4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


18. Breaking the monster within himself;Arthur(Monday)

Serah POV 

Opening my eyes and riding a dragon of darkness,in front of Arthur and bracelets around my wrists?Weird stuff.

"Why am I here?"I asked,trying to get loose from the bracelets. And then,I accidentally caused a rain storm and got them off. I elbowed Reese in,somewhere boys hate and jumped off,into the sea,diving under. I came to the surface and ducked back under when I saw Reese coming down through the clouds. He dived under and caught my waist. We came to a dark island,me on top of him.

I leaped off him but he pulled me back. He stood up,me coming up with him and putting his arm around my throat so I wouldn't escape his grasp again.

"I know the voices in my head aren't real....but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome...oh shit,I sound like Dead now"I thought to myself,thinking about what going to happen next.

"You going to kill me or what?"I asked,holding onto his arm,me against his chest."Oh,by the way when you meet the right women,she will sink into you're arms,then you're arms in her sink"

It feels like someone knocked the breath out of me,I'm terrified of this boy,he's only like..19 AND HE'S A FUCKING VAMPIRE!!!.

I felt a chill go down my spine and not letting go. And then,he decided to walk with me,not letting go. We came to a couple of tents,filled with demons and monsters,staring at me,some terrified. We walked until we got to the last tent,the biggest one. He shoved me and shut the door thing. I turned around and Arthur was sitting on a couch.

"I wouldn't try and escape,there's guards everywhere outside"he said,standing up and smiling. I walked around behind him. All the furniture was in the tent were dark colours.

"I guess the furniture is ok here"I said,starting a better conversation with him.

"That are awesome"

"There all dark colours!"

"Now that just sounds wrong. And so what if there dark colours"

"No wonder you don't have a girlfriend,ha ha"I teased,laughing a bit.

"Shut up and kiss me"He said,trying to grab me but I ran to the other side.

"Tha fuck is wrong with you child?"

He too out his sword and charged to towards me. He swung it and it met my sword. Then he punched me in the face,knocking me out in one go and landing on the floor in  pain.

The reason he wouldn't try and kill me was that he didn't know how,in case Water heals the wound,then I'll be protected for a life time. Staying in a evil area has made me shiver,like a gust of wind blew on my skin and made me tremble of coldness's,if that makes sense then I know what I''m saying. The Element Water can also control rain storms,tsunami's,the sea and tap water but the wilder one's are only controlled by anger.

"OK,I'm sitting down"I said,flopping myself onto the couch and what did he do? He did the same,he sat down beside me,so close,I was nearly falling off the bloody thing. I took ouy my phone and started to text Rosetta. 

As I was texting,I gazed at a painting and nearly ran out the entrance to the tent.

"What the fuck is in that painting?"I shouted,leaping out of my seat and backing away,starring at the painting. It had a big ugly looking man walking,literally walking on the spot.

"Hmm?"he asked,looking at where I was looking and got pissed off immediately,weirdo. "Tori!"

A girl named Tori came stomping in,looking like she wasn't in the mood to talk.

"What?" she said,speaking in a British accent.

"Why is this bloody painting still here?"he shouted,pointing at the ugly painting which smelt like a dead animal or something. 

"Why are you always ordering me and the others around,I only signed up for this job to earn my strength.Not be a slave and do someone's dirty work"she shouted,kicking the low table and everything on the floor.

"How dare you speak to you're lord like that!"

"You ain't my lord,you oozing toad spotted slimy boulder"

"Bloody fucking hoare"

OK,maybe that's gone far enough,now's my chance to escape. Then someone screamed outside and I took out my sword. And then,someone came crashing through the tent,ripping it apart into shreds. 

It was Dead.

"You should probably fix that"he said talking to Arthur,pointing a bony finger at the roof."Oh and if you need money,always borrow money from a pessimist.He won't expect it back"

He winked and started fighting some guards who came in.I looked at Arthur smiled and ran for it,him aiming darkness balls at me but I was to fast. A brought up my strength and blasted Water at Arthur,who struggled to get up. I ran outside,fire everywhere and my team fighting the demons. I guess my opponent is that bastard who won't leave me alone.

"Fight me bitch if you want me gone"I heard him shout,smiling and taking out his sword.

