4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


12. Changed the way you kiss me(Tuesday)

Rosetta POV 

"Rosetta,can you do a job for me?"Lyla asked,handing me a list of demons.

"Sure"I said,taking it and smiling.

"Rosetta,if you a job too well, you'll get stuck with it" Dead said randomly,again.Serah came with me,she wanted to help.

"Scott likes you"she teased when we were far away from the others.And guess who we met up with."A monster"

"It's a skull spider,Serah"I corrected,getting my weapon out. I charged towards it. It's body crashed into me,knocking me onto my feet.

Then a demon came onto it's head and stared at us.

"You fight the demon,I'll try and fight the spider"Serah said,swinging her sword,around and letting go. I nodded and got ready for the demon to land. It was Reece..again,feck it.

"Well,well.Look who finally showed up"he said smiling,licking lips and wanting to eat me,great.

I felt the muscles of his arms move as he tried to throw me to the ground, but,as I said I was just too fast. I took a step forward. With my right hand I twisted his arm behind his back.He groaned in pain. I smiled to myself. I lifted me leg and kicked the back of his knee.He got down on one knee and with his other free hand he tossed me over him hoping that I would fall, but instead I landed on my feet slightly off balance.He tossed punches at me.I avoided them all and jumped behind him. I got down and did a leg sweep. He fell on the ground. I got on top of him, my legs on each side and put an invisible silver stake through his heart.

He grabbed me, trying to throw me down,I dodged,he tipped off-balance. I lunged for him and twisted his arm up his back: he rewarded me with a groan of agony. I kicked the back of him knee. He collapsed to a kneel, but grabbed my arm and pulled me down over his shoulder. I landed on my feet,teetered recovered. Then he was up again, swinging punches. I danced out of the way,swept my leg behind his,knocked her to the floor. Taking my chance, I straddled her and drove the stake into his chest again.I bit his lip...his fault.

Reece's fist crashed against my face,knocking me to the floor with a loud cracking noise.He pan over his back,blood seeping from the corner of his burtsted lip.

"What was that for?"I bellowed angrily.I hoisted myself up and spat.

"Does that hurt?"he asked,a moocking smile crossing his face."I hope it does"

I didn't want to fight,but my own fist had already swung towards the vampire.It was planted harshly against his ribs,causing him to double over.Furiously I lifter my foot to meet his face.A satisfying snap filled the air,telling Serah it was a borken nose,who was doing a great job on the monster. More blood leaked onto the stone ground.Holding his nose,yelling pain,I fell onto my back from being stabbed by that cocky bastard.

"Not as much as that,you wench"he snapped,taking the his hand out of my chest and helding a knife to my throat.Then everyone decided to come in and take on the bad guys. Eh,shouldn't he be going after Serah?

Then he through me into Scott's arms. Then Scott just litually had a very long fight with him.

