Don't leave me!

No! No! NO! I can't be pregnant! What will Louis think! Jess said as she sat on her bathroom floor, and cried. BABE, I'M HOME! Louis called out. Oh S**T. Jess whispered. Jessie-Boo, why are you crying? Um well you see... Oh, Come on babe you can trust me. I'm I- I'M PREGNANT!! Jess started sobbing. Louis just ran out the door, never to come back. Or at least that's what Jess Thought.



We took our lips apart. What the hell just happened... You know you want me back!Louis,Don't smirk! Come on babe! We can just be a happy family! No. Just plain no. But, im famous and rich.. and hot! I'm Confused, why don't you want me? Because You left me alone with a little girl 6 years ago! Mummy! I want to go to school! Hold on Lottie-Boo! Im gonna take her to school Louis. Just Stay Here, K? ok Love.


                                              ********Skip That Boring Crap********

Louis! I'm home! Still have that American accent I see. yeppers. I got you a new phone while you were out. Thanks. I'm Calling Niall. No! Yes! *Dials Nialls Number* Ello'? Hey Bae. Is that You Jessa-Bear? Yah I got a new number. Oh cool. yah. I have Something to tell you.. What is it? Remember when I told you Lottie's father was John doe.. Yeah. Well I Used To have a husband. I didn't want to tell you just because I thought you wouldn't like me anymore. Oh course I would but tell me, who was your ex-husband? Louis Tomlinson.... MY LOUIS TOMLINSON?! Umm...maybe. Why wouldn't you tell me this!? Because It Would be awkward.... WE ARE DONE! But Niall! Please! No! My Friends Told me you were a slut! They Were right! NIALL PLEASE! *Louis Got up And took my phone* NIALL DONT YOU DARE CALL HER A SLUT, SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! LOUIS?! WTF ARE YOU DOING THERE?! * I take the phone back. He Showed Up to comfort  me! I KNEW YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME YOU LITTLE SLUT! * beep* I just started sobbing. Baby Jess, its ok. I wa-want Niall Ba- back!


Guys I Have not been updating I know don't hurt me but I have thought about it and am deleting All my movellas But Don't Leave Me And Murdering One direction. I'm So Sorry I just Don't have time to update. - Hi1DLovers.

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