got out pillows and blankets,didn't exactly get into bed,we all slept in the living room.

Christmas Day,yahoo!! 

I was lying on Jason's lap and looked up at him.He was looking at me,smiling.

"Morning sunshine"Rosetta shouted,popping beside Jason,smiling and extremely hyper.When I sat up,I noticed there were lots of presents everywhere.Everyone waited until I had woken up so we could all open our presents together that we have gotten each other.Rosetta dived in her present's and unwrapped them at the speed of lighting.Lyla carefully opened her's.It was the smallest but heaviest and was very surprised when she first glanced at it,mouth wide open and smiling at us.It was a glass star,with loads of other stars and herself,holding onto the main star.Scott and George's were the same,they both got a super fast motor except Scott's one was red and George's one was orange.Matthew and Jacob were surprised,they also got a super fast motor(A super fast motor are flying motorbikes that you can fly into the sky and can go up to a thousands Kilo metres but they can go super fast in space and in races.Dead,who came in dressed as Santa Claus....he even had a beard!!!!!He's completely mental,got the best pipe in the all universe and Leanna got really really expensive weapons and potions.Jason got a lighting guitar and a lighting tourch that can guide you to where or who you want most.

And last,it my turn.I opened it and smiled. I opened and gasped. It was a necklace,It was a sapphire gem.It's a type of rock.It looked like candy but you couldn't eat it! I put it on and it lit up,making all the lights turn off and making the room go all blue,like the colour of the sea.

"Marshmallow waffles aren't sentient beings?"Dead asked,drinking beer...again.I burst out laughing 'cause he kept making a wrong move while playing chess with Jason.

I went into to my room and just stared at the old portal that was till there,just not heading to the right direction your heart wants most.

Smiling,thinking back to when I was born,my birthday,my christening,my communion,my conformation,my 1st day of 1st year,half through 3rd year,leaving it,meeting Jason,meeting Rosetta,plus the bus driver,forgot about him,oops,Lyla,Leanna,everyone,my family....

I sighed and didn't notice that my necklace still shone in the darkness.

"Will this ever stop glowing?"I asked myself,out loud by accident of course.I sat on my bed,my back to Jason who was coming in.

"It will always glow Serah but only when it's all dark"Jason answered,giving me a small fright.He was smiling as he came around the bed and sat beside me.I smiled looking at him then looked normal and turned my head away from him.

"Will I ever see my family again?"I asked,tears streaming down my face. He kneeled down in front of me and closed the door by magic.

"Yes,Serah but remember that you chose to live here and only here until the rest of the element's are here"he answered,drying my fallen tears with his finger tips.I smiled but still looked very sad.

He leaned,closer and closer...Kissed me,it was long, passionate, and steamy.No awkwardness. Eyes closed.Exploring each other's lips at first and then faster,feeling the desire build up and knowing that you both want each other. Both of us getting turned on.

Jason POV 

Holding her firmly and securely in my arms,running my hand through her hair,then down her cheek. 

Staring right into her tired and crying eyes,slowly move in and lock lips intensely,deeply and passionately and the kiss will slowly but surely transition, seeing as it won't be long.

Serah POV 

"Your pretty close to that impression of you trying to look good"he teased,laughing a bit.

"How could I even close to that first impression?"I asked,frowning.He shook his head and muttered never mind.

"But just remember Serah...if the world didn't suck,we'd all fall off the edge"he said,standing up then realized what he said.I smiled,stood up and went back to the others. He had to go to his bedroom to work on stuff so I sat beside Rosetta and smiled at her.

"I don't think Dead isn't stupid anymore"she whispered,pointing at him and laughing a bit.What ever he was doing,I did not want to know what.Matthew and Scott got big cushions and went down on them on the spiral stairs,tripping Dead over and getting him angry.....

And then,Jason came over and kissed me on the lips.

"Will you marry me on the beach?"he asked,getting down on one knee.

And I said "Yes"






















*after credits*

On the beach,white chairs set up for everyone on the sand with a short isle down the middle and an alter at the end.The alter would have white,yellow,sea green and blue flowers all throughout it.They were also the colors in my bouquet.The bride maids and maid of honor,which is Rosetta,were wearing sea green dresses and the guys wore dark grey suits or tuxes,which ever suits them and my dress was blue ball gown one shoulder/mini taffeta wedding dress.Everyone seated,waiting for the bride to arrive..and finally,I'm here and now walking up the isle,on the sand. 

The priest was Dead,everyone hoping he won't mess his lines up.

"Dearly beloved,we are gathered together here on this lovely piece of land,in sight of the gods to join together this Asshole here and this Angel in holy matrimony;which is an honourable estate,instituted of The gods in Paradise which is where we are now and into which holy estate these two lovebirds present come now to be joined,Jason Marcro,will you take Serah Celecta as your wife?"he said,looking at Jason who smiled and winked at me.

"I do"Jason answered,stomping on Dead's toe and laughed a bit.

"Serah Celecta,will you take Jason Marcro as your husband?"Dead asked,looking at me.

"I do"I answered,frowning at Jason."Lets just skip to the end,Dead"

He nodded but I didn't hear what Jason had said.The vows are exchanged. 

Rosetta POV 

"Scott,stop hitting me!"I whispered,hitting him back.

"No!"he answered back.

"Yes!"I shouted but whispered back.










"How many times I was dying from love. Thanks to my venereologist.Love helps to kill time. And time helps to kill love"Dead randomly said to himself."One time separates love from hatred"

Scott looked at him then back at him.

"Oh for goodness sake,kiss me already Rosetta!"he shouted,looking all serious and ready for me to kiss him.

"Fine"I shouted,diving onto him and locking lips with him.We smiled after and held hands,aww my mum will be so proud that I have finally got a boyfriend I used to hate so much.Dad would probably wanted to meet the poor fella.

"Now that WAS FUCKING AMAZING!"he said,kissing me back...awwww,so cute.

"I know right"I said,nodding in agreement and then kissing him back,awwwww so sweet,I wonder will Leanna get a boyfriend.

Serah POV

And then,Jason looked into my eyes,parting my lips slightly,I leaned in towards him,yielding to the soft strength of his kiss, that engulfed me,gaining in strength until I found myself wrapped up in him,body,heart and soul.My soft lips rubbing against his rough lips,stopping for a second and moved up the last half inch so our lips could touch.Softly.Lovingly.Our lips touched,embraced and melted as one.Soft and firm it lasted moments and lingered for the longest time.My heart raced and the most amazing feeling swept over me.Dizzy with excitement he left me dazed from his touch.We breathed our souls and our love into each other in that kiss.That kiss;hard,but soft; fiery but cool;a split second but also forever. In that one kiss,I then knew what was behind that quirky smile and it made me love for him grow even more and more........................................

And then.......nothing


The end

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