He attacked me violently.The two of us stand in one place, trading feints, thrusts and parries with lightning speed, almost impossible to follow.He takes a step around an imaginary circle.I stood the other way,maintaining relationship with him.

We now exactly opposite their initial positions.I swung my sword and cut a bit of his skin off. He knocked my sword out of my hands.I punched him in the face and ran away. I took out my handguns and shot them at him. Unfortanly,I missed and he now was grew in anger then transformed.The others caught up with me,running out of breath,out about to explode.

"Told you we were coming to rescue you"Rosetta said,hugging me then ready to fight you're man who wants to kill me...Arthur I mean. 

Suddenly the ground shook and we all fell down,into a dark hall,Arthur travelling with us on the way down. We landed safely,except for Dead,who just kept tumbling then bashed into the wall.

George POV 

Thankgod we found Serah....

"Where the hell is Dead?"I shouted,hoping everyone could hear me. 

"There he is"Rosetta said,pointing at him,frowning in confusion.

Jacob POV 

"Are you ok Serah?"I asked,putting a hand on her shoulder and smiling. She nodded and smiled brightly."I everyone alright?"

Everyone nodded and took out their weapons.I did the same.

Scott POV 

I starred at a rock for second then Rosetta shook me.

"You're doing it again,please stop freaking me out"she said,thumping my far head,waking me up a bit.

"I'm sorry,I get bored so I have to stare at something or I will collaspe"I explained,sitting down on ground.

"Ugh,boys are so complicated to deal with"she shouted,giving up and turning around.

"Tell me about it"Lyla said,looking at the other fellas.

"How I see it is that men get one night of pleasure, and we get nine months of putting them through hell and getting away with it"Dead shouted,from the other end,throwing stones at the wall.Well he seams bored.

"Dead,don't do that,you'll wake the sound of you're heart"I teased,even tho no one laughed,I still found it funny.

"Ha ha,you're stupid and I'm just dumb,ha ha"he said,laughing and laughing,what an idiot.

Serah POV 

"Why am I born from Water?"I asked,confused. Jason sat down on a rock and started to think.

"Serah,if love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?"Dead shouted,throwing a stone at Jason who was being rude to him,ha ha. Jacob rolled his eyes while I walked over to Jason. 

"To be honest Serah,none of us know that answer"he said,sadly. I got on my knees,put my hand on his cheek and kissed him.

"It's ok,Jason,don't worry about it"I said,smiling and kissing him again. Suddenly the cave started to shake so we ran for it until we got to a horrible,horrifying place....

The entrance to hell itself. We walked down cracked up stairs and got to the entrance.And the ugly bastard was there too,waiting at the entrance. His team appeared,surrounding us. Arthur smiled again,grinning at Jason. He stepped forward.

This is it,this is war..hey,that's a song,Molly is upsessed with the band who play that song,30 seconds to mars.

I charged towards him as the others attacked the other demons. After a while he got pissed off and turned into a monster,to tell you the truth,he was very ugly. I ran and hid behind big rock

He was vicious looking. He came out of the shadows to reveal his hideous face. he had large yellow eyes and demonic horns on his forehead. his snout looked like the one of a giant bull. His entire face was covered in thick green scales. He then opened his mouth to reveal rows of large pincer like teeth. His body was bulbous and he had thorns sticking out randomly from his scaly skin. his piercing eyes looked around for me but I was well hidden. the floor thumped loudly with every step he took. his huge body was probably much larger and heavier than an african elephant. I almost didnt notice his slimy green tail until is swung over my head missing it by mere inches. He picked up the rock and through it behind him.

"Come on Serah,what would Mum say to you?"I asked myself,thinking...

She'd probally say "Serah,it's to dangerous,drop you're weapons and run for it"

As if I'm going to do that. And then the others started to attack well as the demons???? I joined them too. I took out my sword,smiled and builded up some magic.I leaped onto his back,stabbing my sword into his back. I jumped off him.For some reason,this felt like a game,like on xbox,you got you're magic,you're weapons,you're life bar etc. Anyway,he was to hard to fight,dammit.

The Team v.s.the asshole/Arthur.............we're so dead,I just know it!

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