Scott POV 

His fist collided with my check, shattering a tooth. Blood filled my mouth, the pain blinding, but I raised my arms up in time to block his next punch. We fell to the ground, arms and legs entangled, and his fists sunk once, twice into my stomach. I wrapped my hands around his neck, digging my fingernails into his flesh. He made a chocking sound, and pulled back hard. I used my leverage to grab his head and slam his temple into the corner of the table. I watched as his eyes dilated, and blood began to flow from his head. He seemed to sway, dizzy, so I knocked him to the ground. Now, finally in a position to retaliate well, I proceeded to punch him repeatedly. His hands raised sluggishly, slick with blood as he tried to grab my wrists. It was easy to swat them aside, disorientated as he was, and I swung my elbow down with crushing force against his nose. There was a loud crunching sound, and his nose began to spew blood. He lay there, his breath wheezing and eyes closed as a bubble of blood formed at the corner of his mouth and popped. Now, we were equal, our faces coated in the red liquid that was draining down onto our chests, staining our shirts. I pulled up, unwilling to continue beating an opponent who cannot fight back. As I crouched to stand, he lunged forward, tackling me backwards. His breathing was rapid, and I cried out as his hands neared my neck. He tightened his fingers around my throat, cutting off my air supply. I gulped and gasped for breath, digging my fingernails into his wrists, trying to dislodge him. Desperation to breath overtook me, and despite the pain I began to thrash and buck under him. The edge of my vision went dark, so using my last bit of strength I brought my knee up hard into his groin. He cringed, but continued his steely grip. I repeated the process once more, then again, and his fingers loosened a bit, and he began shaking. Seeing my chance, I lunged forward and sunk my teeth into his neck. His skin popped under my jaws, my blood and his blood mingling until they were one and the same. I used all the force I had to pierce deeply into his throat, and when my teeth ripped into his artery, the blood shot into my mouth. I jerked my head back triumphantly. He let go of me then, and grabbed his neck. He started backing away, but his life was already flowing out of him. He hit the ground on his bottom, leaning against the table leg. His eyelids fluttered, but I could see the rapid rise and fall of his chest. I crawled to my feet, my throat in agony, with blood still draining from my mouth, and walked by him. On the way out the door, I grabbed the donut with my blood stained fingers. It was just a simple, powdered treat, and yet if it was really worth this to him, then I would take it. As I closed the door behind me, I heard him take his last, jagged breath, blood spread out in a wide pool around him. 

And then we all went on travelling. 

Rosetta POV 

I lay down in a field,gasing at the stars and then seeing Scott's face,

"Mind if I join you?"he asked,allowing himself to lie down beside me. I nodded and watched the stars. I moved over closer to him and hugged him. He blushed,blushed so much he was nearly the colour of when you're looking is the proper colour.

Serah POV 

"If assholes like them can fly,this placewould be an airport"Dead complained,stomping around and hiding in his tank,in,out,in,out etc.

"He really is annoying"I said,eating some crackers.

"Very"Leanna corrected,smiling.

Rosetta POV 

We both sat up,I put my head on his shoulder then looked at him.Time stood still as our lips moved together sweetly making me forget how annoying he is. His soft, warm lips tasted like mint. I could feel him smiling which made me smile too. I pulled away, my forehead leaning against his',He smiled genuinely making his already beautiful green eyes, even more beautiful. The hands of time stopped as our lips moved together again. His lips were so soft and urgent on mine,trying to exspress all that he felt for me.His mouth tasted so minty and I was so happy he's mine. His lips smiled against mine, then he pulled away from the kiss. I gazed into his beautiful pine green eyes and he uttered one word to me "mine". And again time went still. as our lips touched again I could feel his heart beating hard and fast against my chest.a kiss so passionate and yet so innocent. I was determind to grasp this memory . this one i would never forget.I pulled away, my forehead leaning against his'. He smiled a sweet smile making his already beautiful eyes look even more beautiful than usual. I couldn't keep myself from smiling and said "your sooo annoying."

"Can't say much"he said,sticking his tongue out and hugging me.

"Thanks for saving me"I said,holding onto his hand. We joined the others as the fire blazed and sparkled.

"They say that love is more important than money,but have you ever tried to pay with a hug" Dead said,cracking his knuckles and...scratching his ass,sicko. We travelled on eventually,I held my hand in his hand and skipped with him.

Serah POV 

"So,what couple is next?"I asked,eating weird looking meat,then found out it was demon meat from Jason who lied and I the two of us..well,you can say we had a nice chat outside...then,nothing else happened.

"He's so stupid"I complained,taking a sip of my fizzy drink I bought.

"Serah,a stupid person laughs three times at a joke;once when everyone else is laughing,a second time when he actually gets the joke and third time is when he realizes he was laughing without getting a joke at first" Dead randomly said,what a weirdo.

"We all know who the stupid one is"Matthew said,throwing a stone at the skulls head and make a noise....I can't even describe. Yeah,he's definitely an bigger idiot than anyone else I know.

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