Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


6. The boys.

I slowly opened my eyes to a large Irish blue eyed boy staring at me. "Good morning beautiful" He said to me in his strong Irish accent with a hint on morning voice in. "Hello" I said back leaning in to him a pecking him on the lips, he returned it by wrapping his large strong arms around me. "Do you smell that?" Niall asked me. "PANCAKES" we both shouted. We went down and Niall sat never to Zayn and Liam and started eating. I walked next to Harry, "good morning baby" he said kissing my cheek. "Morning Harry" I said hugging him. "So what we doing today Harry?" I asked him. "We're going shopping. Alone" he said staining at Niall. "Okay" I said kissing his cheek and sitting next to Louis and started eating. After breakfast I went up to our room, and had a shower, and got dressed. I was wearing black leggings, black vans, and a new look top with my hair up in a high pony tail for my lazy day ahead. I walked back down to see all the boys on the sofa watching tv. "You ready?" Harry said standing up walking over to get his hoodie. "Good bye baby" Niall said walking over and wrapping his large arms around me and kissing my head. "Bye bye" I said giving him a fast kiss on the lips. "Oi keep it pg!" Louis shouted coving Liam and his eyes. We walked out into a large back car with blackout windows. We got in and Harry told Paul where to drive us. After about 10 mins we arrived. With out thinking I opened my door and millions of girls rushed around us. I sat bak down and shut the door. I forgot that my brother and boy friend and also my eat friends are the biggest boy band in the world "come on" Harry said. We got out, Harry warped a strong brotherly arm around my whist and the other in my hand. I squeezed his hand tightly not wanting to let go in the crowed of millions of girls screaming. We soon got into the town and started shopping. Harry soon got hungry and we stopped of at Nandos of corse buying some for Niall or he would kill me. "H-ello" we heard a little girl say walking up to our table "Why hello there" Harry said smiling down on her. "Are woo Harry for one direction?" She asked nervously. "Yes I am" he said. "Can you have a photo of me?" The little girl said, she looked around 5years old with long brown hair and bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. She sorta looked like me when I was younger. Haha. They had a photo and we soon got back though the screaming girls into the car. "So how's you and Niall" Harry asked me. I looked up from my phone. "Good...why?" I asked confused "I just wanna know.."He said "what do you want Harry?" I asked still confused. "Is he looking after you..? Is he forcing you todo anything....?" He asked. "No Harry were fine. He knows is limits. I would tell you anyway if he was. Witch he isn't" I said. " good I just need to protect you. I'm your older brother!" "Harry your only 2 mins older...we're twins" I said. "I know! That's even more important then" he said "whatever" I said and laughed looking back at my phone. We soon got back to the house. "Hello baby...oh what's this" Niall said running up to me giving me a kiss and looking at the Nandos bag I got him. I didn't have chance to reply because he was already eating it.

After dinner I went up to our room and got into my pjs. I toke of my clothes and looked down. Fat. Ugly. Scares that never went. Cuts that never healed. Bruises that's never faded. All over. My tummy. Thighs. Chest. Everywhere. None of the boys have seen this. And they never will. They haven't seen me naked or swim sute or bra. Good because if the saw what happened they would run and never look back. I'm to broken. They check you smile not your eyes. They check whist not your thighs. I soon put pjs on because I was tired of seeing my ugly self. I out my phone on charge and went to bed.

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